It all happened so fast, who would have thought that a pair of monsters in the golden elixir period would be angry immediately just now, so it was so easy for three monks to cut off their heads one after another, and the three monks planned to do well; No wonder according to their strength; They will dare to pick on that monster of the Golden Dan period.
Of course; It is impossible for the weak to overcome the strong without paying a little price. For example, the magic weapon of’ Younger’ Yang Kang was damaged or destroyed, and they were all weakened. They didn’t have a year or two to go back this time; Even it is impossible to recover from the injury of World War I.
The worst of the three people is probably the’ big brother’. It’s not blood that flows. Eat something to make up for it, but the effort is lost. That’s really weakened.’ Younger’ just vomited an one-mouthful effort, and it was already a pale face. The’ big brother’ killed the monster beast and spit out most of his efforts at one time to enhance the power of the magic weapon. Then the magic weapon was destroyed after killing the monster beast. The eye is already hurt to the point where the roots can’t get up.
But anyway; Killed a monster beast in the golden elixir period, which is for three monks in the gas refining period; No matter how badly they are injured, compared with the harvest, all the efforts are still worth it
The material of the monster beast body in the then period is worth at least a dozen pieces of lingshi. If you add some more that may be collected by the monster beast, the one-time income can reach the level of a lingshi.
Don’t look at Sunday when uā LingShi; Hundreds of thousands of lingshi are just the fact that it is as if the root of lingshi is worthless; For ordinary monks, a lingshi can buy things, but it can directly make these three monks have enough Dan medicine to practice until the foundation period; Even if Linggen is good, they can still have some Linggen left to buy one or two magic weapons themselves.
It is because of the great harvest that the three monks paid a lot of money to kill the monster beast, not to mention the preparation of the flag charm and other things, which are valuable and their injuries are not light, but even so; When the three monks killed the monster beast, they still couldn’t help but smile.
Yes; The three monks didn’t keep smiling for long, but when they were ready to celebrate the success of this operation, the accident happened at that time …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Huan
Yang Kang; Since you … Poof! " The original was still there to celebrate their successful killing of the monster beast in the golden elixir period, but it was at that time that Yang Kang suddenly took advantage of the opportunity of the big brother’s injury to move, and since he took out a big knife and several knives, he also chopped the big brother down.
From the end, the’ Younger’ didn’t stop the Yang Kangxing until the’ big brother’ died and couldn’t die any more. Only then did he walk towards the Yang Kang with a smile on his face.
It’s obvious that it’s been planned for a long time. When I saw that Younger was coming towards me, Yang Kang couldn’t help smiling a little. When I threw the broadsword that would kill Master Brother, I directly reached out and held Younger in my arms.
"Kang Ge; You are a little too hard! How can you say that the big brother usually takes care of me and you can’t give him a good time? "
Hear your arms’ Younger’ say so; Yang Kang couldn’t help but hum a "he is so good to you, not just because he has ideas for you, but you are my companion; Since he is such a bad spirit root, he dares to have ideas about you; It is also deserved to die! "
"Jealous; Didn’t I tell you? I was nice to him just to be altruistic, and now he has no profit value; Why don’t I just let you kill him so you can’t get over it? "
"I listen to you; Not angry! " Anyway,’ big brother’ is already dead, so it is impossible for Yang Kang to be jealous of a dead person no matter how jealous he is! After hearing the words of my senior sister; Immediately responded, and then immediately after kissing Younger in his arms, he was excited. "This time, we made a lot of Lingshi to remove consumption; I believe that we should have more than a dozen pieces of stone this time! Bought Dan medicine; I believe that it is enough for us to repair it further. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of lingshi to repair the three treasures of the beam demon. Otherwise, we may be able to buy a Zhujidan this time. If that’s the case, my chances of success in building a foundation will increase by a few points. "
The original sentence is just Yang Kang regrets that he didn’t notice it; When he had said that; Has been gently helped in its I not ng mouth’ Younger’ eyes is suddenly at that time with a special eyes when looking up to say to Yang Kang; While Yang Kang bowed their heads; While it’s not paying attention, it suddenly calls out a magic weapon and directly hits Yang Kang I not ng; Will the Yang Kang to fly out.
"You …" It was like a "master elder brother" who didn’t think that since Yang Kang would make moves on himself, Yang Kang also didn’t think that his lover would make moves on himself at the moment without paying attention; In that’ Younger’ attack on Yang Kang directly ended up in a serious injury field.
The original maybe that Yang Kang’s strength is similar to that of his own "Younger" but before the battle; Yang Kang’s injury is heavier than his own’ Younger’, which has put him at a disadvantage. Eye that Yang Kang was attacked by’ Younger’ and now it has been hit hard again; That Yang Kang has already lost his ability to fight in World War I, and the reason why he is surrounded by array flags is that there is no place to escape and he is alive again; That Yang Kang besides sitting in situ waiting for death; It’s possible to turn over again
"Why do you want to do this?" Maybe it’s a feeling that I’m already dead anyway! That Yang Kang is trying to figure out why his school sister attacked him even if he died; He doesn’t want to be a fool either.
"What?" What seems to be heard funny jokes that’ Younger’ directly’ charming smile’ after listening to Yang Kang’s words for a few times before pausing for a while and then answering’ What to deal with you; Do you need any reason to deal with you? If you really want to find a reason; That’s the same as dealing with’ big brother’. You have no profit value, no profit value people; Naturally, there would be no need to go again. "
"Don’t you really never loved me; Are you benefiting me like Master Li? "
"Of course; Just because you deserve to marry me? My goal is to become a Buddhist monk, not to be a Taoist, who still wants to save you. Just like you want a Tsukidan, I also want a Tsukidan, but it is definitely not enough to buy a Tsukidan this time. Can also be wronged Kang Ge you … Go to die "as the voice fell; Maybe it’s to avoid any accidents! The’ Younger’ once again used his magic weapon to attack Yang Kang.
"You … are so vicious!" With the last sentence; Yang Kang that’ master elder brother’ in general; I was also attacked by people I trusted, and without resistance, I ended up in a loss field
After the facial expression put their two namesake things into their bags, the’ Younger’ also sent out a real fire to burn the two namesake bodies to ashes.
According to the name’ Younger’, the foundation period was repaired; Plus, it has been hit hard. At this time, if you jump out to it on Sunday, it is absolutely impossible for the other party to escape Sunday’s killing.
However, Sunday had been hiding in the dark until the end, and nothing happened. I watched a farce with relish and didn’t come forward as the fisherman would behave like this on Sunday. It is because Sunday is very clear that the eye condition is not as simple as it seems.
Three monks were killed and one injured, although compared with the strength when they came; Now the strength of their team has dropped to a rather low level, but; If let the’ Younger’ really made the monster beast corpse collection, then what the’ Younger’ eye did; Yes, it has brought a lot of gains.
But is the fact really that over? Or should I ask; Is that monster really dead?
Sunday wants to be a fisherman in the dark. If the fighting outside is really over, it depends on Sunday’s hiding purpose anyway. It should be time to go out on Sunday, but now there has been no movement on Sunday, so we can say a situation; It’s not over yet outside. I’m going to continue to see the situation on Sunday before deciding when to go out.
Depending on Sunday’s strength; Obviously, the’ Younger’ root can’t make him a threat. Outside, it can make Sunday have scruples. Since the monster beast has not gone out until now, it can say one thing. That is, the monster beast is not dead.
Generally, if the monster beast loses its head, it will lose its life, but it has all kinds of spells in Xianxia world. Even if you lose your head and don’t die, it’s not difficult to happen in this world. Don’t say that if you succeed in turning to Xuangong on Sunday, you can do the same.
It’s a pity that these things are only known on Sunday; The three monks have finished their knowledge of this; After picking up a flag, the name’ Younger’ went towards the monster beast’ body’ …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Lumbricus
Monk’s words; If you want to be destroyed and people don’t die, at least you need to reach the yuan baby period to have that ability, and this is to change things regardless of the secret method, because after you have the yuan baby; Friars’ dependence will weaken, but before that; No matter what the achievement method is; Before Yuan Babies, once the key parts were destroyed, the monks would surely die.
The monster beast is different; Although most monster brothers are different; However, some monster beast cases are exceptions, such as the monster beast seen by the eye on Sunday, which was destroyed in its head because it was recognized by the practice of things, and the situation did not jump out at the first time