However, Xiaobao’s key words came.
About half an hour.
Mujing Xiaobao strode in the courtyard.
No matter how indifferent you pretend, you still can’t hide your brow.
Struggle in pain
He once Arlo has forgiven himself, so what about the future?
Breathe deeply
He transferred to the first snow ward.
Because it is convenient to take care of the first snow and live in the hospital, he will arrive in a short turn.
Suer looked after the first snow at the bedside.
The warm towel wiped her cheeks with the first snow.
He stood at the door and looked at his eyes. There was a flash of pain.
I want to talk, but I can’t say a word
Suddenly he turned flatly. Section 1171 Drug-induced blood enchanting 19
Mujing didn’t leave the day. It’s too hospital now.
Xiaobao crossed the blood with the help of doctor Cui and gave the first snow.
Constantly transfusing Xiaobao in such a short time will be accompanied by danger.
When Suer comes in again when it’s finished.
At the same time, she still couldn’t see Xiaobao and saw Cui Imperial Doctor picking up things. This time, she also wondered what was going on with Cui Imperial Doctor.
Away from the window
What, once?
He has a temper, silly boy. He didn’t hurt Chuxue. What are you worried about?
I’m worried that he didn’t have the first snow casually. That’s because of the real first snow. It’s nothing for Xiaobao. She is not a stranger, but also a friend. Be good friends. After all, Xiaobao is her savior. In other words, without Xiaobao, there would be no her.
She’s the kind of grateful reporter.
Cui imperial doctor paused in his hand. If the child heard your words, he would be very happy to shake his head secretly. He really doesn’t know what human feelings are that can make them do this.
Doctor Cui is divorced.
Sue stayed to take care of the first snow.
The first snow is still lying quietly, like sleeping. People’s face is really getting better, but it’s still worse than ordinary people. She gently holds the white palm of the first snow and puts it in her palm. The ice is so cold that it hurts.
She put his hand to her lips and said softly, mistress, you have to get better quickly and tell me what you want to get better. No matter what you ask, I promise you not to give up and leave us. I can still live for 40 years. I’ll give you 20 years, okay?
Choke and couldn’t speak
The tears fell drop by drop on the cold jade palm of the first snow
She didn’t dare to cry for fear of disturbing the imperial secretary outside.
Sometimes she couldn’t wait to change her life for the first snow. Section 117 After the abolition of the crime, she didn’t need 1
Early the next morning
Sue didn’t see MuJing.
She showed a trace of doubt and asked the imperial secretary that the emperor had not come to the imperial palace all day.