If you have to help the elixir, Du Jie, only after the real Du Jie can the elixir become his own opportunity and become his own advanced Mahayana ladder.

The second thunder fell from the sky. The drug god summoned up his own ability and began to rob the layers of vines and branches to cover up the drug god and the magic in his hand, and never let the thunder pass easily From a distance, the thunder reflected a huge semi-circular cover, surrounded

Thirty-three heavens are the residence of the gods and the center of mankind in the future, and it is bound to converge in the future. These thirty-three heavens are bound to be very important.

Grandfathers, look at me. I see you are all silent and thinking silently. Not far away, the dry day, with flashing eyes and wearing a dragon robe, came to the front of all the ancestors and gave them a gift of "Dear Godfathers" "You have something?" Tai yi jiao zu Dao That dry heaven "report

As for Luo Yu’s wandering in the outer world, the previous official was piercing him from the temple, and he was awakened "Report to my king ~ the new branch of a scholar brought to ~"

Immediately, I heard a majestic and rich voice "Xuan!" Don’t ask, this must be the suspicion of Zhao Wang. With the call, "announce ~ the new branch of a scholar ~" Luo Yu and others suddenly heard the call and immediately looked at the instrument. Don’t wait for a moment, everyone else will be else.