Baggio didn’t shoot the ice blade rashly, but drove the crystal blue sword slowly and repeatedly, rowing one by one with a radian to lead the high-wind warrior to the sword one by one.
It’s very particular about a sword. Baggio’s big sword always takes the big sword and then leads the opponent’s weapon with the snobbish power of the opponent’s sword.
This warrior who leads the other side to the high wind needs a strong sword, and the high wind warrior can quickly and continuously sword, as if he were trapped in a quagmire, and no matter how hard he works, he can bring the rhythm faster.
Seeing this scene, Ye Tian nodded his head with relief. It took Baggio so few days to play the quotation tactic to this extent. I have to say that this guy is really clever, but then again, it is impossible to be the king of the world for ten consecutive years.
Finally, in the name of the flurry warrior, the sword in his hand was drawn back. In an instant, Baggio held his hand, turned his finger and flicked his finger. The flurry warrior shivered all over his right eye and instantly condensed a blue ice flower.
Plump dull sound in the flurry warrior body fell to the ground, Baggio ice blade is small, but it contains a lot of cold, once shot through the eyes, it can freeze the brain into ice and die.
Baggio’s performance didn’t seem to scare everyone. As the body of the Blast Warrior was carried away, a Fire Warrior immediately jumped up and waved a big sword and stormed towards Baggio.
In the face of the fire warrior’s attack on Baggio, he was not afraid. He took a brave step and waved his sword to meet him. When everyone was dumbfounded, a strange scene appeared.
The two sword strikes did not roar in the expected moment before the strike. Baggio’s big sword suddenly turned back and blocked the other big sword arm, and the power was unloaded with one punch.
It’s good to see this scene. Ye Tian can’t help but applaud. Although Baggio is still reluctant to take a little time, the timing is not right, but there is no doubt that this is indeed a word-unloading tactic, which is absolutely full of flavor.
Admiration shook his head. Ye Tian turned and walked towards the door. Baggio no longer looked at it. This guy is definitely a big pervert. If he continues to look here, Ye Tian is worried that he will lose.
Ye Tian also plans to visit Bharti, but after seeing Baggio, Ye Tian has cancelled this plan. Baggio will really lose if he doesn’t grasp the strength now.
Maybe Ye Tian doesn’t care much about winning or losing before, but this time it’s different. Once you win the title of the world champion of death, you can not only get a higher armor cloak, but also have a better chance to win an epic prize. The most important thing is to become a world-class queen of death, Ye Tianke, who applies for an exclusive martial arts. He is unique in this world.
Behind Ye Tian, Essien was horrified. Baggio came to strength. He knew very well that it was impossible for him to finish the game in two or three days. However, after the teacher’s guidance for two weeks, he actually made progress to this state. This is too exaggerated.
Excited and clenched his fist, Essien couldn’t help but think of the master’s promise to graduate from college as soon as possible and then join the fight to the death to win the regional king, then the king and finally the world-class king.
Today, Essien is an audience to enjoy the performance of the master and his brothers, but it won’t be long before the master and his brothers will sit on the stage and concentrate on watching his performance, saying that he can’t let everyone down.
Friends ask why the hero is so eager to expand his power to form a mercenary group. Answer it a little.
The protagonist is a person who is unwilling to be lonely. It has always been a pity when he was on earth, that is, he is a player who plays games, no matter how good he is, he still plays. Therefore, after crossing over, he hopes to turn the virtual into reality, and he will rely on his own technology to reach the highest peak in the world.
However, if you want to rise, you can accomplish it without yourself. Even if you are powerful, you can form a legion to fight against your own forces. If you want to form a force, you need money. At present, it is paving the way. Maybe it is monotonous but it is indispensable. The process is not YY. That is bragging.
Chapter one or two Breaking records
With a calm face, Ye Tian directly signaled the referee to restart the game when he didn’t delay. Although Ye Tian wanted to challenge ten opponents at the same time as before, this is not Europe and Belik. This is the world’s death contest, and the rules are not allowed to be changed.
However, once Lian Dou is selected, Ye Tian can beat an opponent and the second opponent can immediately stand on the stage until the end of the game, and no pause is allowed.
Generally speaking, even the bucket is only when the competition is coming to an end and it is time to compete for the championship. Even the bucket is definitely an ancient man like Ye Tian.
Once the company is adopted at this time, Li Yetian must continuously challenge the remaining opponents when he receives it, and there is no rest.
Because the world-class die-hard competition doesn’t take death, it ensures the attraction of the league, and the big-name superstar league allows the initiative to admit defeat, so everyone will come here to challenge anyone who refuses to go to the stage because of fear, which will definitely be laughed at by the world and released by the country, and the world-class die-hard competition is not allowed to give up. If you want to participate in the competition, you must play.
After the generation, Ye Tian returned to Taiwan and stood upright. At the same time, the referee announced that Ye Tianlian was excited when he heard the referee’s sign, especially in the waiting area, the players quickly ran to the edge of the ring and lined up one by one.
Soon, the first opponent jumped out of the ring and didn’t talk. He waved his sword and split it at Ye Tian in the past, facing each other crazily, but Ye Tian didn’t flinch. He directly stabbed Ye Tian with a halberd to hold the other combating Dao.
At the moment when the other party returned from work, Ye Tian’s hand Zhan Ji shrank slightly and then instantly made three fine mans. The eyebrows, the throat and the heart were accompanied by three fine mans and three blood lines.
Don’t go to the soft and bloody opponent Ye Tian coldly turned to the opponent and ticked his finger to signal a hurry.
Facing the provocative expression of Ye Tian, the Taiwanese immediately boiled, and one warrior jumped into the ring one after another, but one after another was picked off the stage. Fortunately, the luck was slightly injured, and the luck was almost seriously injured, and it was directly hung on the stage.
Essien looked at Taiwan dumbfounded. Everything was right. Typical car wars looked at the guys who jumped into the ring like tigers. Essien was secretly cold, but his heart was hot when he saw the master’s easy move
In Essien’s eyes, Ye Tian stood leisurely in the hands of the challenge, and Zhan Ji danced like a dragon, and the enemy was defeated in three or two strokes.
Without raging energy and brilliant light and shadow, fighting in the hands of Ye Tiandi has become an art. It looks elegant and elegant, but it is plain, but it is this plain that looks more graceful and slow, but it easily turns the opponent over.
People who gawk at the screen are secretly thinking about a question. Is this really a contest between rivals of the same order? How can it be easy here? How can it be so chic and carefree?
A hundred opponents say more, say less and say less, but it’s nothing to be efficient here in Yetian. After all, it’s not difficult for opponents to overcome one by one.
Facts don’t say that the other party is full of flaws. Even if there is no flaw, Ye Tian technology can quickly lure the opponent to reveal flaws. Once there is a flaw, Ye Tian will win instantly.
Maybe people will think that this gap is exaggerated and seems too big. In fact, Ye Tian’s technical awareness is much higher than these opponents now. In fact, Ye Tianzhen should be a master of the holy level. You should know that Ye Tian’s actual age is not one year old, but Ye Tian is about twenty-seven years old.
Do adults beat children? Yes, that’s it, Ji. Ye Tian’s combat experience, technical understanding and mastery ability are much better than these fourth-order opponents. It’s strange not to achieve such a record.
Step dead bucket field
Bharti’s eyes are scarlet, and the darksteel epee in his hands has blasted the other side with three swords in a row. In Bharti’s continuous attack on the other side, he didn’t brew quarrelling and suffered from the crazy bombardment of Bharti. Finally, he could not help but back up.
Seeing each other retreat, Buddy lifted the epee with a bright eye, and the red flame broke out in the epee, accompanied by a fierce flame, and Badi’s sword split away.
With the fierce roar, Badili chopped his opponent and was instantly blown to dust. This is the power of the black iron sword method.
With the weight of black iron sword, you can form a huge attack force to crush your opponent’s breathing, let alone any fighting skill.
A few swords in a row make the opponent touch. Generally, in the black iron sword method, the deputy Badi is added. Every blow is heavy. The mountain root is not an opponent, but once the opponent can’t cope with it, Badi will have the opportunity to contain quarrelling in the attack and blow the opponent to pieces.
The 40th opponent wiped his forehead and sweated. Buddy murmured.
Sixth-order dead bucket field
The audience is boiling. This year, before Baggio finished different attacks, Baggio became even weirder and sharper, especially the flying blade stunt, which is called a ghost. No one knows when he will launch the flying blade, and no one knows when the flying blade will fly towards him.
Moreover, Baggio seems to be in a hurry. It seems that no opponent can survive ten tricks in his hand, and once he beats his opponent, Baggio will eagerly signal his opponent to hurry up.