"Yes, yes, my sister came back two days ago, and now she is in the yard. It’s a pity … ah, you have no wine." Duan stared at the fat monk with a face of regret and said.
"Ah, what’s the matter? What happened to my wine? " The fat monk quickly picked up the collar and asked him, but he hasn’t drunk the Lins’ wine for a while. Every time I think about the taste of the wine, I just want to drool. How can I give up easily when I just hope?
Duan saw that the fat monk was anxious, and there was a scene in his heart. He patted his collar and motioned for him to let himself go. Then he continued to look at him and let go.
"That wine is in my sister’s hospital. It’s a pity that my sister was grounded by my father. No one is allowed to go in this wine, and you will be there for a while …" Duan smiled and looked at the fat monk and said slowly.
"Oh, that’s just a matter, isn’t it grounded? I’ll just move the wine myself and come out. Haha, wine, tut-tut." The fat monk suddenly felt that he seemed to fall into a trap, but he couldn’t say anything.
"Ha ha, no one can get into the yard without my father’s will now. Didn’t you see that I just climbed over the wall and said a few words to my sister?" Duan didn’t good the spirit and looked at the fat monk with expectation.
"Three grandpa, do you think we should find a way to …"
"Oh, it’s just a grounding. I can wait for ten days and a half months at most." The fat monk said to Duan with a smile and laughed in his heart. You haven’t grown up yet, so you dare to fool me. I don’t fool you to death.
"Ah, grandpa three, isn’t that wine, that wine, my sister …" Duan saw that the fat monk suddenly made a 360-degree change and was immediately anxious. He had been fooling the grandpa three to find a way to save his sister. I didn’t expect this wine to suddenly lose its effect.
Fat monk gnawing at anxious period ha ha a smile and took a long drink again.
"Small sample, you dare to fool me, and I don’t think about it. When your third grandfather fooled me, your father was afraid that he was still in the womb."
"Three grandfathers are not me …" Duan Yi was frustrated and sat down on the leather chair and stopped talking.
"Come on, Duan Xin, how did that little girl annoy your father? How could she be grounded? Even your own brother can’t be seen?" Fat monk put wine himself and found a place to sit slowly and said
"Ah, where can I blame my sister? Brother Lin had an accident. Can she take it easy? My father just won’t let her go out?" Duan wondered whether he was talking to himself or talking to the fat monk.
"Wait, where is a big brother Lin? Who is this? Let’s worry about Xiao Ni." The fat monk didn’t know that Lin Sheng was Wang Lin’s suspicion.
"Lin Sheng eldest brother is the one who had a drink with you that day and played Wang Ping everywhere."
"That small? Isn’t that Wang Lin? How did it become that Lin Sheng again? Change into a living person? But that little good and my appetite, "said the fat monk jokingly as soon as he came.
"Then where is it? Grandpa is in a bad situation now, so please let me go home. I have to find a way to get my sister out!" See the fat monk and joke in the mood. Say that finish and get up and get ready to go.
"Eh, don’t, don’t, don’t tell me that I haven’t met such an interesting thing for a long time. Besides, I’m counting on my wine." The fat monk smiled and pulled Duan.
Duan Hao sat back in the leather chair again, and then accompanied Duan Xin by Lin Sheng back to Dali and left inexplicably. Duan Qirui found that Du Jie, an animal, ran to compete for things. After listening to the fat monk, he was shocked and stood alone against more than 30 fighters in the Wuling period. After listening, I quietly got up without saying a word, looked at the dark night outside and seemed to be thinking about something. Then he turned around and leaned close to Duan’s ear and said something. Duan listened quietly and smiled from time to time. Then the fat monk waved and let Duan go.
After Duan left, the fat monk went to the attic again and faced the dead forest for a long time without knowing what he was thinking.
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Chapter 42 Escape
? Duan went back to his yard and looked at his sister’s yard quietly and anxiously by the window. Seeing the yard is still dimly lit at this time, Duan sighed in his heart. He knew that his sister was afraid that Lin Sheng was worried that he couldn’t sleep all night. Just now, he had agreed with the fat monk to go out early to save his sister. According to Duan’s sex, it was much easier to save her when he wanted to come late and it was dark. But the fat monk insisted on going early in the morning. He said that it was late, although it seemed easier on the surface, it was actually late. The guards are much tighter than during the day. It is the best time to patrol the guards in the morning. It makes sense to think about it. It is only reasonable to make an appointment with the fat monk to save Duan Xin early in the morning when the two teams patrol the guards in the morning.
Duan was afraid that he overslept, but he didn’t sleep all night. Instead, he sat in the’ bed’ to practice the six-pulse Excalibur, which has been practiced for several generations. Duan Xin practiced for several years to reach the second floor, while Duan practiced for more than a year, and he has already chased his sister. Now he is trying to practice the third floor, and he always walks unnoticed. Soon, the East has recovered from the practice at dawn. Because he is afraid that he is too involved, the timing of saving Duan Xin is that he has not practiced this time. After meditation, there was no progress in this broken finger. I got up and changed my clothes and put on a panda eye section. Even if I didn’t wash my face, I went out of the’ door’ and walked to the fat monk’s attic. At this time, the fat monk was still sleeping in the’ Meng’ head. It seems that I forgot all about last night’s plan. After a long while, there was a lazy sound inside.
"Who is this? What are you doing so early? What is this? "
"Three grandfathers are my section" section sews a novel on the "door"
The fat monk was disheveled. Fortunately, he was bald, otherwise his hair would be a bit messy than his clothes.
"I said," What are you doing here when you don’t sleep early in the morning? " The fat monk’ rubbed’ and’ rubbed’ his limp eyes and said with dissatisfaction to Duan.
"Not that, not that, you told me to call you early in the morning? Didn’t we agree last night? " Duan Yi’s eyes are wide open. I can’t believe this guy is so forgetful. He just said good things yesterday, but he forgot all about it this morning.
"Oh, yes, hurry up. The horse will arrive soon when the shift is changed." The fat monk patted his head. This is an epiphany. If you don’t arrange it, you will run to Duan Xin’s yard with Duan.
"I’m telling you, I’ll stall you as a waiter later. You go directly into the wall to explain the’ hole’ to Xiao Ni, then go directly over the wall and escape and wait for me at the city gate." The fat monk ordered solemnly to Duan like a horse.
"This self-examination" section nodded and just walked to the gate of Duan Xin’s yard. At this time, it happened to be where the two teams patrolled to relieve the guard. The fat monk’s eyes moved and motioned for Duan to get out of the way to meet Duan Xin. He himself was disheveled and careless. Before the two teams patrolled, the two teams were performing the handover. I didn’t expect such a great god to die halfway. Although this great god didn’t finish his job at ordinary times, he was a freeloader, but others were afraid of him. This Lord didn’t even give the emperor a face. How dare you?
Looking at his careless coming, the captains of the two teams hurriedly stopped talking, just greeted him and made a ceremony, expecting this great god to hurry away so that they could get down to business. I didn’t expect this fat monk to catch up with them and talk nonsense, but he had to pretend to listen carefully.
Duan walked quickly to the agreed place with Duan Xin last night and lost a stone. He was worried about whether Duan Xin got up on the bed at the moment. Because Duan Xin didn’t turn off the lights until midnight last night, and now it’s just dawn, and he’s still in the bed and playing chess with Zhou Gongqi. But Duan Xin’s worry is redundant, but he’s afraid of missing a chance. It’s early in the morning that he saw Duan Yuan’s wall and waited to see a stone thrown in. He was so happy that he quickly picked up a stone and lost it. Going out is waiting anxiously for the stone to knock outside. It is fair to hit the tunnel in the head of the section, and then suddenly it is unlucky to cross the courtyard wall and come to Duan Xin’s yard. When Duan Xin saw Duan Xin coming in so soon, he hurriedly greeted him. You know, Duan Xin was afraid that Duan Xin couldn’t hear the sound of throwing stones. It was a special’ door’ to find a heavy stone and throw it out. The head of the section was naturally injured, but where did Duan Xin know these questions?
"What happened to your head? I don’t know if you fell off the wall last night." Duan Xin asked with concern.
"That can be done, but sister, you can throw stones with great accuracy!" Duan didn’t good the spirit replied.
Ah, Duan Xin, this is knowing that it was his own throwing stones that hit Duan, and he couldn’t help feeling guilty.
Well, it’s nothing. Time is running out. Let’s hurry. I’ll explain the "acupoint" to you. After that, there was a knock on Duan Xin’s body. Fortunately, Duan Qirui was a Duan Jia’s special "door" to seal the "acupoint" of Duan Xin, and he also learned it. Otherwise, it’s really not necessary to explain the "acupoint" technique with Duan Xin’s hand. A pat on Duan Xin’s body finally solved Duan Xin’s "acupoint" and they jumped into the wall together.
"Elder sister, you hide here now. I’ll call grandpa three."
"Wait, three grandfathers, did you tell three grandfathers?" Duan Xin asked with a slight indecision.
"Yes, if Grandpa San wasn’t there pestering the two teams to patrol’ Shi’ Wei, how dare I go directly into your yard?" Duan explained that after finishing, he adjusted his clothes and went out.
Duan turned the corner and just saw where he was. I don’t know what to say. The fat monk smiled and the horse just walked past.
"Oh, good morning, Grandpa. I was just about to invite you to drink. I didn’t expect you to be here. It really made me easy to find, walk, walk and drink."
"eh? Let’s go, let’s go, you guys remember, just now I talked about that, but it’s great for your life. "The fat monk looked at Duan and knew that things had been done, so he didn’t talk nonsense, but he still had to listen to the fact that the great god was leaving. The two small captains and the players were all excited and gave Duan a ceremony and then nodded seriously.
"The seniors said that the gold’ jade’ children have remembered it!"
"Well, that’s more like it." The fat monk said, pulling Duan and roared off. Several "Shi" guards secretly wiped the staff. The great god finally left. They quickly changed their posts and another team continued to patrol. Last night, the patrol team went to rest.
Duan and the fat monk made a circle and then went straight to the Parthenocissus where Duan Xin was located. Duan Xin was anxiously waiting to see the two of them coming over and calling to the fat monk.
"three grandfathers"
"Well, let’s go. There’s not much to say. We have to hurry. Once the patrol soldiers find out that we can’t leave, there’s a set of men’s clothing here. Then they quickly put it on the outside and go out with the two of us." After that, they lost a gown, and Duan Xin was eager to change so many mountains there. Then the three of them just swaggered all the way to the palace’ door’. No one dared to stop the fat monk. They were afraid that they would be caught by him and preached for a long time. Soon they would leave. I don’t know when I arrived at the palace gate, but I didn’t know when I changed my post and led a team to wait for Wei Zheng. But the fat monk was afraid to go out with two careless people, but he didn’t meet any obstacles.
Duan Xin and Duan were greatly relieved when they went out of the city, which was much easier than going out of the palace. Where there are many people, you don’t need to pretend deliberately, but you can get out.
"Third Grandpa, thank you very much this time." Duan Xin felt "excited" and saluted the fat monk, then said "excited"
"Ha ha, it’s nothing, little girl. Remember to buy two altars of wine for the old monk when you meet your lover. Well, there should be no problem out of town. I’ll go back to you young people and solve things by yourself." The fat monk laughed and then walked towards another street to watch, fearing that he had gone to the pub to find wine again.
Duan Xin was right by the fat monk, and his face turned red when he was hot, but the thought that Lin Sheng was still alive and dead at this time sank again. At this time, the fat monk was already out of ten meters away, but he looked back and said,
"Don’t worry too much. That kid is not a short-lived master. You can definitely find him."
Duan Xin noncommittally took Duan directly to the "gate" of the city. God’s "color" was in a hurry, and he couldn’t wait to step into the forest of death.
An hour later, at the family palace, the captain who had just changed shifts hurried towards Duan Qirui’s office and just walked to the door of the room. Two waiters who were guarding the door of the room spoke a few words in a hurry, and one of them hurried in to report to Duan Qirui.
"Report to my emperor. Captain Xiao Shi Wei is outside asking for an audience with the emperor. He says he has something important to tell you."
"Huh?" Duan Qirui face’ color’ a change seems to be expected what hurriedly got up and out of the room and looked at the little captain is kneeling on the ground;
"What’s the matter?"
"The princess of the emperor is gone." The captain of the’ Shi’ Wei replied with trepidation.
"What? What are you doing? You can’t even keep a child! " Duan Qirui is bound to be furious and scold’ Shi’ captain Wei, afraid to say anything.
"Come on, you go first. From today on, you can go back to guarding city sergeant." Duan Qirui said slowly with a sigh.
"thank the emperor!" That’ Shi’ Weiyuan himself is dead this time. I didn’t expect that Duan Qirui not only didn’t sentence himself to death, but sent himself to guarding city. Although guarding city is a little tired, he still saved his head and even his job. He is already very satisfied
"Somebody call Gong to see me!" Duan Qirui kiss xiu back to the room to the outside’ shi’ who ordered.
When a waiter went to a cup of tea, he came back with a bitter face.
"Report to my Emperor Gong …" "Shi" Wei hesitated and didn’t know how to say it.
"What’s wrong with him? Is it that he is ill and should not see the driver?" Duan Qirui scolded himself and wanted to sleep late again.