"I’m selfish? I hate it? Joke! " Li Jiangyu out left hand pointed to his nose and said
"Yes, you are a joke. The lame Taoist just told me that you have a voracious appetite for wolves. It’s a blessing, and it’s about to come out, but you want him to dissipate. You said you didn’t hate it!" Bian Shi said.
"I …"
Bian Shi raised his hand to make a gesture to stop Li Qiang from talking and said, "Don’t explain what you said Li Lang said to you!"
"Brother involved asked me to take good care of his family," Li Qiang said silently.
Bian Shi sneered, "Did you do it? You’re just a coward who shirks his responsibilities. You’re selfish! You are hateful! "
"I …" Li Qiang wanted to refute, but found something to say. Finally, Nai said, "Sister-in-law, I can’t live to tell you the truth. I’m really ashamed to live after doing such a thing." Finally, tears slipped again, which can make Li Qiang, a grown-up who grew up eating a hundred meals, cry, but think of his pain in his heart.
"Li Lang is not dead. Why can’t you live?" Bian Shi cold said.
"Not dead? I jumped from the cliff, too, but how did I die? " Li Qiang can’t believe it.
"Believe it or not," Bian Shi said and turned away. Bian Bing didn’t follow but ran to Li Qiang and said, "This is a lame monk." Then he shouted, "Sister, wait for me!" This just followed.
"Lame Taoist?" Li Qianggen hasn’t heard of this kind of person’s confused look at Yi Ming.
Yi Ming thought for a moment and said, "I haven’t heard of it either. Why don’t we ask the villagers?" Then he thought for a moment and said, "I’m sure Brother involved is not dead!"
Li Qiang knew that Yi Ming was calm and uncertain, and he would never say "Really?"
"hmm!" Yi Ming nodded and said, "Look at Tianmen Town or Tianmen Town. He has neither been removed from the list nor turned into a village."
Tianmen Town or Tianmen Town! Tianmen town! "ah! I know! " Li Qiang shouted excitedly.
After the death of the mayor of the player, the town will drop one level, while Tianmen Town is a primary town, which will drop one level. However, Tianmen Town will be delisted because of the particularity of Li’s involvement, but now Tianmen Town is still Tianmen Town, which can be said that Li’s involvement is not dead.
"Brother Qiang is not dead now, is he?" Yi Ming said uncertainly
Li Qiang looked at Yi Ming with contempt and said, "Nonsense! You and I really want to die! "
"eh!" Yi Ming speaks in an instant
"Take me to upgrade quickly, and now you can completely abuse me." Li Qiang took Yi Ming and ran to town.
At present, it is the late autumn season, and people have put on thick clothes. If we say that the most beautiful season in the four seasons of the year, people have their own understanding, but no one can deny the beauty of late autumn.
At this time, the red sun is setting, the white clouds are reflected, and the red mist has gradually emerged and enveloped in a bamboo forest, making the bamboo forest more hazy and adding a refined beauty to full of green.
In the depths of the bamboo forest, there is a simple cabin, which can be said to be a cabin. When you look closely, it is a bamboo house with two layers of walls and thatched bamboo on the roof. The effect is excellent.
There is also a small place in the bamboo house as a place to put your family. If you count it casually, it will be a treasure. There are actually hundreds of books in this wooden house, so you can imagine that the owner must be a great person.
There are three bamboo beds, two beds and one bamboo bed in the room. At this time, a man is lying quietly. At this time, the man slowly opened his eyes and turned his head and neck for a few times, and then he made a clicking sound as if he had not moved for a long time.
I sat up slowly, and the sound was clacked and clacked. I accidentally touched my wound and twisted my teeth. Then I looked at the white cloth that almost covered my body and looked at the bad environment around me. I wondered, "What is this place?"
Chapter ninety-one windfall
Li she looked blankly at the room, and the environment was not white. He would be here, but he looked at his bandage. It should be that the people in this room saved himself. He remembered the picture after jumping off a cliff.
At that time, Li waded into the cliff and dropped about three meters, and was rescued by a small tree growing from the cliff. He saw Li Qiang fall low on the cliff.
But the good times didn’t last long. The young tree couldn’t bear the weight of Li She, but Li She only had residual consciousness. She suddenly inserted the broadsword into the rock wall, and it was stopped. But Li She can’t always stay in this place!
Li She looked at the cliff face, which was as smooth as the mirror root, and there was no place to stay. It was impossible for Li She to hang her body with her right hand and hold a big knife. She gritted her teeth and said, "Old fight!"
Twist the handle sharply with your right hand, and the sharp edge of the knife will cut the rock pieces such as tofu sharply from Li She’s body weight. When Li She thinks it’s almost time, twist the handle and put the knife in the right position.
"scratch!" Li She has a good idea, but he can’t bear to fall off his right arm. His right arm immediately comes with a broken bone. Li She is desperate to fall off.
"no!" Li she’s eyes are full of disappointment. He still has a lot to do, and he doesn’t want to die yet.
"ah!" Regardless of whether Li’s left arm was pierced by the wound, he stretched out his left hand and desperately grabbed the rattan on the edge of the cliff. His left hand was bloody in an instant, but it also blocked Li’s falling momentum.
"poof!" Li She bumped into a thick branch of a thousand-year-old tree, so Li She bumped into it immediately, and when Li She landed, she was already dying and passed out.
At this time, Li She woke up and was in this small bamboo house. Li She stumbled and turned the room around. The only furniture may be the bamboo table and chair, but there are many Li She casually turned it over.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Please check the command value +1 intelligence +2 when you browse the’ Art of War’! "
"I’ll go! This is a good thing again! " Li She exclaimed, I remember that Li She met such a thing when she was in Fuhuzhai. At that time, she also saw the "Art of War", but there was a (fake). Now this should be true.
This kind of membership does not mean that you can add so many attributes, mainly because you have not fully understood it. When you have fully understood it, even if you say that your command value has reached 1, it is not impossible.
It seems that this place is full of high-quality goods! Li was so excited that he quickly flipped through other books and the unified sound also sounded from time to time.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! You read the Spring and Autumn Annals … "
News like this appears all the time, and Li She learned a skill called "Meng Shi" when she was born with a skill called "San Jian (Residual)". In addition, Li She learned that the skill was actually a "Yellow Emperor’s Classic", and instead of learning to maintain health, Li She learned a skill called "Ten Style".
What other moves in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic are either double-cultivation postures and’ ten-style’ is ten postures. Li She is covered with black lines, which is fucking ok! But with a wretched smile, you can try crossing your heart with Bian Niang.
After Li She has read these books, the attribute value has changed dramatically. No wonder everyone says that there is Yan Ruyu in the golden house.
Name Li She
Wife Bian Shi
Grade 19
Force 76(2-point Tiger Sword bonus)
Intelligence 44
Command 39 (the morale of the troops under his command will increase by as much as the command value)
Charm 2 (Attraction to the beauty of military commanders and counselors)
Physical strength 67
Hunger 5
Wang 62
Dragon gas emperor gas this dragon gas accounts for one-fifth of the whole dragon gas. If you want to be independent, it will take five years; Effect Physical strength +2 intelligence +2 command +2 charm+2;
Weapon Tiger-headed Broadsword (Force +2 Intelligence +2)
The skills are screaming and the fighting spirit is passionate and fierce.
A roar in battle caused the enemy to temporarily lose his mind.
Enthusiastic and tireless fighting force tripled for two hours, and people will be twice as tired afterwards.
Fierce Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan’s lifelong learning melts into three powers. These three powers smash the bear and tiger’s potential and slam the opponent’s effect, so that the opponent’s attack power is reduced by 50% and its own attack power is increased by 100%. When it cools down, it takes an hour.