Destiny flashed a murderous look in her eyes and snorted, "It’s better if I kill you now."
There was a flash of fear in his eyes as soon as he got out of the battle.
Yu Long laughed. "I have a good idea to make him wish he were dead."
I said, "I agree with you."
"Deal" Long Yuxiao "In fact, you have no choice at all"
The winner and the loser have little to say now. All he can do is accept fate.
Is that he never thought he would fall into such a situation …
Yu Long got her wish when she came to the practice of offering an axe to heaven, and the goddess of fate unexpectedly came to the battle of Yuan Shen. This time, not only was she injured, but even her amount would reach its peak.
That’s right. Yu Long ate
It’s because he feels that breaking his word to people who are like a war is not moral corruption.
The goddess of fate also gave a pertinent evaluation.
Three days later, the goddess of fate came out of Yu Long and went to wait early. After that, the goddess of fate made a faint smile and started to approach Longyu step by step, unable to say how charming she was.
The goddess of fate approached Long Yu and got into a good smell with a deep sniff. "What about the goddess? Should I repay you? "
"what kind of reward do you want?" The goddess of fate leaned in his ear and smiled. "I will promise you everything because you have helped me a lot this time."
"things?" Yu Long’s eyes suddenly opened wide and almost jumped up. "Goddess, if I ask you to marry me, you won’t refuse, will you?" Destiny’s cheeks were red and Gherardini. "Didn’t you want to push me down a long time ago?"
"Not really-"Yu Long quickly corrected the color and boasted. "At the very moment, I was a little curious and interested in you. Do you know that you are excellent? Does an excellent woman like you not attract me?"
The goddess of fate listened to the smile in her heart and looked at him softly, "Really?"
"Of course it’s true." Yu greedily looked at the goddess’ chest.
As soon as Destiny’s face was bright, she walked into a few steps, smiled and gave him a hard twist on his waist. The charm in her eyes seemed to drop water. "If you can meet my requirements, I will be you."
"requirements? What requirements do you say? " Yu Long thought it over and shook his head quickly. "You don’t want to take the opportunity to ask for any benefits, do you?"
Destiny’s cheeks were flushed and she said, "Look who you say you and I are, but there are some things to be said before."
Destiny blinked. "I want to share the laws of heaven."
Destiny smiled. "You know that if I fit in with you, I will lose my faith in space. Although this does not hinder my strength, I will lose the opportunity to control other people’s destiny from now on. You must always give me some compensation?"
Destiny’s eyes are full of light smiles and silky eyes. "Isn’t it necessary to pay?"
Listening to the charming voice of the goddess, Yu Long said, "This matter is easy to discuss."
"really?" The goddess of fate giggled and went over and whispered in his ear, "So you agreed?" The woman sneered and chuckled and hit him on the cheek with a fragrance like orchid.
"Well, you will be mine sooner or later anyway," Yu Long said and stopped at the waist of the goddess.
The goddess blushed and sneered at the affection in her eyes.
Stopped Yi Long Yu Ji printed the law of heaven in her mind.
The goddess of fate’s heart is so hot that she can’t care about other people who hold him tightly. She smiles and smiles and says, "Xiaoyu, you can push me down now."
"I object"
Long Yu was about to say something. Rowling fell from the sky. She smiled at the two and said, "Brother Yu Long, I have to interrupt an ark. There is a problem. I need strong technical support."
"What’s the matter?" Yu quickly asked the ark is the top priority at present, otherwise interstellar travel will continue.
"There are some problems in the construction of key interstellar coordinates-"Rowling said. "I hope I can help Yu with filar silk in Tianhou."
Yu Long thought for a moment and said, "No problem, I’ll tell you what. You go directly to the blood baby emperor and believe that he knows what to do."
After Rowling left, Destiny smiled and said, "It’s now or never, and now I don’t want to."
"What do you mean?" Yu Long asked.
Destiny smiled. "I have a proposal. I hope we can have a wedding and then we can get together on the night of the wedding."
Long Yuwen smelled a sweat. "Isn’t it a bit secular that you are not your goddess?"
"I don’t care," said the goddess of fate. "Anyway, you have to give me a point. I ask for it, but I don’t think about it at all. Now that the goddess of fate has been in Yu for several years, how can you give me a formal birthright?" Yu Long had a headache
Up to now, none of his women have a birthright.
It’s not a big question about birthright, but once it comes to birthright, there will be a problem of who is big and who is small. It’s really difficult to have meat on the back of your hand.
"why?" The goddess of fate said, "Do you find it difficult?"
"That’s not true, is it? You wait for my good news." Yu Long thought for a moment and said, "The goddess has never asked you if you have a name?"
"Name?" Destiny cocked her head and thought for a moment and said, "My name is Destiny."
"That’s not it," Yu Long corrected. "I mean, is there a formal name that is always called Goddess? Is it a bit awkward?"
"Well, then give me a name," said the goddess of fate. "Give me a nice name."
"How about Maria?" Yu Long smiled vaguely.
"Maria didn’t ask, but I added Ozawa in front-"said the goddess of fate. "I don’t know the culture of an island country in the real world" …
A series of problems are solved, and Yu Long’s mind is all over the ark. It’s really powerful. Besides interstellar travel and constant exploration, he doesn’t know what he should do in the future. He doesn’t want himself to become a pervert because of loneliness like a god’s battle.
In the afternoon, Yu Long just came back from the ark inspection and received an invitation from the blood baby emperor, saying that he would invite Yu Long to keep the appointment because the blood baby emperor would have something extremely important to discuss with him.
Chapter VII Chapter XIII Being blind date
Yu carefully thought about a guess, which may be in the future, such as governance Yu nodded and promised and told the messenger that he would visit early.
Early the next morning, Long Yu rushed to the Tiantai Blood Baby Temple for the first time.
At the gate of the main hall, he saw a dreamy girl, a face that can be forgotten at a glance. The girl looked like a charm in the classical comely, but her eyes were sometimes clear and charming, especially when she blinked her eyes to see Yu Long. Even though he was used to the stunning beauty, he was a little moved at the moment.
When Yu Long was in a state of absence, a naughty color flashed in the beauty’s eyes. "Are you going to look at me like this all the time? Is this rude? "