"eh!" Liang Yi has to admit that this strategy of letting the monks "breed horses" is indeed a good way to enhance the strength of the ethnic group. However, the chances of the monks getting pregnant after seven parties are too low, and the higher the order, the more so. Many high-ranking monks have to turn to the elixir for help if they want to have a child. This method is not the complete strategy.
"Princess Tianfeng, please go back. I’m not good at this bite." Liang Yi has some interest. Since Ziyi, Liang Yi is more exclusive to this kind of thing. In the end, it is still a problem for others.
"But I received my father, and I can’t leave because the tribe is thriving." Some Nai shook his head when he rushed to Tianfeng. "Even if you don’t want me, my father will still let me do it with other spiritual people."
Liang Yi "isn’t there a day spirit scattered? Your father won’t persecute you if you get the day spirit and become a monk. "
"Even if there is a day, it will not be my turn!" If you help Tianfeng, you will be lost. "My brother’s share of my sister-in-law has already been booked."
"What if I give you one?" Liang Yi said in his heart, but he thought, "If you saints really have something to say to me, I will give you a reward if I take that day away."
"really?" Help Tianfeng some can’t believe that his ears are in the eyes of most tribes, and it’s like being able to abandon garbage at any time.
Liang Yi: "I won’t lie to you. I don’t want it alone."
"Don’t believe you must be lying to me. No, you can exchange it for a treasure!"
Chapter DiYiJiu Cruel
Erxin, you must be lying to me. No, you can exchange it for a treasure.
"Don’t believe it? Liang Yi smiled and said, "I don’t believe that you will come to see me again early. Will you be in a good mood then?" But I added in my heart, "If the sacred object of your tribe has something to say to me, I will be in a good mood"
"It’s strange that you said yes, but now you are disappointed to deny Tianfeng Princess.
Liang Yi smiled and gave her a hand. "Come on, you can go. Remember to ask me if I’m in a good mood early.
"You really don’t accompany me to sleep with Tianfeng carefully probing.
"I also want to practice not to send" Liang Yi said no longer ignore her one-way eye closure practice.
Tianfeng waited for a little while to see that Liang Yi had nothing to do, and finally breathed a sigh of relief and ran out of Liang Yi’s hut. It seemed as if he was afraid that Liang Yi would go back on his word.
After less than half an hour, there was a sudden roar of anger in the distance, followed by a commotion of the whole rescue tribe.
Liang Yi’s face showed a little knowing smile.
"Dragon is in the way."
Soon Liang Yi’s hut broke into several warriors who were persevering and sharp, and it was with rage and doubt that they rushed to help Tianlong;
"Dragon predecessors gave birth to what? Liang Yi asked a face of consternation.
Draco smell speech is not a positive answer, but a face of doubt will Liang Yi hut looked all over "Tianfeng not with you?
"No, I want to practice and let her go. Why not? Liang yi is still a full face of confusion shake head a way
When the rescue of Tianlong heard that his face was still livid, he turned to a monk behind him and said, "Have the three-star brothers ever been out of the house?"
"No, I’ve been outside."
"You sent someone to spy on me?" Liang anecdotes face suddenly sank.
"Star brothers, don’t get me wrong!" Rushing for the highest plough, the samurai came in from behind. "Recently, there are some troubles in the tribe. Brother, I have to arrange someone to keep an eye on you. It’s not that brother wants you hard. Rushing for the highest plough is a face of apology." Oh, so that’s it. "Liang Yi suddenly smiled." Feelings are brothers. I’m unlucky. It seems that I’m not very lucky recently. "
"Rare stars brother reasonable old thanked me here, and I still have some things to deal with. Let’s talk about the rescue of plough another day with a big smile. Haha, he waved his hand at the back." Let’s all go away. By the way, let’s take off the sentry outside. Stars brother is our friend. Don’t watch him. Then he hurried toward the outside.
"Hum! I lost all the sacred fruits and watched my ass! " With a grumpy personality, Tianlong gave Liang Yi a look of anger and stormed off with others.
The people in the rescue department walked into Liang Yi’s hut with a faint purple shadow. The newcomer was naturally successful and returned to Xiaolong. As soon as he entered the room, he put the bag in his mouth on the table and proudly got into Liang Yi’s arms.
"Why don’t you be so careless? What should I do if people outside are now? Liang Yi touched a little dragon’s brocade-smooth purple fur with slight reproach.
"Master, don’t worry, those stupid roots can’t be present." Dragon son proudly said.
Liang anecdotes nodded slightly and laughed. "What’s the result? Said and picked up the desk bag to explore.
Dragon’s son "is a fruit tree with 26 ripe fruits. I took 13 according to the master’s order." In addition, I planed a piece of roots to come back. Those idiots were too slow.
"Is to XuanLingGuo" Liang Yi satisfaction nodded his head.
"For the master? Little dragon son some expectation?
Liang Yi nodded slightly. "There is not only something for me, but also something for you. This fruit is called Qingxuandi pulp fruit. With some muti, you can refine a medium-order refined body called Lingwu Dan, which is of great help to the monster beast and Wu Xiu. These guys dare not bear this fruit."
Dragon son "is life in danger?"