Looking around, I saw a red lantern hanging in front of the dark old house, just like two demons, Zhang Ju, jealous and scary, and it seemed that a ghost would pop up at any time.
Yu Shishi can shout "Qu Yong … wait for me …" After two calls, it seems that she fell and suddenly stopped, but her horse got up again and even resisted the pain of her hand being scratched, shouting "Help! I’m so scared!"
The cold wind is still howling, and the wind is more penetrating than last night. Suddenly, a small shadow and two green eyes jumped out of nowhere and looked at her and looked at her hair.
"Ah!" Yu Shishi shouted in horror and stamped his feet desperately. "Help! Help!"
"Meow" that shadow doesn’t seem to be white in poetry. Why do you want to shout loudly? It turned out to be a black cat.
"Stop yelling. It’s okay." Although the black cat left, Yu Shishi still shouted desperately. Suddenly, the figure in front flashed and a figure was swept away and grabbed Yu Shishi’s shoulder to comfort him. "It’s okay."
"Cut off the sun’s feet" Yu Shishi was so scared that he didn’t want to just kick out his own "trick", but as soon as he got out of the foot, he was pushed by Qu Yong’s knee and her body was unstable. "Oh," a whole person jumped into Qu Yong’s body and hugged him tightly. He was cold and frugal by the cold wind and stuck to Qu Yong’s warm chest.
Qu Yong sighed, "I told you not to come, but you have to come and you are afraid."
"Who said I was afraid?" Yu Shishi gave him a hard push and swore to stamp his foot. "How can I be afraid that I am a super-beautiful girl? Yu Shishi Shi Gui is afraid of me."
Although the girl is scared to death, she is also stubborn, but she refuses to admit defeat.
QuYong a stay soft smile "well, since you are not afraid of words, let’s go together. We have found the entrance."
"Found the entrance? Where is it? "
The gate here seems to be no different from other old houses. Scarlet lanterns are hung on both sides, flashing flames will make the red lacquer gate unspeakable. Two stone lions crouch in front of the gate and stare at the bearer. It seems that Quyong will be torn to pieces at any time with the underground evil wind.
There is a crack in the gate, which should be just enough to get in.
"It’s here" Yu Shishi is a little scared, but her strong curiosity makes her want to go in and find out.
Qu Yong said, "Why don’t you wait for us outside the door and I’ll be out soon?"
"No," Yu Shishi rebuffed. "If you want me to wait outside, you want me to die in a hurry. No, let’s go in together."
Master Bing Xin said, "Now that she is here, isn’t it more dangerous for her to stay outside alone?"
Yang Muxiang said, "In fact, one thing about Yang is that we can bring as many people as Mr. Qu and Miss Yu Jingtai, or you two come alone. I’m afraid our chances of winning are not high."
Qu Yong said coldly, "I’ve come to confirm whether this man is my uncle or not. I’m not here to kill anyone. Please ask Mr. Yang to make it clear."
"Good" Yang Muxiang said, "Thank you for telling me this news. I really want to know who the murderer really is and what his purpose is, but my family has been wondering for many years."
Qu Yongshen said, "At this moment, it is said who will step into this door, and then people can predict the fate of life and death. After going in again, I hope that everyone can think again and don’t make sacrifices."
Four people shudder at the thought of smiling killer’s martial arts, but each of them has a reason to go in. What Master Bing Xin wants is his old friend’s innocence and justice. Qu Yong seeks truth from whether this person is his uncle or not, while Yang Muxiang has his master’s wish. She is purely here to join in the fun, and she has a strange mind to join in the fun when she is born.
Master Bing Xin suddenly laughed. "What are you afraid of? I have never told my fortune for others all my life. If there is a robbery in my life today, I regret that if my life should not be doomed, I have to ask a clear question."
At this time, everyone has entered one after another, but they see that the gate is a square hall and there are separate doors around it. Every wooden door has a big character written on it.
They are gan (qián), Kun (kūn), Zhen (zhèn), Xun (ùn), Kan (k ∥ n), Li (lí), Gen (gèn) and Dui (duì).
"This is a hexagram" and the beams of the hall seem to be painted with some patterns, but the lights are dim and the beams are too high to see clearly, and besides, there is nothing in the hall even a bench.
Chapter three hundred and fifty Door owners
Qu Yong’s four people are in it, and they are accompanied by the breeze.
"What seems to be a deserted grave here?" Yu Shishi said what they were thinking but didn’t want to say anything.
"Don’t talk nonsense," said Qu Yong. "This is what Master Bing Xin thinks of Fuxi’s hexagrams."
This metaphysical divination of the Book of Changes is, of course, Master Bing Xin’s old practice. He adhered to a few scattered beards and slowly said, "daoist magic is profound and profound, in which the door represents personnel in the pattern of heaven, earth and people, and my fortune-telling is always the door that God makes the door on duty."
Yu Shishi was not academic and heard a confused way: "Don’t pull those gods and gods to talk about our present door."
Master Bing Xin said, "Doors belong to the five elements, namely, Hugh, life, death, shock, and injury. Dumen and Jingmen predict the situation of their falling into the palace, that is, the five elements of falling into the palace will give birth to grams and the prosperous phase will leave prisoners to decide the good or ill luck." When he looked up and saw Yu Shishi, his eyes were still confused. He could say again, "Say it simply, Hugh, life, death, shock, and injury." When Jimen is born, there will be great profits and fierce doors. It is difficult to avoid disasters. Isn’t Jimenke Gongji just fierce? The affair at Menke Palace is even more fierce. "
"How to calculate the final bad luck is from"
Yu Shishi covered her ears and begged, "Don’t say any more, just say which door we should take."
"Stay in the calculation" Master Bing Xin twirled his fingers and murmured, and the pace of calculating his feet was constantly changing. This strange technique is really too complicated, and the most rare thing is that one step of it is wrong, which is likely to turn things around and kill people.
Daoist magic Quyong and Yang Muxiang don’t know much more about the five-line hexagrams than they do about poetry. They can also stare blankly and wait for the calculation results of Master Bing Xin. Who knows that Master Bing Xin suddenly scratched his head at the back and tried to break his toes to calculate again. He suddenly raised his head for a long time and his eyes were bloodshot. "Now he can barely figure out that maybe this article is an open hand."
They looked in the direction of his finger, and it was the surprise in the door.
This gate is located in the west and belongs to the golden equinox, cold dew and first frost. When the autumn chill kills the vegetation, it faces a panic and bleak image.
Yang Muxiang said, "Surprise is a fierce door. Is it appropriate for the Lord to be frightened, traumatized and official?"
Yu Shishi was the first to walk out with his head held high, saying, "What are you afraid of? That man turned out to be Uncle Quyong. It’s a joke with us. You’re afraid of me, but you three men are not afraid of me."