Goofy thought about it. Well, just save him first.
So Goofy turned to Lincoln to use the instructor’s template whispering skills.
"Lincoln, wake up …"
"Lincoln, calm down …"
"You are now under control. Your current situation is not what you want. Don’t sink like this again. You must be sober …"
"Stop your wrong actions before you make a big mistake. Everything is still coming to save it …"
After chanting for a few days, Lincoln showed signs of returning to normal. He was confused and pinched his forehead and said to himself, "What happened? Why am I like this? "
But he also has this sign. The hive is too powerful for him.
It wasn’t long before Lincoln was controlled by the hive again.
Goofy shook his head. "No, the hive’s control over aliens is continuous. You must defeat the hive before you can awaken aliens …"
Steve waved his shield. "Then do it!"
Two people glances side by side into the laboratory and rushed straight to the hive.
Whitehall’s face suddenly changed when he saw the two men.
"oh, no! It’s goofy! It’s the one who stabbed the alien battleship through the sky! Dear Lord hydra, I suggest we get out of here quickly! "
"away?" Hive root didn’t take goofy seriously. He didn’t watch the live broadcast of Goofy vs. Dark Elves yesterday.
"Don’t worry, an ordinary earthman can’t kill me," the hive said confidently.
"Dear Lord Hydra, he is no ordinary earthman …" Whitehall nervously explained to the hive. "He is the strongest warrior on the earth, with immortal body and unpredictable energy soaring … When celestial bodies converge, the dark elves used to destroy the earth with too many grains, but Goofy easily defeated them. He broke through a space battleship of the dark elves with his flesh and blood! ! !”
Chapter 39 The strongest makes VS the strongest human beings
The hive has just returned to the earth from an alien, and he is not familiar with the situation of the earth. During his exile for more than 3,000 years, he was able to obtain information about the earth through devouring sacrifices.
Every once in a while, Hydra will leave a stone beehive on the earth for a sacrifice, that is, a fresh young man.
The Cree "Stone" runs according to a certain rule, and every time it is activated, it can transport the living things nearby to Maveh planet.
Hydra, this stone is located in the hive of a distant planet, offering sacrifices to ensure that the hive is desolate and that aliens can get food sources and not starve to death.
After the hive swallowed these sacrifices, it not only gained their vitality, but also gained their memory and knowledge.
Everything about the hive in modern earth is obtained from these sacrificial bodies.
He finally swallowed the sacrifice of a NASA astronaut, which was ten years ago. The hive’s knowledge of the earth still stayed ten years ago, and the information was a little behind.
At that time, the earth was not as ordinary as haunters, and Goofy was still an ordinary pupil. Therefore, Hive Root didn’t realize the horror of Goofy, and he still thought that human beings were inferior and lacked fighting capacity.
Staring at the sight of striding meteors rushing to fly high, the hive was unexpected.
"You are a fresh and delicious food …"
The hive spread its arms and counted flying insects flying out of his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. These flying insects swept towards Goofy in an attempt to devour Goofy like Hydra agents.
Goofy laughed coldly and the desperate virus triggered the explosion.
Gordon, a stranger, saw Goofy’s intention and quickly shouted, "Let’s go!"
Steve rolled back with a gold shield in his hand, while Gordon urgently took Jiaying and another stranger beside him.
There is a girl in the alien race whose power is to build an energy barrier, and she rushes out to block the impact of soaring explosion.
But the hive flew too close, and he couldn’t hide from it and explode on his face.
B! ! !
The desperate virus exploded on the spot and the honeycomb body was instantly shattered!
Seeing this, Steve Rogers flashed a trace of joy, but soon he realized that he was too happy, because Goofy once said that the honeycomb defense was so terrible that he would hardly be hurt by the bomb.
Otherwise, although the hive body was destroyed by the high-flying desperate virus, the flying insects around the high-flying body are still
Beehive sounds come from these flying insects, and his tone rises and falls.
"You are not a simple human, and your body has been transformed …"
"Yes, the hive. You’re right."
Goofy smiled gently, and his body quickly recovered from the explosion. At the same time, Tony Stark Goofy was injected into the bone, and the bloody battle suit was successfully activated, which penetrated from Goofy’s skin and covered his body.
Witnessing Goofy’s unique skill of coming back from the dead, the hive expressed surprise that he underestimated Goofy’s strength. This guy is no longer a human being.
"Oh, that’s interesting. It seems that I am ignorant …"
The hive is very calm and doesn’t want to fly high and continue fighting. He is a very rational creature and won’t act impulsively on impulse.
"I think I need to know more about you before you fight. If I don’t know you well enough, then I will beat you …" Honeycomb said in a low voice.
Then he turned to Whitehall and asked, "Whitehall, do you know this guy?"
Whitehall nodded. "Of course, I respect Lord Hydra. This guy is Goofy, the strongest warrior of mankind. His body has been transformed many times. So far, his power is …"
"Well, I don’t have time to listen to you explain that this form of information delivery efficiency is too low …"
Parasites floating in the middle said in a low voice
Whitehall’s expression changed immediately after hearing this sentence, and he guessed the intention of the hive.
"Oh, my noble hydra, don’t you want to …?"