In general, it not only monopolizes many industries from the root, but also directly poses a threat to the country.
Imagine that in the past forty years, it has been expanding and opening up new market branches, from dozens of clusters near the center of the most Flemish cluster to almost all the Campa Empire and the Principality of Defly, and even a small number of branches have appeared in neighboring countries
Millions of branches have prevented people from smashing the field. How many experts are hired alone?
There are other plans in Chen’s heart before Chen’s cold. Actually, it is to save people the money, but in order to speed up the development of heaven and man, he has neglected that little money. Didn’t you see that even fifty percent of the shares were let out?
Therefore, the employees in Tianshan Mountain now have reached a terrible number just by fighting the emperor and the master of the law order.
All industries in the world are very competitive, and consortia divide up a cake. One of them gains little benefit. However, all the industries entered by Heaven and Man can hardly find rivals, and all high-end customers completely monopolize it. Imagine that this is amazing wealth.
It has seriously affected the country now!
Too many people want to swallow this big cake, but these covetous people have concerns. They have to worry about other covetous people, and even more about experts such as Yuntian. This is a behemoth that has never appeared in the business world in history, and any move may have a great impact.
Another extremely important reason is that the biggest shareholder of Heaven and Man, who left the guy 40 years ago, disappeared.
Dark blue light and shadow fell outside Fran’s city, and Chen Han walked slowly to the gate.
Forty years ago, the hot sales scene of residential quarters made him a popular figure in Fran City, and his face was also well known. Almost when he appeared at the gate of the city, he suddenly sounded a lot of people exclaimed.
So Razer’s name resounded through thousands of eyes, including guarding the gate of the two countries.
Because the Fran cluster is jointly managed by the Campa Empire and the Principality of Defly, most departments have two identical systems, for example, there are two teams from two different countries who are responsible for guarding the city gate.
When he was still walking to the city gate, news of him had been broadcast in the shortest time through various channels and received a response.
Just as he was about to go to town, the sound suddenly sounded, and several young people took a big brigade to the head of the city.
The guy who stopped drinking was none other than a young man-that is, at that cocktail party, he almost killed Chen Han, the star of the Kanpa Empire, Feiler, and his father was the foreign minister of the Kanpa Empire in the Fran cluster. In the Kanpa Empire, the family behind Caroline was just a little behind.
"You called me?"
Chen Han looked at him lightly. Today, he has ignored this role, and the roots of both sides are not at the same level.
The reason why Feiler is angry is not the current attitude of the other party, but the changes over the past forty years.
What was he then?
Buy a piece of land, and the local rich man will be bullied by himself. If Kacey and Caroline don’t show up, he can play with him as much as he wants.
However, not waiting until forty years later, after three months of that year, the sudden rise of heaven and man was continuously suppressed, and a man was killed at the scene. This guy was even more arrogant in the street and shouted that he dared to deal with heaven and man, and his personal and power would be hit by others.
At that time, he was in seclusion and didn’t know that these things included the sale of residential quarters three months later, otherwise Feiler’s character would have come out early.
What about now?
Forty years for practitioners is just a flick of a finger, and heaven has grown into a super-rich consortium.
I don’t know everything in my pocket. Every star cluster in two countries has probably hired a large number of top experts to sit in various places. More importantly, on the same day, when the rich and noble people became their guests, a dense network was established. This network directly penetrated into the Kanpa Empire and the Principality of Defly, and other neighboring countries were in charge of the political, military and economic lifelines of a country or region.
Maybe the general likes heaven and man’s wine, maybe the minister prefers heaven and man’s food and heaven and man’s high-level officials spare no effort to win over and give various discounts and gifts from time to time. How can these people not have some partial ideas in their hearts?
In just 40 years, there have been many people who want to move the sky. There have been many hands, but this business giant is still developing crazily all the time.
Nowadays, the root of heaven and man is not him. Feiler can shake even his family. It happened that this giant crocodile was the guy who could easily bully in those days. Therefore, when he saw Chen Han, his anger and unwillingness broke out for many years.
"I’m a citizen of Fran. Does that law stipulate that I can’t go in?" Chen cold ha ha laugh opposing didn’t stop.
"I let you live!" Feiler felt that his majesty had been greatly provoked and his face was ugly and terrible.
"It’s not your job to defend the city. Are you going to step in?" Chen cold still didn’t mean to stop.
This time, it was not Feiler who spoke, but another young man beside him. He said coldly, "Do you think I am qualified? My name is the left commander of the Fran City Defence Force, Baron of Hendry Empire. Now I suspect that you have violated many laws. Are you prepared to resist? "
The latest,,,,,,,,,,
Chapter 79 Jing Shi one punch
? National law?
No matter how powerful heaven and man are, they must abide by the national laws and regulations if they want to be a minister one day, unless Chen Han wants to become a country on his own.
Obviously, despite the amazing development of heaven and man, it is far from enough except manpower and financial resources. A consortium without enough background does not have the conditions to climb to a higher level by relying solely on financial resources and hands.
Chen cold left the pie mouth stopped and said indifferently, "Hendry? Imperial baron? Left-hander of Fran Yugoslav Army? On what it is, if you can’t give substantive evidence, I promise you will be in trouble. "
Is the official great?
Is the Chinese legal code great?
As long as he doesn’t violate laws and regulations, the other party has nothing to do with him. Not everyone can frame him for his existing strength and background.
Sure enough, at that time, I wanted to show off in front of my friends, and I gave the other party a blame at random. Hendry’s face became a little ugly.
Heaven and man, but even their own guys can shake the monster, or there is not enough evidence, the root can’t end today, even if he wants to stop now, people have to be willing to do it. If Chen Han keeps biting him, the result will be more troublesome than expected.
"Baron, can you tell me what law I have broken?" Chen Han asked with a smile
"You …" Hendry faltered.
"If you agree to take the blame like ordinary people, I’m afraid your plan will fall."
Hendry immediately angry, pointing to his big drink a way "is very simple! As a civilian, it’s against the law to talk to the imperial baron in such a disrespectful tone! Somebody arrest me! "
Chen Han looked at the fool and stared at him slowly and said, "This is the Fran cluster, and this is a place where the two countries rule together. Do you have a noble title?" Does this belong to the Campa Empire? Don’t you think the Principality of Defly is not here? Are all the people in the Fran cluster your people? "
Civilians are not allowed to salute nobles, which is indeed a rule in many countries. However, the Fran cluster is not ruled by the Campa Empire.
His baron title lies in the fact that the Campa Empire cannot be found in the Principality of Defly.
Bang bang bang …
Applause came from afar. The first group of people came along, including a burly young man.
This man Chen Han has long known that his name is RalfLose, and his family’s official position is higher than that of Bikacsi. At the beginning, he was invited by Kazi to help him out, but now he is walking side by side with Kazi in the celestial world, which means that Kazi’s position is equal to his.
It’s very simple. Because of Kaqi and Chen Han, he was greatly valued by his family and almost became the only heir to the house.
Although his family is slightly lower than the Lielan family, the only heir is no less than RalfLose, who is not the only heir.
"Uh-oh … brother Razer’s remarks are so wonderful. I’m also wondering why the Baron of Kempa Empire must be respected by my brother? If you don’t have a baron’s identity to talk like this, you must respect the Baron of Kampa Empire when you come from a country? " Cage’s face was full of disdain.
"What do you mean, Kach?" Hendry thundered
"I mean … Oh, I forgot to introduce a friend of mine."
Cage pulled the posh young man half a step behind him. "Who is he? I believe you won’t be unfamiliar. He is also a baron, but a baron of the Principality of Defly and an officer of the Yugoslav capital of the Principality of Defly. Although like us, he is famous for not doing things all day."
The posh peach blossom eye smiled and immediately swaggered forward and took out his identity token. The soldier who was guarding the city gate in the Principality of Defly shouted, "Razer is a friend of Khaki’s eldest brother, and that’s a friend of the young master. Are you spies of Kampa Empire?"
Hula …