Hearing this, Ye Guchen’s heart vibrated in the direction of the sound. After seeing the man, he was first one leng and then tentatively asked, "I didn’t expect it to be you. Are you going against Mundus?" Wrong novel network many words "
"Go against Mundus? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I didn’t expect that after more than 10 thousand years, someone still remembers me! ! Haha, it’s good. I’m Mundus! ! No, I’m not a fate, Mundus! Now I’m just a wisp of ghost. If I didn’t have an old story with the keeper of the underworld, I’m afraid I’m not even a wisp of ghost now. Hehe, I didn’t expect you to know that I’m young. It’s really a fate that we got the Gu Jian and the meteor hammer. It’s really a surprise that you got them. It’s your fate. I hope you can get unexpected benefits with these things! We are predestined friends. I hope you can inherit my mantle if possible, but it’s not that simple to inherit my mantle, baby. Wait, if you can get that thing, we’ll talk about it then! " Go against Mundus ha ha a smile here and then said, "Say this, and even ignore Ye Guchen’s soul and then dissipate the meteor hammer as if it had a life and come straight to Ye Guchen."
"In one hundred? I didn’t expect to stay here for a hundred years? Well, no, it should be able to manipulate the time array. In that array, I spent a hundred years in the outside world, but it may not be ten years, it may be twenty years, and it may be just a moment. But it’s really terrible to be able to come up with this array. It’s a hundred years of loneliness. Who can stand it? If I didn’t have this "Demon Training Soul Solution", I practiced to pass the time, even if I could not help but collapse, I could not help but commit suicide. Don’t say that I was replaced by those predecessors who were afraid of scattered immortals, and I couldn’t help myself. Not everyone can stand this one-hundred-year loneliness. Mundus is really horrible and can come up with such a law. "Holding hands, the meteor hammer Ye Guchen didn’t look at it and then couldn’t help but muttered.
After saying this, Ye Guchen looked at the golden meteor hammer in his hand and immediately dropped a drop of blood. On the surface of this meteor hammer, the meteor hammer flashed a light and blended with this Ye Guchen.
At the same time, everything around this lonely leaf collapsed instantly, and everything around it returned to this virtual universe scene with destruction. The dazzling aura and heavy gravity disappeared immediately, and everything around it was no different from other parts of this vast universe.
"Brush ~" A Gu Jian and this meteor hammer flew out in this instant and flashed a series of dazzling brilliance into the sky to blink. This light jumped out of these two weapons and flashed dazzling brilliance. Everything around them changed with the transformation in this vast universe. In addition, sixteen weapons of various masters sent out bright light like these two weapons and went straight to the sky. Then they gathered in the depths of this vast universe to form a bright light. A towering temple slowly appeared in this virtual universe and appeared at the place where the light gathered!
At this time, a map appeared in the minds of the ten class weapons owners to go to this virtual temple map.
"damn it! Finally appeared? Did that thing still appear? Damn it, somebody send someone to find that thing for me. Anyone who dares to stop it will be killed! Blue Star Xianjun, you go! Get that thing for me! Never let others get it! " "In this vast heaven, a mountain peak, a dignified man wearing a cassock, shouted at his hands with a cold face.
"This emperor I go? Don’t discuss with others? I’m afraid "blue star fairy gentleman after hearing this, first one leng, then his face changed and he said to the front man.
Hearing this, the man’s face suddenly changed and looked at the sight of Blue Star Xianjun. Then his face changed and he sank and said, "Don’t worry about this matter. I have already discussed with several other people that our celestial middleman will always beat others and then talk about other things! Just go with confidence! "
Chapter two hundred and sixty Small ancestors back to cases!
Chapter two hundred and sixty Small ancestors back to cases!
"Is it the Emperor? Is there anyone else to go with me this time?" After hearing this, the blue star fairy gentleman respectfully knelt down to the ground and asked this question. He was very heart-stricken. If he was alone in the past, it would be not so easy to deal with those powerful scattered immortals. Even worse, there are several powerful people in this man. Don’t say that the bodhi old zu in the demon world and the king of The Hunger in the demon world are not easy to handle, and they have already arrived there tens of thousands of years ago. If they go alone, they will even ask such a sentence.
"It’s not that you don’t know that there are rules in heaven. Immortals, including Immortals, are not allowed to go to the sky without permission. We can’t let you go there. Now people are different from the former theory, whether it’s the old guy in the West or the abnormal condition in our East. They may find a large number of experts at any time and will definitely step in to stop them. A person also said that in the past, this time, you can send you to the blue sky alone. You should know that you are the best fairy emperor in our top ten immortals, and you are one step away from entering. The level of the immortal emperor belongs to you this time. Of course, I know it’s a bit difficult, but don’t worry. If it’s done, I’ll join hands with other immortals to raise your perception level to the level of the immortal emperor when you come back. For example? " The majestic man sitting there frowned and immediately looked at the blue sky fairy who knelt on the ground and gave such an answer.
The blue sky fairy gentleman still has some worries, but after hearing this, he quickly knelt on the ground with excitement and said respectfully to the majestic man in front of him, "Xie Dijun! Dare the blue sky not work hard! If this is not a blue sky, I would rather see you first! "
You know, he has been trapped in the peak of the late Xianjun for 3,000 years, but in 9,000 years, he still can’t understand the rules of heaven and earth, and he is stuck in this Xianjun class, which makes the blue sky extremely sad. Although he claims to be the first Xiandi in heaven and the first Xianjun in heaven, these names are just a mockery of himself in the blue sky. People at the same time have either broken through to become Xiandi or have passed away, but which one is better than himself? There are many words in the wrong novel network. The first immortal emperor sounds very powerful, but with blue sky, he knows that in this vast heaven, the emperor is only an ant after all, and other people’s dogs are just a dog even if they are powerful.
But once the breakthrough into the immortal emperor class, it will be a vast expanse of sky and clear sky, and Wan Li will be waiting for herself. Why can’t you come and go freely? After hearing this, the blue sky has some dissatisfaction, and it is worth trying, even if it is worth dying! After all, he refused this condition in positive law!
"Well ~ well, this thing also gives you one thousand prevention. I’ll lend you one for the time being. Anyway, it’s not as good as showing it to you for the time being. You can’t transport it unless you have to! I have to attract the dissatisfaction of the person in front! " Sitting here with a dignified face, the middle-aged man sank and said
"Ah ~ this is ~ ~ the emperor. Please rest assured that you have this thing and the blue sky to repair it yourself. I am confident that I can win even in the face of the Huntian demon king and the blood demon king!" Kneeling there, the blue sky fairy Jun Gao said that at the moment, his tone was full of confidence. It seems that the fairy emperor gave him something and gave him full confidence.
At the same time, in this other place, a golden hall with a vast body shrouded in this fog for hundreds of miles, several buddhas sitting in the center surrounded by tens of thousands of Buddhist masters, and a monk sitting cross-legged in the center of the lotus slowly opened his mouth and said, "Amitabha ~ ladies and gentlemen, we have got the news that the Mundus treasure house reappears, and the celestial world has sent a master to people, and my Buddhist world can’t fall behind the demon world. Here, there is King The Hunger and Huntian Demon King, who are stronger than the celestial world and sent this blue sky fairy king. Should my Buddhist world send someone?"
"Buddha! Brother Huiwu is willing to go! Please be a Buddha! " "The sound just fell and I saw a golden man who exuded this soft and majestic. He came out and sank.
After hearing this, the buddhas laughed around, and then the Buddha pointed his finger at the central position, and then a magic weapon fell into the hands of Huiwu. The Buddha said, "Go to Huiwu, and there will be you in my Buddhist world. If the blue sky is higher, if you can succeed, this Buddha will lend you a seat in this thing for the time being!"
"It’s the Buddha!" Huiwu respectfully responded and immediately turned around and walked towards the outside.
At the same time, two streamers in the demon world and the demon world immediately fell from the sky and cut through this complex retrograde channel. Two magic weapons immediately went straight to two corners of this vast universe, and then two different kinds of laughter came to these two places.
However, all this happened in Ye Guchen is a knowledge. At this moment, it is standing in the virtual Ye Guchen. After closing his eyes and absorbing things in his mind, he breathed a sigh of relief and said slowly, "The original Mundus treasure house is there! Hehe, Mundus Treasure House, Mundus Treasure House actually needs ten classes of weapons to fight these weapons. For thousands of years, several experts have been fighting for it. It really makes me curious. I wonder what is worth fighting for by so many experts. Now everyone knows the news. Gee, I have to prepare for it, even if there will be a fierce battle in the future! "
After saying this, Ye Guchen disappeared in this virtual space, and they made an agreement with Li Zegu. Once Li Zegu can meet the requirements, he can go to the evil extreme Sect and leave an address of the evil extreme Sect and a copy of the astrolabe, and then Ye Guchen left this month with Tang Ziyan.
Of course, it is impossible for Ye Guchen to make a virtual trip with Tang Ziyan, who is physically weak. However, Ye Guchen has another way, that is, the income of the five-color divine tower. Tang Ziyan immediately granted some methods to fix the truth, left some spiritual stones for her, and then handed them over to Qi Junsha to take care of Ye Guchen. All the way, he quickly moved to find the nearest array and went straight to the location of the total altar of evil spirits.
It’s not that Ye Guchen doesn’t want to go to this virtual Mundus treasure house, but because Ye Guchen’s strength is too weak now. Think about Ye Guchen’s toes and know that Mundus treasure house is not a simple place. The owners of Class 10 weapons have got the address here and the detailed location will definitely go there, but they will never go alone.
Ye Guchen doesn’t know what the owner of Class 10 weapons is like, but one thing is certain, that is, the owner of Class 10 weapons is definitely not simple and easy to provoke, and the power in their hands is too great to be alarming, otherwise, they are not qualified to be born. The remaining 16 weapons owners are afraid to have been killed. Since they can hold these Class 10 weapons and have not been robbed until now, the power of this weapon owner can be imagined, so Ye Guchen can’t be careless.
Luo Tianxian is not weak, which is equivalent to five robberies and scattered immortals. However, how many scattered immortals are there in this vast universe? Even Ye Guchen himself can’t count them. The five robberies and scattered immortals look very powerful, but they are also in some places. If you really gather this master department of the fix-up world, you will be surprised to find that the five robberies and scattered immortals really don’t count.
Besides this five-robbery scattered fairy strength, Ye Guchen has no advantage. The star fire may be considered as a strong body, but at this time, these strengths may be Yuzryha Guchen’s smile at the same level, but there is no leapfrog challenge to qualify for the magic weapon. Ye Guchen’s body is long except for a fairy, and it may be a rare treasure on weekdays, but scattered fairy has been able to refine it. If there are suitable materials, those higher scattered fairy can refine it. It is not a big deal. It is impossible to win the magic weapon. Don’t say that the fairy is a very fairy. Some of these scattered fairy are afraid that someone owns
The magic weapon and the method of repairing the capital have an advantage. If you enter this fate, Ye Guchen, a treasure house in Mundus, Mundus, still has a little confidence to protect himself. But the problem is that if he comes to that treasure house in Mundus alone with two weapons, he will be killed without even entering the gate, and then kill people to win the treasure.
Although the title of Evil Extremist Sect is big, it is difficult for anyone to go crazy and envy the killer at that time, and more importantly, it is too simple to kill a person in the vast cosmic star. Those scattered immortals really have to find a place where no one can destroy their bodies, and they are afraid that the evil Extremist Sect will find out there. Therefore, Ye Guchen has to make more preparations. He decided to take the lead in calling the master of Evil Extremist Sect to go to the treasure house of Mundus with himself, so as to ensure that he can be quiet and let others not mess around.
With this idea, Ye Guchen naturally won’t be vague and resolutely went to the location of evil extreme cases. Ye Guchen spent thousands of pieces of extremely spiritual stones after dozens of array sending methods, and went all the way straight to the altar of evil extreme cases. It took about half a month to reach the location of the altar of evil extreme cases.
The evil pole star ~ is located in the center of the vast universe where the evil pole Sect is located. This is the birthplace of the evil pole Sect and the real birthplace. This is the root of the evil pole Sect. The whole star is the territory of the evil pole Sect.
Evil Extremist Sect holds all the forces around thirteen thousand five hundred life planets, but it is also mastered. There are billions of evil Extremist brothers, but it is still impossible to occupy all the places. It is controlled there, where a branch is set up to plan it to the rule of evil Extremist Sect, but it also gives some ways to those small sects. There are at least tens of thousands of small fix true sects in this evil Extremist Sect governance star field.
And this evil polar star is the root of evil polar clan. There are 100 living planets here, which have more than one billion evil polar brothers scattered in the 72 outer planets of these 100 living planets. Thirty-six planets have been transformed into a natural plough-and-earth array, and once they are combined, they will be the first large array of plough-and-earth array in the fix-true world! Even if the celestial respect for all laws is broken, it is the real birthplace of evil polar Sect in this layer of encirclement. Of course, the evil polar Sect is called the holy polar star!
More than 9,700 years ago, Master Ye Guchen was born in this evil star, the ancestor Xiang Yu.
On weekdays, this array of the highest day of the earth operates by itself on the periphery, and there is an entrance, that is, in this central place, Tiankui Star now has a natural entrance to facilitate the entry and exit of evil extreme clan horses on weekdays. Of course, this entrance is very narrow, with a diameter of about 50 miles. It is in this square war of the highest day that the entrance of the highest day of the earth will be automatically closed, and the power of the array of the highest day of the earth will increase several times, but it will not consume energy on weekdays, and it will naturally operate. However, even the celestial statue will never enter it from other places.
"live! No one is allowed to enter the sacred area! Anyone who dares to intrude without permission will be killed! Please go back to the pavilion! " When Ye Guchen just came to this entrance position, a majestic sound played several scattered immortals in front of Ye Guchen. These six or seven scattered immortals were at least six robbed scattered immortals, and behind them, there were at least more than 100 scattered immortals with four robbed scattered immortals. Almost every 500 meters, there was a scattered fairy guardian, which showed how strict the defense was here.
Of course, this is not to say that there are many masters of the evil extreme Sect. It is really a special geographical position here. The evil extreme Sect has arranged the earth power here. According to the astrolabe, the entrance position of the highest day star is against one thousand. The evil extreme Sect has always arranged a large number of masters here, at least one of them is in charge of the seven-robbery scattered fairy, and dozens of six-robbery scattered immortals and hundreds of four-robbery scattered immortals have been guarding here for a long time to prevent one thousand.
Talking to Ye Guchen is a white hair with a wisp of white beard. He looks at least 60 years old. At this time, he looks gloomy and looks at Ye Guchen’s meticulous strength. He can see that Ye Guchen’s strength is about five times that of scattered fairy, but evil spirits will not go out on weekdays. Once they go out, they will register in other branches. Without scattered fairy, they will come to this altar in Du Jie. Most of the things that come here are repaired in Du Jie, and there are very few big achievements. Of course, there are not many scattered fairy streams. Root is impossible to appear here, so he spoke with a hint of threat and murderous look, because he felt that the other party was not an evil clan. Since it was not a clan, he just broke into this evil clan, and it was already very good that he didn’t kill immediately.
Ye guchen also knows the rules of the evil extreme Sect. Many Ye guchen don’t know all the rules, and no one dares to teach this little ancestor the rules. His old man’s identity can be done in this evil extreme Sect, and where should he obey the rules? No one has taught Ye Guchen the rules of the unified evil extreme sect in detail, but this Xiang Yu Star Chart has some introductions, so Ye Guchen can know that the other party will have such a reaction. After all, it is normal for him to rashly come to the other party and have never seen it or registered to go out to scatter immortals. People will naturally come to make trouble or do other things.
"My name is Ye Guchen, and I’m from Tenglongxing, and I also belong to the Evil Sect. I wonder if you know me?" Leaf solitary noncommittally smile immediately said.
This voice is not loud, but listening to those scattered fairy masters in the second middle school around you is like thunder. You look at me one by one. I look at you with a face of disbelief. Looking at the name Ye Guchen in front of you, it is too loud in the evil world, especially in their general altar. Everyone knows it because Ye Guchen is their evil little ancestor! When you are ashamed of evil, you are the highest-ranking person. Even today, the bodhi old zu is also the nephew. When you see Ye Guchen, you should respectfully call him the little ancestor name. Naturally, they have heard of it!
However, they will not easily believe in Ye Guchen’s identity with a word. It is impossible for them to practice this step. Which one is not talented? Congbi and thoughtful generation? How can you believe Ye Guchen just because of his words? What’s more, Ye Guchen got some different news from them.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Mundus treasure house (a)
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Mundus treasure house (a)
"Little fathers? Ye guchen? " After listening to Ye Guchen’s self-declaration, the people around him couldn’t help but jump for a moment. Then Ye Guchen looked at the name of the six robbers and scattered immortals in the central position and said noncommittally, "Can the pavilion have a certificate?"