In order to legalize Ruo’s inheritance, the first thing is to call some important people in Riyuetang to recognize Ruo’s identity after seeing Ruo’s corpse.
The wind blows quickly, and when he sits in the balcony and serves tea, many people come in outside the hall one after another.
There are several stewards in Yueju, and if they know the big boss, the big shopkeeper has visited Jeju almost all the time a while ago, but more of them are dressed in black, with a cold face and fine features. A good face looks like a stranger in a mask.
Even if you think about it with your toes, you can guess that these should be killer leaders or people who train killers.
If everyone saw the situation in the chamber of secrets, everyone checked it again, but no one said anything. In the silence, the sharp lights in their eyes pierced the silent night.
Song Feng told the story before and after in a low voice, and his eyes were fixed on it. If the master left, he gave the moon, the moon and Baoyu to the public.
If you raise your hand very well, the beautiful jade with the same brightness as the sun and the moon will shine in people’s eyes, like a pig being dragged on the chopping block and surrounded by a lot of butchers to study where to knife.
Dozens of gloomy eyes are spinning around if you look like you want your eyes to strip if you are naked.
If the scalp is numb, I can’t wait to throw that inexplicable jade and leave.
His mother Riyuetang made trouble and killed him. Why did he drag him into this terrible situation inexplicably?
Song Feng’s eyes scanned the crowd and he said, Master, let the sun, the moon and the treasure jade be made public. I saw Master Xu with my own eyes to prove it.
If you can clearly see that those people who are as stiff as wood have a slight vibration
Xu Haozhuo’s identity witness really can’t ignore the situation and let loose the wind’s testimony.
Although Song Feng is an attendant, it is difficult to doubt that the people around the emperor are as good as the official level even if they are not in the palace.
If you look at two rows of people with stiff heads and everyone still stares at him coldly, at this time, people have already turned their heads and stopped looking at each other, but there is still no population and no one moves.
If I almost sympathize with them, I will follow Ruoli hard for a generation, and a whispers will be their leader for no reason. But at this time, no one will be reconciled to the witness who is the first to disagree, and will not be planted after being ignorant. If you leave your wishes, you will not be able to survive.
What are you doing? Don’t you know any manners in front of the new owner?
The feminine voice was awe-inspiring and immediately caused some little confusion in the silent crowd.
Xiaoyinger quickly entered the hall without looking around. If she knelt down and told the owner that Lu Daren’s help had calmed down the commotion in the front yard, a total of 467 people took silver, and 93,420 people left. Lu Daren sent officers and soldiers to monitor the city, but if he didn’t leave, his whereabouts could not escape. One hundred and twenty-three people hesitated to leave, saying that they must meet the new owner and give them a satisfactory one. However, I have made Lu Daren strengthen all defenses in the front yard and expect to increase troops. In this case, it is also impossible to do anything wrong. Now, there is more
If it is rare for former emperors to be so polite and respectful in return, fortunately, when he was emperor, he also practiced a little bit of prestige, sat in the first place and nodded with a posture, just picking his eyebrows.
Thanks to Zhao Yi’s cleverness, he took the surplus silver ticket from Xiao Ying’s hand in the first three steps and walked back to Ruo’s side, also making a pair of respectful hands and handing it to him.
I wish you had helped me if you shook your hand carelessly.
This large amount of silver ticket, with one delivery and one delivery, plus Xiao Ying’s extraordinary respect, has put strong pressure on senior figures in Riyuetang.
This Liu Daojing strolled in slowly with his beard twisted, but you came to meet the new owner. Just now, when Mr. Wang was dying, he entrusted Sun Moon Baoyu to the public and saw the public with his own eyes. Presumably, the Sun Moon Hall will not be a problem.
He said this lightly, but it is suspected that he is an official in a powerful place. If he is insured.
The hall was dead silent.
Song Feng’s eyebrows are slightly scratched, and his backhand is drawn. The sound of long scabbard vibrates waves in the center of everyone’s ear in silence.
Song Feng’s eyes are sharp before his sword, so the master’s spirit is still here, and he hasn’t visited the new master yet.
Xiaoying’s eyes are full of water, but the cold knife sweeps across everyone’s face. Whoever dares to violate the idea is not a cousin of the sun and the moon, just go.
As soon as she turned around, she didn’t look at the others. If she deeply worshipped the Sun Moon Hall, the nightingale visited her master.
At the same time, the pine wind bowed down to the Sun Moon Hall, and the five winds and the pine wind visited the master.
If others come, they will follow Xiaoying’s son, and they will also guard the heart building. The pine wind genus will also bow down to Ruo together.
Meet the host
Then, one by one, two by three, people gradually bowed down and the sound changed from chaos to unity.
Meet the host
If this formula is completed, the new owner of Riyuetang will take over and hold all the wealth forces.
The fact is that he is the most absent-minded person who has affected the Jianghu pattern. At most, he just sits in a chair with a straight face
Others are desperate to support him, and he is not. Others secretly don’t care about him and he doesn’t care.
Sun Moon Hall belongs to one by one, kneeling down and reporting the job names one by one. He tried hard to remember a few, and finally he felt too hard and simply nodded.
He doesn’t care whether the big shots in the Sun Moon Hall are called Zhang San or Li Si, and whether it is hundreds of thousands of businesses or dozens of killers.
I wanted to fight for the influence of Riyuetang, but somehow I became a witness who pushed him to such a high position. Xu Haozhuo felt in distress at this farce, but it was tolerable.
And the fifth month of the month has long been broken, and it is a little flustered to see the change of owners of the Sun Moon Hall because there are no elders present.
Xiao Yuan has been looking on coldly, and his black eyes are bottomless and cold.
If you always stare at him quietly and guess his thoughts secretly.
If you don’t sleep at night, leaving the funeral is the first requirement.
It is not accurate to announce the death of Ruoli, so that Jeju will not know it. If Ruoli dies, the new owner will not be famous enough.
If you leave your body, you can’t let him take it to autopsy, so you will come overnight. Xie Yuanliu Qingyang and other people in Jeju City, together with the top management of Riyuetang, still live in Xiuju. A bunch of people reconfirmed that if you leave your death, you will observe the chamber of secrets again and make sure that everything at the scene has been printed in everyone’s mind. This is the only way to make things happen.
If the death is announced to the public, Jeju earthquake still stays in Yueju, clamoring to see if it is separated, and so on, people in Jianghu are even more shocked and lose the reason to continue quarreling.