"No, no!" The more she shrank her head, the more afraid she was to contact him. If she hadn’t been held by Zhuo Xuanyu, she would have shrunk to the ground directly.
"Why not? I know you like me all the time." He kissed her and murmured, "We can be the happiest couple …"
"no!" Her head suddenly cleared up. "Bastard, I don’t like you. How can I like my enemy? Didn’t you forget about it ten years ago? " She struggled with tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes and seeping into his chest shirt. Zhuo Xuanyu sighed, "I still can’t. Well, no, no,no." He said that his head was low and he emerged from her hands. Then he moved Yu Yat Sen from his legs to the sofa and untied the tie that tied her hands.
His thumb wiped her face with tears and he looked sorry. "It’s a romantic night to come here, but you have to cry when you sayno."
"…" Yu yat sen villa can’t cry if she wants to. She was scared to death just now. I didn’t expect Zhuo Xuanyu to let her go easily. It’s really confusing.
"You want to be beautiful. It’s not easy for you to look for a woman." Yu Yat sen villa turned a supercilious look at him and his face looked ugly with tears.
"Oh no, I forgot to settle accounts with you! You have long known about the cloud, but you just didn’t tell me. "Zhuo Xuanyu caught Yu Yat Sen’s hand again, and I don’t know whether to be angry or laugh." Things can’t be done before. Since you don’t want to spend a good night, let’s get down to business. "
ZhuoXuanYu picked up another cup and poured it to Yu Yat sen villa.
Yu yat sen villa this night a heart suddenly has been ZhuoXuanYu confused "business? What’s your business? "
"Of course, you asked me what I could do to help you." Zhuo Xuanyu touched the glass in Yu Yat Sen’s hand with a glass and drank the wine in one breath.
Answered it? Yu yat sen villa is more confused. When did he answer? Why doesn’t she remember?
"Now let’s say that if you don’t pick it up, you should collect further evidence or start with Feng Renjie, or start with Wan Nian or continue to look for clues at Zhuo’s house. You always have a direction. What are your plans?" Just now, Zhuo Xuanyu, who was lazy, dissolute, serious and cold, came back as if everything was just an illusion. Has this radish never been drunk from beginning to end? What about his abnormal behavior just now?
"… of course I have plans. What should I tell you?" Can’t lose momentum Yu yat sen villa immediately refute Zhuo Xuanyu.
Zhuo Xuanyu looked at her quietly, and her deep eyes seemed to know everything, which made Yu Yat sen villa a little uneasy. "I’m not that stupid if you want to get information from me."
"What are you going to start from that in ten thousand? But yat sen villa is not a good point. In your opinion, there is a direct connection between Wan Jia and Zhuo Jia and Yu Jia. You also have helpers in the United States. It seems logical to start with Wan Jia, but … "Zhuo Xuanyu paused for a look at Yu Yat sen villa.
Yu yat sen villa sipped her lips and held a glass tightly in her hand, but her heart was lifted by Zhuo Xuanyu’s words. "But what?" Yes, she did plan to start with wanjia.
"But in ten thousand years, not only is an old fox more terrible, but he is cold-blooded. It is almost impossible for you to break through from him, and it is not convenient for you to investigate things in China and the United States." Zhuo Xuanyu continued to see that she had a reaction
"I can go directly to the United States to investigate." Yu yat sen villa or wanjia is not an obstacle in the United States.
"Are you? How much do you think you can find by relying on Joe Brownie’s investigation ten years ago? At one time, wanjiahao was on guard against the fact that this time they wouldn’t show their flaws again. "Zhuo Xuanyu mercilessly pointed out the problem." It is not feasible to conduct an in-depth investigation in the United States from the perspective of the 10,000-year law. I suggest you start with Feng Renjie. "
"… Ren-jie feng? You’re funny. Isn’t he heartless? The Feng family is also in City A. How can I investigate if I don’t have a credible person in City A? " Yu yat sen villa didn’t agree with Zhuo Xuanyu’s suggestion.
"Feng Renjie is a bad hand. You can get Thaksin from Feng Shaojie. It is very simple for you to get Thaksin. After all, you and he have been friends since childhood. His girlfriend is now in S city. Because this woman’s identity is very general, Feng Shaojie has been secretly interacting with her. This woman has been pregnant for more than nine months, and the horse was born. I believe you can handle the things behind her and Feng Shaojie’s letter." Zhuo Xuanyu said in one breath, the more she listened to, the more dignified she looked.
"You want me to be Li Feng Shaojie?" What kind of person is Feng Shaojie? Yu Yat-sen also knows very well that Feng Shaojie, a simple and kind brother, is a wonderful work in the deep house giants.
"So what? Feng Renjie did what he did ten years ago. Feng Shaojie is very suitable to make up for it now. "Zhuo Xuanyu doesn’t think there is a problem at all.
"It seems reasonable that you helped me again this time to help Zhuo Qing make up for it?" Yu yat sen villa will look at ZhuoXuanYu temper.
He smiled at her eyes. "It’s much better to say yes than to say I calculated you." Yes, he was making up for her, but Zhuo Xuanyu would never make up for a person for a reason, let alone make up for someone else’s fault. He did it because of her.
Yu yat sen villa frowning, she seems to be Bai Zhuo Xuan Yu, and everything seems to be completely unpredictable. If all this is really because he loves her, what does he never say? Is it really to make amends?
"If you don’t worry about Feng Shaojie, you will be willing to help you if you know the truth. He is a bad guy." Zhuo Xuanyu Yu Yat Sen didn’t have the heart to say two more words.
"You really know him. With this sentence, I don’t think Feng Shaojie is your opponent. Soft-hearted people in shopping malls always lose." Yu Yat sen villa drank the wine in his hand with a wry smile, which made her feel a little calmer.
"Maybe," Zhuo Xuanyu filled the two men with wine again. "Are we done talking about business tonight?"
"I didn’t expect you to tell me this. You always make me accidentally spend radish. No matter what your Zhuo family does to our Yu family, now I always say thank you." Yu Yat Sen raised his glass with a smile and touched Zhuo Xuanyu’s cup.
"thank you? Why don’t we be practical and continue what we just did? " Zhuo Xuanyu became raspy again, and the changes quickly made Yu yat sen villa staggering.
"Fuck you, don’t help me a few times, and I’ll have a grudge against you. We want a divorce, and you don’t want to change it." Yu Yat sen villa finally thought of an important thing.
Zhuo Xuanyu’s face immediately sank to his hand, and the cup slammed on the table. "I said I wouldn’t divorce."
"Whatever you decide, I won’t drink less. I’m going to sleep." Yu Yat Sen got up after drinking the second glass of wine and went straight downstairs. She knew that she could no longer be alone with Zhuo Xuanyu. This atmosphere always reminded her of him, so that she would unconsciously sink, and it would take so much effort for her to say a harsh word to him!
Zhuo Xuanyu looked at her back and disappeared at the end of the stairs. Looking back at the coffee table, there were still a few bottles of beer left. I secretly thought about drinking white wine. I was drunk and simply wanted to stop halfway because I was rational and sober!
Chapter seventy-five Husband backed up
Two days later.
Before Zhuo Xuanyu figured out how to deal with Yun Panpan and Zhuo Qing Zhuo Qing, he made a big move. Zhuo Qing and Lu Meiyu called a press conference without knowing anything about Zhuo Xuanyu. It was revealed that Yu Yat-sen was not filial to her in-laws and was not gentle and virtuous to her husband. This marriage officially broke down!
Soon he saw this press conference in the company’s class Zhuo Xuanyu. He almost threw his ipad to the ground with a black face.
"boss, are you going to divorce Miss Yu?" Xue Qiaoxin knew at a glance that the situation was wrong. boss looked like he was caught in a love honeypot. How could he be willing to divorce Yu Yat Sen?
"I didn’t know anything about this conference. It seems that I forced Yun Panpan to get married. They really can do anything." Zhuo Xuanyu threw the ipad into the sofa and hammered a table. Bang, Xue Qiaoxin couldn’t help it. The table was painful.
"Zhuo Shao seems that you can’t get rid of the strange circle of being forced to get married and be forced to divorce in this life." Gong Jintian walked in cheerfully and he just saw the press conference and climbed here to watch the fun.
"Palace always you don’t make fun of the boss, his heart is hard enough, now the most important thing is how to solve? Now the old president has announced that the boss marriage has broken down. What should we do? " Or does Xue Qiaoxin have a conscience and really consider Zhuo Xuanyu’s interests?
"What can I do? Now, no matter what we do, we are planning to divorce Yu yat sen villa and marry Yun Panpan, then we will be more at the mercy of the man behind us, "Gong Jintian said with a smile."
"Then don’t divorce! Since we already know the true face of Yun Panpan, how can boss still marry her? " Xue Qiaoxin plays high notes.
"Don’t divorce? If you don’t divorce, it’s not that you hit the old president’s face, so Zhuo Shao will have a real conflict with the old president and the man behind him will probably do something more difficult to control. "Gong Jintian sneers.
"The man behind him, what would he do? Expose everything ten years ago? " Xue Qiaoxin always feels that there is a kind of disaster, and it seems that no matter how you choose, it is not a good way.
"Let him expose the secret has been hidden for too long, the man will we play with applause is not by the secret ten years ago? I hate being threatened most by Zhuo Xuanyu. "Zhuo Xuanyu has made a decision and the whole person has become relaxed. Yes, let this secret be made public and everything will be decided by himself.
"If the secret exposure ten years ago, then the company? What should the company do? " This is what Xue Qiaoxin is most worried about.
Section 32
"Chase will be hit hard, but it won’t die. Even if it is so little, I will take the initiative." Zhuo Xuanyu turned and looked at the city scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling window, confident.
"It’s not a shame that Zhuo Shao is in a passive position. I hate that person, too. We will be threatened and do what he says. We just have to surprise him!" Gong Jintian clapped his hands and applauded him. Since you can’t hide it, it’s better to face it!
"… then what can I do?" Both boss said so, and Xue Qiaoxin felt that it was good to be obedient.
"Ma Zhao Media Conference Zhuo Shao wants to announce that he will never divorce!"
S central hospital
Several pregnant women in the ward are watching the live broadcast with their eyes wide open.
Pregnant woman Ahua was the first one who couldn’t help it. "What happened to the Olympics? Calling a press conference to speak ill of Dr. Yu? Dr. Yu is so good, how can he not be filial? Isn’t this a contradiction? While saying that yat sen villa never went back to Zhuo’s house, she also said that she was rude to her elders. Since she never went home, how could she be rude? "
Pregnant woman Xiaoyu nodded fiercely. "Dr. Yu, although we support your divorce, it’s too bullying for Zhuo’s family to take this way. These two guys are old and disrespectful. If you have something to say, the family has to say it in public, but it doesn’t count. Call the media to say it!"
"That’s it! Dr. Yu, don’t hesitate to divorce and resolutely divorce! " Xuan is out, too
And Yu yat sen villa looked calm. She didn’t worry about it. She examined several pregnant women as if she were not affected by the live broadcast. She didn’t hear the impassioned words of several pregnant women. The whole person was too calm.
Xiaofang is a little worried. "Doctor Yu, are you okay? Don’t hold it in your heart. There’s something else. You can cry if we want. "Xiaofang behaved badly when Yu Yat sen villa suffered too much pain.
"…" Yu Yat Sen gave pregnant woman Jen a neat check, packed up her tools and got up and glanced at Xiaofang. "I’m fine. I’m just being scolded for being unfilial and there’s no small piece of meat. Don’t worry."
Jen one leng, she didn’t expect Yu yat sen villa to be so open-minded. "Doctor Yu, are you really all right? But Zhuo Qing couple say so in front of such multimedia. Now everyone will think that you are not good. This is a slander to you. "For Xiao Sun, who has been with Yu Yat Sen, Yu Yat Sen is a gentle and friendly person. It is impossible to be as bad as Zhuo Qing couple said.
"I believe that most people still have their own judgments. They can’t be whatever they say, can they?" Yu Yat sen villa asked Xiaofang to record all the inspections just now. Looking at the three pregnant women with a face that was not surprised, she couldn’t help but snow. "You are really enough. The baby horse is about to be born. You are all worried about other things."
"Children have more than doctors to worry about, so we are very relieved that now our heart is more than doctors …" Ahua hasn’t finished talking, but she shouted, "Change the channel quickly. My friend sent a message saying that Zhuo Xuanyu also called the media conference and the horse will be broadcast live!"
"What? What! What people in this family are so black-hearted that their in-laws have just blamed their daughter-in-law. Are you going to announce a divorce here? Too much! " Small fish is also angry.
"Xiaofang looked at it." Yu Yat Sen glanced at the pregnant woman who was rioting. Why is she so warm-hearted and grumpy every time she is in charge of pregnant women? It’s not good for children.
"ah? No, Dr. Yu, we have to watch the live broadcast! " Ahua turns pale. "Look at it. It’s really Zhuo Xuanyu. Where’s your husband!"
Yu yat sen villa didn’t go to see a doctor at all. It should be said that she couldn’t ask for a divorce. Why is her heart cold and her nose sour? She knew that she couldn’t believe a word of Hua radish, and she said that she would never divorce that night, so she suddenly compromised with her parents, right? She knew it!