In order to defend the isolated city, hundreds of thousands of armed blood-killing regiments soldiers have retreated all the way and plundered several towns, where civilians don’t even know whether they can live to the sky, let alone the word devil.
That is, in the face of you bastards who know the benefits but don’t know the evil, my master is still unwilling to kill them all. Among the four gates of the capital, we let the citizens leave the east gate, but you still stay here. Who is it that won’t let you leave, the Dragon Army, the Bloody Corps or yourself?
I, the commander-in-chief of Tianlong Army, Prince Longfei Jieluo, told the fourth army commander to laugh. Luo Cha will tell you today that in my eyes, you are not civilians at all. You are willing to be killed by the bloody group, and you want to watch the soldiers of Tianlong Army defeat the enemy wholeheartedly. Every soldier of Tianlong Army will be wiped out.
Word by word, I laughed. Luo Cha suddenly pulled out his waist and silver teeth, and his sword flashed like a flash. He flew to a distance of about 100 meters from the wall and wielded a strong firm but gentle shock wave. Suddenly, several civilians were cut into two parts.
Laugh before the blood-killing regiment soldiers react. Luo Cha once again returns to his camp and suddenly shouts at the soldiers on the ground. The soldiers of Tianlong Army all listen. You are willing to look at your comrades, but you still have to defend the enemy. Then you can choose to throw away your weapons and roll the Tianlong Army camp. You still regard yourself as a glorious Tianlong Army soldier. Then light the fuse in your hand and let the artillery fire answer instead of you. The target city launches.
Humans are so strange. When most people are confused, they need a sound to make them feel that the direction of progress is right. Then everyone will follow this sound and feel that they are walking. At this moment, laughing at Luo Cha’s words is this sound, which immediately makes the soldiers in Tianlong Army sweep away their confusion and find a way to fight again.
Looking at the three armies shooting magic stone shells at the same time, Shearer smiled with relief and said to the dragonfly, Master, your eyes are right. The general has become able to take charge of himself. It seems that he should be given greater responsibility in the future.
Hehe, Luo Cha rarely said such a thing. His words made my heart feel calm. Hey, hey, that little guy really speaks like thunder so that the troops can hear it and there is less trouble for other legions. Dragonfly smiled and nodded at Shearer and responded.
Laughing, Luo Cha inspired hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Tianlong Army to storm the capital of Funandos again, but perhaps the shadow of civilian casualties has not dissipated. In today’s battle, the soldiers consciously adjusted the attack direction of the magic stone cannon and ejected more magic stone into the blood-killing regiment. Even the most elite dragon knights are no exception.
This day, after the battle, the dragonfly also called the Tianlong Army senior generals’ war meeting, but this time, he attended the four major generals, the dragonfly shearer evergreen.
You can reduce the attack of the magic stone cannon from the day on, depending on the situation, only about one-third of the ammunition is needed today. So far, our tactical arrangement has been very smooth, and the generals have really worked hard, Hiller said
Listen to Shearer’s words. Not only were the four army chiefs surprised, but even the dragonfly was surprised to see the dragonfly wondering. What on earth are you thinking? Didn’t you say that the shelling of the magic stone weakened the consciousness of resisting the blood killing group? Now it’s two days. Isn’t it meaningless to give up like this? Although we don’t have much magic stone bombs, Purple Moon will be able to ship a new batch of magic stone cannons the day after tomorrow. Let’s take a day off. What should we reduce it to one third? Dragonfly words represent the general’s doubts, but Shearer is smiling and silent.
After a long time, Shiller smiled and said, Master, you should know that the evil wolves are trapped in the blood-killing regiment. They can’t surrender unless we kill their department. Although it is a powerful weapon, it is difficult to destroy every blood-killing regiment soldier, so it is even harder to kill the sky. Therefore, how can we bombard the elite blood-killing regiment soldiers with the blood-killing regiment soldiers and lead them to the death?
However, the bombardment has been achieved in the past few days, and I hope that the building foundation in Nandos City has been destroyed. The blood-killing regiment has hoarded food and grass for about 300,000 troops for about three years, but after these two days of bombardment, half of the food has been reduced to ashes, and nearly one million civilians have lost their food sources. They have to rely on blood to kill the regiment’s military food, so that the food and grass in the city can be aided for about four months at most.
And today I have ordered Evergreen to scout each other’s granaries. I believe Evergreen must have found some.
Day, we will rely on the advantage of the dragon to bombard the granary building with heavy-duty magic stone bullets and paralyze the facilities.
However, it’s a clever plan. Military food won’t work, and people will eat more food. If we can destroy each other’s food in a week or two, even if we kill millions of elite soldiers, we will be hungry. Fighting with civilian troops for food will inevitably lead to boiling public resentment. At that time, we will attack the city again and believe that we will soon be able to take the capital Carlo Road.
Ah, but it’s a good diabolical plan. It seems that military advisers are afraid of it. Oh, laugh. Luo Cha’s exaggerated expression immediately attracted a burst of laughter from everyone
Hehe, Shearer, did you decide this way long ago? Dragonfly smiled at Shearer and said.
My Lord’s atonement has never said that it is because I am worried that my Lord will oppose it, and secondly because I want civilians to know that it may be unnecessary to rebound now. However, if we change our plans after the war, I believe that few people can see the mystery, and reducing the shelling of the magic stone after today’s incident will make our soldiers think that it is because my Lord cares about the life and death of the people that we make a decision. This is simply the best time for us.
But when Tian Changqing bombed the warehouse, he must pay attention to the fact that he can’t bomb it alone. He has to pretend to blow up the sample in the chaos, otherwise the bloody killing group will boost the morale of the food shortage in the city. Oh, shearer squinted at Changqing and said meaningfully.
Although Shearer’s plan is perfect, when he went to the blood killing regiment to take the burnt corpse today, everyone still couldn’t help but laugh for a long time before Luo Cha sighed and said, alas, those civilians are really poor. Who wants to leave their land when one’s fortune is dead?
No way, this is the war. In the war, it is not the defeated warlords but the koo people who really suffer the most, but they are afraid of these casualties. If they don’t cut off the cancer of history, more civilians will die in this cancer. Shearer has to say when he sees that everyone’s morale is lower.
In fact, I really admire you, counselor. It seems that you can put everything very lightly. I wish I could be like you. Luo Cha looked up at Shearer and said.
Listening to Luo Cha’s words, there was a strange light in Shearer’s eyes, and it took a long time to mumble that there was no way. Who called me a strategist? Just like you inspired the soldiers’ confidence and words and deeds today, I must practice my master’s sexual warrior, but I can’t. An unbeaten army needs a cold strategist to play the bad COP.
Listening to Shearer’s words and laughing, Luo Cha Shen Yin said slowly for a long time that the strategist was sorry for me.
Nothing. That’s what I’m here for. Don’t offend me after remembering you, or hey hey.
Shearer saw that everyone seemed to be depressed and hurried to make a joke to hide it in the laughter. Everyone seemed to know more about Shearer’s belief in Thaksin, and everyone had the same idea in the past. Would Shearer really be unbeaten in the Dragon Army now? No one could answer this question, but one thing they could be sure of was that the Dragon Army must not be short of Shearer.
On the third day, the fighting was different from the previous two days, so fierce and evergreen led the Dragon Knights to accidentally crush the granary with three blood-killing regiments, and the other three armies also cooperated very well. Just like in the past, they bombarded the collapsed granary with a burst of bombardment. Even if they can dig soil, I am afraid they can find a pile of charred hay.
After three days’ baptism by the magic stone cannon, the bloody killing regiment still maintained a strong force and didn’t really lose anything, but the threat has gradually emerged.
In the face of decreasing granaries, the world is finally white. There are not so many coincidences. All this is because Tianlong Army fought consciously to avoid granaries being attacked by Tianlong Army. It decided not to open new granaries for the time being, but to eat up the most rigorous methods to protect food. Although this practice is true, Tianlong Army rarely directly hit granaries in subsequent attacks, but it also made food rationing a bigger problem.
Even the blood-killing regiment soldiers can get about one-half of the food at ordinary times, while those civilians are about one-fifth of the food. Now the shadow of hunger is gradually spreading in the city. Although the sky wants to reduce these civilians who know how to eat, he will drive them out of the city in vain. On that day, Long Jun will be more brazen in bombing the capital.
The question of whether he can hold the city has been in his mind for many times, and his only hope now is that Duan Qing can help him when he arrives with the reinforcements in red. But is it really what he wants? Maybe everything has gone up in smoke when the sun rises.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Wei Cheng trapped beast
The Heavenly Sect asked the Red Sect for help. The military section is trapped in the Red Sect headquarters at the moment.
Considering the value of the blood-killing regiment, the leader in red really wanted to send puppet soldiers to help the blood-killing regiment tide over the difficulties, but when they confirmed that the blood-killing regiment was in a current situation, the leader in red changed his mind after the fact that the dragon army had controlled the province of Funandos.
Because of the unknown, the leader in red told him that it was not enough to mobilize troops on the one hand, and secretly sent a delegation to the Dragon Alliance in the hope of reaching some kind of agreement. It is in this environment that I hope to see the reinforcements in red, but it will not happen now.
The siege of Funandos, the capital of the province, went on until the fifteenth day, when the Flying Dragon Knights kept bombing the Ministry, causing rebellion. The blood killing group stopped responding to the civilians two days ago, and the waves of resistance among the civilians suddenly rose, but they also found a better chance to get rid of the blood killing group control.