Seeing the girls, they all accepted their lives, and the shining golden warrior flatly said with a wave of his hand, what are you doing to take them?
Hear shining golden warrior ordered more than 20 warriors to move again. At this time, Ye Tian once again exploded and drank. Wait.
See leaf day barrage stop shining golden warrior finally angry frowning shining golden warrior nu way what are you going to do, are you going to hinder our law enforcement?
Sitting quietly in the chair, Ye Tian said faintly, we are having dinner now. I hope you will not disturb the hospital affairs casually. We will go back after dinner.
When I heard Ye Tiandi’s words, the shining golden warrior glanced at Ye Tian with disdain. What can you do with it? It’s a billion. You’re not going to take the opportunity to escape, are you?
Frowning, Ye Tianshen said, it’s our business to run away or not. Now we’re still college students and we haven’t run away, so you won’t be able to catch us before it’s over.
Laughing at a golden knight disdains saying goodbye. I play this game. I know their situation better than you. I can tell you that they are destined to be sold into slavery. No one can change this fact.
Hearing the words of the shining golden warrior, all the girls turned pale. Everyone knows that what the shining golden warrior said is true. Before long, they will all become the most humble slaves. No one can change this. Facing the group of grim-faced girls who despise the shining golden warrior, Ye Tian took it easy and picked up the glass and said with a smile, I said that now we are still college students. You didn’t help us to be fined. We didn’t sayno. What’s your hurry?
Surprised to see Ye Tianjin’s golden warrior, haha laughed and said, "You are still a little young to play this game in front of me. Even if you really have so much money, are you willing to pay a billion? They are not worth a billion."
Smiled Ye Tian took out an amethyst card and smiled. Is it worth it? I’ll judge if you want me to take care of it. I also bought them today. Ye Tian took out an amethyst pen and quickly filled it out on the card.
Hearing Ye Tianjin’s conversation with the Golden Clan Warriors, all the girls were silly. How did this get around? How did it become a business? The most acceptable thing for them was that they were barter.
Ye Tian was unlucky enough to be trapped by the words of the shining golden warrior, but he didn’t realize that the shining golden warrior said that these girls weren’t worth so much money. That Ye Tianran wanted to refute and said that these girls were worth so much money. Finally, he said that he would buy their words.
In fact, Ye Tian didn’t buy it, which means that the conversation was just casually said. He didn’t realize that once he really said so and the girls didn’t object, the deal would really be reached and the girls would be bought by him.
I watched in horror as Ye Tian pulled at the amethyst card and then threw it at the shining golden warrior girl. They never thought that they would be sold so easily.
Everyone wants to resist, but what if they resist? They are sold to the slave trade and not bought by Ye Tian. On the theory that Ye Tian still understands that even if the knot is bad, it is not worse than selling to the slave trade. At least they are not slaves.
Startled, I took the amethyst card thrown by Ye Tian, and the warrior’s face was full of horror. This amethyst card is designed for the super-rich and similar to the earth ticket. This is not something that ordinary people can hold without a hundred billion assets.
Ye Tian couldn’t help laughing at the horrified expression of shining golden warrior. In fact, although Ye Tian’s total assets absolutely exceeded this number, they were all hidden in the dark and didn’t qualify for this amethyst card. This was all accounted for by Bishop Jason. He only guaranteed Ye Tiancai this qualification.
Looking at the shining golden warrior’s horror expression, Ye Tianxin was greatly happy. I didn’t expect how inappropriate the conversation was just now, not to mention that he had bought all these girls and they hadn’t objected.
What does this mean? Yes, according to the rules of this world, Ye Tian will ravage these girls no matter how from now on, and no one will say that he raped them. This is Ye Tian’s private property, which he spent billions to buy. Even if they are allowed to be prostitutes, they will not be able to talk.
Smiling at the shining golden warrior Ye Tian, he waved and said, OK, OK, it’s over. Please leave quickly. We have to eat.
Er, a slight one leng shining golden warrior respectfully gave Ye Tianyi a gift, and then quietly took his hand away from the amethyst card holder, which is not something he can provoke unless he is tired of living, otherwise it is better to be polite.
As the samurai left the room, it was quiet, and no one spoke. The girls all bowed their heads and looked like six gods.
Among them, Lenny was the one who touched the most. Just now, she was bent on pursuing true love, but after a few minutes, she lost her personal reasons. Now Lenny deeply realized that simple happiness is not so easy to get.
Looking at the strange expression of everyone, Ye Tian couldn’t help wondering. Gently put the glass on Ye Tian and wondered, Hey, what’s wrong with you? It’s over. Everyone should be happy.
Facing Ye Tian’s words, the girls all smiled bitterly. Yes, it’s over, but they just got out of the jaws of death and fell into Ye Tian’s den. The future is unpredictable. What can they be in a good mood? I’m really upset. What bothers the girls most is how Ye Tian will arrange it. You know Ye Tian Haidi raped her just after meeting her for a few days. Imagine that Ye Tian has bought them now. Are they all right? Maybe tonight, their virginity, which has been treasured for so many years, will be destroyed by him.
They can refuse, but they can’t refuse to refuse. Then they shouldn’t have been silent just now. Since they didn’t object just now, it is to admit that Ye Tian is not good for their geographical position. They can endure what Ye Tian wants to do except endure.
The other girls are fine. The biggest contrast is that Lenny is more proud than believing that she is the most uncomfortable in the face of what has happened.
However, when the fact has been formed, Lenny suddenly found that even if Ye Tian did something to her, she would not be too resistant. On the contrary, she vaguely expected something.
Staring blankly at the tableware in front of her, Lenny was completely confused. Isn’t she always looking for true love? What’s the face of the present situation, but she doesn’t dislike it and looks forward to it a little bit?
Seeing the girls all fell silent. Ye Tian puzzled and scratched his head to the point. It’s no wonder that although he just said what he said, it’s impossible to remember that no matter how much he thought, he wouldn’t forget why these girls would be so embarrassed. Ye Tiannai said, well, I can’t help it if you’re not happy, but what are you going to do next?
Here comes the girl who heard Ye Tian’s words. She can’t help but feel tight in their mind. Ye Tian’s evil plan is finally exposed.
Seeing the girl with a nervous face but no one willing to talk, Ye Tian finally turned to Heidi and said, What’s the matter with you? It’s over. Why are you still unhappy, Heidi? Tell me about your plans.
Bitter looking at Ye Tianhai Tinai, what else can we do? Do you want us to do what we want? Do we still refuse to benefit?
Well, I don’t understand why Heidi Ye Tian didn’t refuse Leigh. What are you talking about? I’m not so overbearing, am I?
Oh, the girl couldn’t help but light up her eyes when she heard Ye Tiandi’s words. It seems that Ye Tian is not a dictatorial and overbearing person although she bought them. Maybe they won’t be too sad in his hands.