Soon the woman came over and put the cup in front of Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man. She was gentle and decent in Qi Shaochen’s cup, but she put it heavily in Cheng Man’s cup.
Perhaps this is the direct nature of women who can’t see each other better than themselves!
Cheng Man doesn’t care if he winks at Qi Shaochen and signals him to have a good look at this woman’s figure, while the latter also sweeps the woman from beginning to end according to her instructions.
The woman who received Qi Shaochen’s sight snorted softly and Cheng Man’s fingers froze. Damn it, Qi Shaochen really looked at her in front. She was just a joke!
"You can go to the side. We can just wait here ourselves," Cheng Man said coldly, but the woman was not going to move Cheng Man’s cold eyes. "Don’t you understand me?"
The woman was so frightened by Cheng Man that she stood upright, turned around and walked, muttering, "What’s the big deal? I don’t know why I’m looking for the editor-in-chief. How dare you be so arrogant!"
All the workers looked at this woman with disdain. You know, on a normal day, this woman is even more arrogant than Cheng Man. She just shouts and gets angry. If it weren’t for the editor-in-chief, they wouldn’t have put up with it.
But people have to bow their heads in the eaves. Since they are editor-in-chief women, they naturally have to endure it as if they had been bitten by a dog. Every time, they will comfort themselves with this reason. This woman is so hateful that they have to think so!
Everyone has to make a living. The workplace is like the battlefield is full of traps and disputes. If you are not careful, you will be trapped. This is a light battlefield, and the workplace is full of smoke, just like the ancient emperors’ concubines.
Everyone is thinking about how to compete for the position!
Cheng Man stared at QiShaoChen cold hum a "you really see? Tell me what you think after reading it! "
I can hear that Cheng Man is unhappy in his heart, but Qi Shaochen bends his eyes and looks serious. "She has a really good figure …"
This word was despised. Qi Shaochen was ashamed. I didn’t expect that woman’s popularity was so bad in it.
Cheng Man looked at Qi Shaochen with a dangerous squint. "I still agree with you!"
When the war hasn’t spread, Qi Shaochen quickly said a word, "But this woman hasn’t sat next to me yet. I will go to see her if she has a good figure." Do you think I’m right? "
It’s really strange that Cheng Man will turn around and praise people when he hears this.
Qi Shaochen touched himself and took a sip of tea ceremony. "This tea bubble is not so good to drink, just like a medicine."
Putting too much tea in the water is killing me. I don’t know how this woman did such a job. Did the boss smoke all the employees in his head and feel the same way? He nodded and gave Qi Shaochen a thumbs-up sign.
They’ve been persecuted like this for a long time, and the woman can’t help drinking it. It’s simply torture. They would have resigned if they hadn’t found a job. Who likes to be so timid?
About nine o’clock, the editor-in-chief and the editor-in-chief actually arrived at the company at the same time. Both of them are about forty years old. The men are still looking at the past, but they really can’t meet the general aesthetic standards.
Especially the editor-in-chief has a beer belly.
Slightly sipping his lips, etc. When the editor-in-chief’s eyes pestered Cheng Man, his eyes were simply shining. After swallowing saliva, his hands rubbed and smiled. It was flattering. "I don’t know what you want to see me about?"
Cheng Man lifted his eyes to see that this man should be thinking about that kind of mind, otherwise it would be ugly in any way!
It makes people look a little disgusting, so that woman just now should have some skeletons in her closet with this editor-in-chief. Otherwise, how could she say that?
I don’t think those employees will be bothered …
Qi Shaochen got up first and smiled. "You should be the editor-in-chief of this company, right?"
There is a famous brand on his chest. Who is the editor-in-chief?
Slightly pulled the lip Qi Shaochen eyes just slightly narrowed and smiled. "We have something to discuss with you. I wonder if you have it?"
"Yes, yes!" Editor-in-chief’s eyes were almost glued to Cheng Man’s body. After seeing Qi Shaochen want to hit someone for a while, he pulled his mouth and smiled gently. "I don’t know when you will have it?"
"Now!" The editor-in-chief doesn’t know how to think when he meets a beautiful woman. He just nods, "If you have anything, you can talk to me in the office."
Words fall those * * line of sight or watching Cheng Man … Disgusting line of sight!
Cheng Man was about to get angry, but because of work, he still endured following the editor-in-chief into the office, and the editor-in-chief also followed him and glanced at the staff. "Hurry up or all departments will work overtime!"
As soon as those people whine, there will be no text, and they will reach out and catch up with the manuscript, but they can’t help looking into the office. I wonder what it is that those two people came to the editor-in-chief for?
Section 36
And she’s so beautiful. wouldn’t a woman be …
Don’t dare to imagine it!
When Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen walked in, the uncle seemed to have to sit on the sofa and take out his police card and look at it. "We need to know who told you about Yu Tianyi. If you can’t answer it, it’s all right-check!"
Editor-in-chief, a look at the police scared the urine. Looking at Cheng Man’s eyes is no longer as bold as before, but rather timid. "Officer, what’s your hurry? If you have something to tell the truth, we received the anonymous letter only a few days ago, probably the day before yesterday. "
Qi Shaochen’s fingers smiled faintly. "Then please tell us the truth."
After clearing his throat, the editor-in-chief said, "We saw the letter in our express early in the morning, and that’s what happened. We came to see the mentality and didn’t expect Tianyi to be really killed. This is a big news for us …"
"Just go to the hospital?"
The editor-in-chief nodded. "That’s why?"
Qi Shaochen reached out and touched his temple and asked, "Would you please bring that letter to us? The police have something to study. Should they still be there?"
"It’s still there. We’ll put it there. I’ll have it brought over."
The editor-in-chief dialed the words outside in an instant, and it wasn’t long before the woman came in and smiled. "Editor-in-chief, this is the postcard you asked for. Did you get the news a few days ago?"
Qi Shaochen reached out and took the eye and found no information, including the mailing address, but there was a seal on the surface. When you look carefully, it was the city post office that had the seal!
The two men glanced at each other quickly and read something in each other’s eyes, that is, this letter was sent from the city!
That means the man hiding behind is in the city …
Cheng Man looked back and Qi Shaochen looked at the editor-in-chief at the same time. "You really didn’t see suspicious people when you received this letter?"
Most of this letter is written to family members, as well as the address of the hospital. The police have been involved in these things, and not ordinary people can know unless they are behind the scenes.
After careful consideration, the editor-in-chief shook his head and said, "No, I didn’t find anything unusual."
The anger became quiet and the editor-in-chief came over and said, "Actually, I found something."
"What did you find?" Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen asked at the same time with a cold eye. "If there is anything, just say that our police have to investigate the case!"
"It was about ten minutes after this letter was confirmed to have been received by us that a person sent a letter to my mailbox, which probably told us not to tell you the police about it, but now you … already know."