"Recently, a new force has emerged in the celestial world. They claim that the forces of the celestial army have expanded rapidly. Almost every celestial emperor has their celestial army. These people think that every battle is mysterious and mysterious. It is even more surprising to put the enemy and the enemy together in the array first and then win every battle." Gu Sheng asked, "Is there such a person in our territory?" Zhu Zhao shook his head. "We haven’t found it for the time being, but we got the news that they are ready to infiltrate into our territory." Gu Sheng sighed. "We are already the last piece of pure land in the celestial world. Once the war broke out, everyone was involved with some powerful fairy wares. Even a fairy soldier became a fairy, but it was even more pitiful than not becoming an immortal." Gu Sheng shook his head and said, "You can rest assured that it is not so easy for them to make a sudden advance with me and not here." Gu Sheng said. Not and Zhu Zhao have already thought about it. "We must set up checkpoints on every planet at the border, and we must never let them easily infiltrate. In addition, the dark house is always on standby. Once we find any signs, we will put them out immediately." Gusheng nodded. "We can do this for the time being. Well, we are already good. Look at the other immortals. How can they be dignified?" Not and Zhu Zhao naturally know that Gu Sheng asked, "By the way, why hasn’t the three precepts arrived yet?" "It should be these days" didn’t say "it will arrive soon. Why do you still want him to come earlier?" Zhu Zhao laughed. "I can’t wait to send someone to plot against him on the road so that he can never come." Gu Sheng smiled."You this way is not to do … just outside Chen Bingbing reported" positions! Judge that the three precepts adults have arrived outside the Emperor’s Mansion and are waiting to be summoned! " Gu Sheng took a look at the main photo and smiled. "It seems that this adult has already expected the secret of the pig’s plan to go forward so that you can’t intercept it."
Chen Bing asked, "Do you want to go out to meet him?" Gu Sheng looked at Zhu Zhao and didn’t say to them, "You two rushed out to meet him in the main hall." Zhu Zhao and Gu Sheng came to the main hall with five rooms, sitting in their own dragon chairs, and the three precepts looked like King’s Landing. Although they wanted to exert a soft policy on the three precepts, there was always some resistance in their mood. Gu Sheng himself was constantly adjusting. When the three precepts appeared in the main hall, Gu Sheng had successfully changed a pair of kindly faces and said, "There is no need to bother to bow down to the three precepts quickly." After a bow, I got up and said, "The general judge is still polite to you. Although I met you for the first time, I have long heard that your name is a pillar of the celestial world!" The Three Rings said politely, "You broke the Three Rings. In those days, you deterred all directions in the Iron Gate Prison. That’s the real root of stability. Now the Iron Gate Prison is unfortunately broken by bad people. It’s really the misfortune of the celestial world. This time, the Three Rings helped the fairy Lord to rebuild the Iron Gate Prison. Please bring a lot!"
His low-key gesture is also a lot lower than his own. With such a gesture, he immediately won the favor of many people. After all, everyone likes who is humble. Even if the village enemy Gu Sheng is everywhere, it is also a ha ha smile. "I always judge myself. This time, how can the fairy Lord be the only one who cares about you?" You can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about me if you need anything. Do you have any other requirements? " Three ring smiled and said, "thank you for your position! There are no requirements for the three precepts, "Gu Sheng asked." Why didn’t you always bring some guards this time? Come alone? " The three precepts are modest and kowtowing to Gu Sheng. "The realm is the safest place in the celestial world. What kind of guards do you need?" He didn’t say anything wrong. Just now, Gusheng was still talking to Zhu Zhao and didn’t discuss this matter. The other immortals’ territory was already a mess. Only his own territory was fairly stable. Gusheng laughed and felt a strange feeling in his heart. These three precepts were humble everywhere, and he was supposed to have nothing to complain about, but he always felt that they could not talk about anything.
Gusheng arranged a place for Sanjie to live, showing his friendliness, and specially arranged him to be in the Imperial Palace. However, because of his unbelief, Gusheng still left an eye to arrange him near the west gate of the Imperial Palace, which is euphemistically called "convenient access". In fact, if he has any restless actions, he will have to go through these guards to display his chances of success, which greatly reduces the chances of success. After thanking Sanjie, he went to Zhu Zhao with Chen Bing and waved to them without looking at Gusheng. "Asked Gu Sheng, Zhu Zhao has matured a lot since he rose, but he was not confused by the superficial phenomenon." He didn’t say when to find the address of the iron gate prison, and he didn’t seem to be in a hurry. "He didn’t recall a" it seems that he held the same thoughts as us and delayed a "Gu Sheng laughed." Isn’t that right in our arms? " Zhu Zhao speculated, "Do you think it’s because the three precepts don’t want to rebuild the iron gate prison at all? In this way, he will be able to judge that our dark house has not yet developed into the whole celestial world, and at present it is quite powerful in our own territory. If the iron gate prison cannot be rebuilt, he will be the only one who directly takes orders from the fairy Lord! " Gusheng laughed. "The pig is good. It’s getting better and better recently!" Zhu Zhao’s sexual exposure was praised by people, and his tail was cocked up. "I came here with excellent talent, good looks and excellent academic performance … Gu Sheng kicked him and asked," What’s your opinion? "
Not obviously more calm. "The three commandments are so low-key because they don’t want to be too conspicuous and arouse our disgust. On the other hand, he just wants to win our favor. Will he have any other purpose besides hoping to work smoothly here?" Gu Sheng smiled without a word and looked at Zhu Zhao, which made him say that Zhu Zhao couldn’t help but come out and said, "I see that the problem is big. Since he is not in a hurry to rebuild the iron gate prison, it is nothing for him. There must be something wrong with him to please us like this-it is either a traitor or a thief!" I didn’t nod. "Piggy is right. I think so, too." Gusheng said, "These are all guesses. Let’s wait a few days and see."
For the next few days, I let Chen Bing take him around in West Xiang Xing every day. I don’t know what I’m busy with, but sometimes I’m still wandering around the Emperor’s Mansion. According to him, I have to be familiar with the surrounding environment before I can be better at writing, thinking and cabinet work. Last night, he took himself out of the room with nebula signposts, and all the map departments described it carefully. Every star painted a star map, and the room was full of jade Jue, and every jade Jue projected a virtual shadow. Gusheng, they don’t worry. You won’t say a word even if you don’t do anything for 20 years.
On this day, I finally went out with the Three Rings. The sun rose early in the morning, and I didn’t go out for several days. Facing the sun, I was thrown in the middle. "Chen Bing!" "in! What are your orders, my Lord? " Chen Bing now serves the Three Rings for the time being, that is, Gu Sheng sent a small spy to spy on the One Three Rings "to inform me that I asked to see the positions." Chen Bing promised a favor to find Gu Sheng.
"Hey, hey!" Chen Bing flew over and Gusheng frowned. "What’s in a hurry!" Chen Bing quickly reported, "That’s an adult." "What happened to him?" "He wants to see you. I think it’s too much for him to delay any longer. He’s ready to go out and have a look." Gusheng nodded quickly. "Let him come over." "Good."
The three precepts will still bow down to the gift like that. No matter what Gusheng says, this gift must be done. "Sanjie got up and said," We are going to look for the new address of the iron gate prison in these two days. I wonder if you have any instructions? " Ancient rise so sorry "to leave so soon? I want to have a heart-to-heart talk with you several times. "Three commandments and a smile." Thank you for your love. You must listen to your teachings when you come back! " He speaks respectfully and is extremely decent. Gusheng can’t find any reason to stop him from thinking for a while and said, "Business matters, then I won’t keep you. You go back quickly … Gusheng wishes he would never come back."
"What’s your charge?" Three Rings asked Gu Sheng and thought, "There’s nothing to tell you to be careful all the way. How about I send a team of guards to protect you and let Zhu Zhao accompany you?" Three precepts polite way "don’t bother to compensate a servant for me …" Gu Sheng said, "You’re welcome. Don’t be polite to me again. Zhu Zhao is my close friend. I can rest assured that he takes me to take care of you." Zhu Zhao has a glib tongue and can find fault in an egg. It’s really difficult to find a suitable planet with him following the three precepts.
Before leaving, Zhu Zhao patted his chest and assured Gu Sheng, "Don’t worry, I promise to make that old thing speechless!" Gu Sheng and Zhu Zhao, who didn’t smile and nod together, went out and ordered a group of guards to "protect" the Three Rings and set off …
A secret place in the celestial world is behind Nai Xianjun, and several people are standing behind Nai Xianjun. "So the three precepts are to supervise Gusheng to rebuild the iron grating prison?" A man behind him nodded, "It’s right to return to Xianjun." Nai Xianjun sighed, "It’s really difficult for him to escape. I’m afraid he’s scratching his head and thinking about countermeasures at this time." Some people behind him asked, "What shall we do if Xianjun is proud to rebuild the iron gate prison?" Xianjun smiled. "He built him-he wants to rebuild the iron gate prison and restore the celestial order, then we will build our own celestial order." Mobile phone, brain is OK, CHM,UMD,JAR.
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Chapter two hundred and nineteen Always sentenced to three precepts
The fifth volume Fairy ancient Chapter two hundred and ninety feud entanglements ()
? Section three hundred and forty-four feud entanglements ()
Gu Sheng tapped his fingers on the table in front of him and thought of a not-so-high, but feasible idea. He asked, "If the celestial world is divided into two parts, the immortal Lord Xianjun will each lead half of the celestial world. Do you think they can reconcile?" Without hesitation, he shook his head. "I don’t think so." "What?" I didn’t say, "I have to give half of my original things to others now-would you be willing to give half of your present field to Emperor Zhao Sheng Xiandi?" Gusheng said, "This is two different things. Zhao Shengxian Emperor, that bastard, you don’t want the celestial world to be so vast. Even if you divide it out, you can explore the territory to the star domain that you have never set foot in." "But what about the people? There are so many immortals in the celestial world that they are not so prosperous when they are divided into half. "Gu Sheng smiled." If there are more people in this effect, there will be more right and wrong. It is better to let them not meet each other and cultivate the celestial world painstakingly. "He didn’t shake his head and felt that this idea was really hard for him to accept, but Gu Sheng felt that it was very promising to combine this plan with the plan he had conceived before and had not yet come to report to the fairy Lord. In the future, the celestial world will be vast and sparsely populated, but everyone will be rewarded without fighting.
He decided to brew this plan well and then come out to the fairy master. According to Gu Sheng’s judgment, no matter what, the fairy master was still guilty of imprisoning the fairy gentleman in the past. It is more appropriate to break through the dispute between the fairy master and the fairy gentleman, so he will find his own way to mediate. Gu Sheng suddenly came to him with his own wishful thinking. As soon as we met, Jade Xiu threw herself on the ground and cried bitterly. "Positions, you have to be the boss of the old family …" Gu Sheng frowned. "Jade, what’s the matter with you? What’s up? Why are you still crying? " Yuxiu got up. "My husband was in charge of the Yi Lao Dan Medicine Plan. I didn’t expect that the first batch of Dan Medicine was robbed!" It also involves Yi Meichi Gusheng’s eyebrows a wrinkly and suddenly he got up. "Who is so bold?" Didn’t you send an escort? " After Yu cultivated himself, Nan Yong came and said, "It’s because Yuan Zu and more than a dozen guards escorted Yuan Zu. Can’t he get up now?" "Where was he robbed?" Nan Yong is a little difficult to raise his anger. "Don’t say it quickly!" Nan Yong bowed his head and said, "Yes, it is in the realm of wishing the Holy Fairy Emperor …" Nan Yong’s "sex" all came out. "It is the wish of the Holy Fairy Emperor De Sineitai that robbed this batch of Dan" medicine ".They said that they had served the imperial edict of the Holy Fairy Emperor and said that the soldiers were in need of such a batch of Dan" medicine "…" Motherfucker! " Gu Sheng smashed a table around him with a palm! "It’s outrageous, it’s outrageous!" Gusheng was furious and rushed to the crown, and he was going to find the holy fairy emperor to settle accounts. "Don’t be impulsive," Gusheng fumed. "How can I be calm when he is going to ride on my neck and shit?"
The novel said, "If you break into the territory of the Holy Fairy Emperor like this and criticize the emperor, if you hurt him again, the Lord of the Holy Fairy Emperor will not be happy to come to the iron gate prison. There is already an idea in the Lord of the Fairy. Now if you make another mistake, the Lord of the Fairy may not be polite to us!" Gusheng waved his hand. "It’s a big deal if he doesn’t do it!" Gusheng stamped his foot and a white light disappeared in the imperial mansion. Without thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and ordered, "Send troops to war!" Gusheng’s front foot has just left, but he hasn’t counted two thousand dark soldiers. Let’s "swing" and "swing" to kill and rush to the sacred land!
Gusheng flashed in front of the Emperor’s Mansion of the Holy Fairy, flying unceremoniously, and a ray of light turned into "Bang". The gold-plated plaque hanging from the tall main entrance of the Emperor’s Mansion broke a group of guards and jumped at it. "Fang Demon dares to be presumptuous here!" GuSheng also don’t talk, hands around the body a circle a force ring jet those guards haven’t jump to GuSheng front was a gust of wind blowing instability even scream don’t know where to go! Gusheng cursed, "May the holy old bastard Mao come out for me!" This cry "Gu Sheng" made all the effort like a thunder, and the words "May the Holy Old Miscellaneous" Mao "rang out on the main star. It really frightened the main star. Everyone was wondering who dared to insult the Holy Fairy Emperor in Panshan Mountain. May the Holy Fairy Emperor raise rows of guards in the mansion of the Holy Fairy Emperor. There are 20 people in each row to form a phalanx, with a total of 400 people and 400 guards forming a phalanx. It’s like a dark cloud pressing down on Gu Sheng and sneering." Hum! Four hundred guards floated a Qingyun, and a seductive girl appeared in Qingyun. "Hey, isn’t this an ancient promotion? How did you come to our holy place?" Ancient litres of anger hum a "hum! You’re lucky that the green snake essence didn’t blow you up once. Call out the old bastard Mao, and if you want to "insert" the hand saint, I promise to break your snake bones! " Lin Qinger flowers lost "color" so surprised shout a way "ouch yo how positions so big temper today? Who provoked you? " Gusheng didn’t want her to say more, "Do you want to scream?" Lin Qinger said, "What’s the hurry? Looking at my sister, isn’t a beauty like me more beautiful than wishing the old man a saint?"
Gusheng was angry no longer, and she said, "May you never come out again, and don’t blame me!" " He held out the magic knife, drank three immortals together, and the magic knife soared up to a huge knife of more than 300 feet, and the ancient holy knife was raised in his hand to drink a "!" One knife split the whole Imperial Mansion into two halves by Gusheng, leaving a long trench as deep as several feet! Lin Qinger was really shocked this time. "You, how dare you destroy his mansion?" Gusheng cold hum a magic knife turned in the remaining two halves of the Emperor’s Mansion, and suddenly the magic knife was sharp and the huge knife was mans. In Gusheng’s ordeal, the walls of the whole Emperor’s Mansion collapsed and the tiles and columns were broken. Now the Emperor’s Mansion is left with ruins!
Lin Qinger face "color" big change a finger "give me!" Four hundred guards rushed to Gusheng and roared, "Come on!" The Kowloon Bell on Avenue appeared in a dazzling sunshine, and the magic knife in the ancient hand was put into the center of the exoskeleton, and the hammer with one handle rose and closed its eyes, relying on the guidance of the three immortals to ring the Kowloon Bell on Avenue! "Mao … Mao …" This time, I don’t know what the ancient rising consciousness sounded. Three records, one short and one long, combined together, actually had unexpected power. In that long clock, there was a surging force like the ancient rising Wei Zhongxian tsunami, and the original four hundred Xianbing surrounded him tightly. In this surging force, they were blown to pieces like leaves in the wind, and it was unstoppable to destroy the four hundred Xianbu! After the clock, Lin Qinger spat with blood and removed his defense law, and suddenly found that Gusheng was right in front of her! Lin Qinger screamed with fright, "Ah!" Gu Sheng grabbed her throat and squinted at her. "Is this your seven inches?" Lin Qinger was shaking like chaff. "You, you, you …" Gu Sheng’s eyes suddenly stared. "Where is the holy wish?" Lin Qinger dare not hide "he, he is fighting against Jingtian in Qingluanxing!" Gusheng snorted, "Don’t eat the hard way!" With a jerk, Lin Qinger flew out and knocked down a half-finished low wall. When she looked up, Gusheng had disappeared. Lin Qinger breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, a huge force hit Lin Qinger. It was another exclamation that he didn’t come with 2,000 dark soldiers. The huge pressure made Lin Qinger feel cold. He didn’t look around. Lin Qinger was alive. He grabbed Lin Qinger and asked unceremoniously, "Where are you?" Lin Qinger said without hesitation."Go to Qingluan Star!" Without a quick wave of his hand, "Let’s go, Qingluan Star!"
Qingluan Star wishes that the Immortal Emperor has married 1,000 immortal soldiers, and King Immortal Emperor also has 1,000 troops. The two sides are in a stalemate in the war, and there are casualties on both sides. Recently, a batch of Dan "medicine" has just arrived, which is good news for the injured Immortal Soldiers, and this batch of Dan "medicine" is very effective, but it has saved many lives. King Immortal Emperor’s life is changing. After more than three months of consumption, King Immortal Emperor is gradually falling in the wind. After the war, I hope that there will be seven immortals The loss of 500 soldiers on both sides is great, but it is only a matter of time before the immortal emperor wins with high morale. On this day, I hope that the immortal emperor is a little impatient and decides to launch a decisive battle to defeat Jing Tianxian emperor. He has just arranged the battle with the generals of the Ministry and suddenly came out to have a binge drinking. "May you get out of here!" People have been frightened for so many years. Who dares to be so disrespectful to the immortal emperor? May the immortal emperor face "color" and tremble with anger "backwards, backwards! Eat the ambition leopard bravery … "He ignored the already someone against.
May the Immortal Emperor have not moved yet. There have been people rushing out to watch the scene. I saw a person standing in the camp of the Immortal Emperor and swearing at the camp of the Immortal Emperor. The Immortal Emperor felt very happy and applauded and laughed, while cheering for that person! Emperor Jing Tianxian is also a little strange that he didn’t send someone to scold him. Where did this man come from? He came out and looked at his heart. "It turned out to be him …" Jing Tianxian Emperor confirmed it again and quietly left and did not know where he had gone.
Gu Sheng, no matter how much, has been bothering him all day since he wished to be a holy fairy emperor. This time, he actually robbed Yi Mei Chi Dan and accumulated all his anger before the "medicine". This time, he broke out together, and he has been depressed recently. Gu Sheng is really out of control! May the immortal emperor rush out of the camp "who is running wild here!" " Gusheng is not polite. "Your grandfather is me!" May the immortal emperor smile at first sight. "Oh, who was I at that time? I was defeated!" " Gu Sheng snorted and asked with a sullen face, "I asked you about those Dan medicines, but you sent someone to rob them?" May the immortal emperor be stupefied "Dan" medicine "? Robbery? " He was a little angry. "Don’t pretend to be confused. A hero dares to do things!" May the immortal emperor admit "I did it, so what?" Gusheng sneer at a "good, good, good! What a shameless man! May the immortal emperor! You are really a bully in the fairy world! " May the immortal emperor also be angry. "You are a bully to insult the immortal emperor in such a public way!" Two people are arguing. Behind Gu Sheng, a cloud suddenly appeared, with flags and bright armor. Two thousand dark soldiers were behind them, and the momentum was amazing! I didn’t come quickly behind Gusheng. "How come I’m not too late?"
The ancient litres of a mouthful of "how do you come? It’s the two of us who brought so many people here. Now it’s a big war! " I didn’t say, "How can I rest assured that you are rushing into other places!" May the immortal emperor suddenly become "colored" and say, "Gusheng, what do you mean? Are you going to rebel? " This charge, Gusheng, is absolutely impossible to think back and don’t want Gusheng to bite back. "What rebellion? I am attacking you, an anti-thief! " May the Immortal Emperor tremble with anger. "Yes, yes, you will protect you with the help of the Immortal Lord, not only destroying my rebellion, but also helping the thief to rebel against it-I don’t see how the Immortal Lord can protect you!" Gusheng denounced "shut up! What’s the difference between a fairy emperor like you robbing business travel goods at will and a fairy bandit? Today, the emperor will bring you to justice, the biggest fairy bandit in the celestial world! " He said that justice seems to be really so one thing. Although the atmosphere is tense at this time, there is still a burst of snigger in Zhu Zhao and Gu Sheng’s sophistry. I really can’t learn it myself!
Suddenly, a man with long hair came crying and shouted, "pursuit, pursuit!" You have to make decisions for the male and female servants! " They have a look at this person who is not Lin Qinger in Tsing Yi? May the immortal emperor feel heartache at the sight of her haggard and flustered. "Ah! Princess, what’s wrong with you? Who made you look like this? Tell me that I must take that man’s skin and cramp to vent your anger! " Lin Qinger sobbed and said, "I’m sorry for your position, male and female servants, but you gave me the imperial palace to look after it. I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it …" Before he finished, Gu Sheng was impatient and held his arm and said, "I didn’t expect it to be smashed by me." Do you want revenge on me? Come on! " May the immortal emperor fly into a rage and soar with brilliance. Obviously, he is about to make a move because he can’t stand it. "Gusheng, you are deceiving others too much!" This word gusheng also said.
The fifth volume Fairy ancient Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Grievances and entanglements ()
? Section three hundred and forty-five feud entanglements ()
May the immortal emperor shine a light. After all, the strength of the immortal emperor cannot be underestimated! Gu Sheng should be careful and alert. May the immortal emperor shout, "Gu Sheng is unkind and don’t blame me for being unjust!" Gu Sheng laughed, "What is the benevolence and righteousness between me and the fairy bandits?" He didn’t hesitate to give the "fairy bandit" hat to the immortal emperor. May the immortal emperor be arrogant, but how can he be an ancient rival in arguing irrationally? In a few words, I was speechless by Gusheng Qiangbai. I hope that the holy fairy emperor has always been unreasonable and gnashed his teeth and said, "Good! Ok! Ok! Cut the crap and watch it! " May the immortal emperor’s hands be one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, black, one, one, one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one, and one,
Gu Sheng smiled coldly and appeared in front of him, but he also learned to wish the immortal emperor to imitate a Tai Chi pattern. However, his Tai Chi map was purely a decoration and looked like a little charm, and he didn’t wish the immortal emperor to anger, "Let you taste the immortal emperor’s real magic Tai Chi wheel!" As soon as his hands became claws, the shape of Tai Chi wheel changed, and he ran like a tiger, bared his teeth and jumped at Gusheng Gusheng, and his heart turned into Tai Chi, which was divided into yin and yang. Like two machetes, he rowed to the Tai Chi Tiger, and his paws turned over and his forepaws were firmly grasped in his heart. "Jingle" was played, and the Emperor Xian roared, and Tai Chi Tiger suddenly rose several times and became a real tiger. He spread his hands to Gusheng Gusheng, making fists, and it was impolite. In a boxing, the tiger’s forehead broke out instantly and The heart suddenly withdrew and attached to Gu Sheng’s arm, forming a reddish-purple glove. A rapid fist shot out of the black-and-white word "king" in the middle of the tiger’s forehead. Bang, a dull cry made the tiger fly back. As soon as the figure turned, it would be the prototype. The Taiji wheel was controlled by the holy fairy emperor, and the damage suffered by the tiger was quickly recovered.
May the immortal emperor sneer at a "you can break my Tai Chi wheel so simply? If that’s the case, I’ve been wiped out in the celestial world for tens of thousands of years! Longteng! " He yelled at the Tai Chi wheel, and a burst of rapid rotation "shot" out of it, leaving a vague virtual shadow in the middle, which slowly turned into a long dragon of tens of feet! The dragon claw is sharp, the dragon horn is dazzling, and the golden eye roars. The dragon jumps at Gusheng, and Gusheng laughs and releases his protege. "Let’s see if you are a fake dragon or I am a real dragon!" Gusheng quietly said to his protege, "This is a great opportunity. You can’t eat fish after winning the prize and losing!" With the encouragement, the protege was really refreshed and nodded again and again, and the seemingly small figure actually turned into a dragon hundreds of feet long in a moment when it was self-respecting. The protege is condescending, bullying the little six dragon paws, and you are welcome to "shoot" the Tai Chi dragon from six angles together, and then seven huge heads protrude from the cloud and spit out seven dragon fires, making a squeak and screaming like Tai Chi dragons! It’s not over yet. The protege has given birth to a tail after the level of wild beast. The dragon tail "shoots" like a sharp knife and easily cuts the Tai Chi dragon into nine sections!
These days, the fighting skills of Jietian and Tripod Sunlight have at least increased a lot, and they know how to use their superior strength to attack the weak parts of the enemy. The Tai Chi Dragon transformed by the Tai Chi Wheel is actually controlled by the immortal emperor, but how can it be compared with the wild animal protege? Pupils this battle easily, flag victory very happy rushed back to gather around the ancient litres of a bored ancient litres hurriedly pushed it "don’t worry, don’t worry! I’ll give you the reward for the time being. Don’t worry, I won’t default! " One’s protege is still a little uneasy. He is very suspicious of Gu Sheng’s "people" and annoyed with Gu Sheng. "Get out of here quickly! Otherwise, there will be no reward! " The protege got into the ring and wondered what the ancient promotion reward was.
May the Immortal Emperor be very angry after two strokes in succession, and be chopped into nine pieces. The Taiji Dragon will slowly get together and re-form a Taiji Wheel. The Taiji Wheel will soon come back to life. May the Immortal Emperor’s hands be like hooks and like a pair of bird’s claws! As he drank a lot, the Tai Chi wheel rose like a sun, and the sun pulled and hatched a black-and-white suzaku from it! May the immortal emperor close his eyes and urge a Tai Chi Phoenix to be more dexterous than the first two beasts, and gather more power in a smaller body, which should be more powerful! Gu Sheng smiled when he saw Tai Chi Feng. "What a coincidence! I also have a bird here who doesn’t know if I can get your attention!" The three-legged sun appeared in the sky with a golden light like the falling sun, and sang loudly. The three-legged sun stretched its body, surrounded by a huge golden "color" fire, and sent out bursts of heat waves like fire, which made those fairy soldiers feel uncomfortable!
"Three-legged sun!" May the immortal emperor open his eyes and exclaim that Gusheng laughed. "Good! You are very discerning! " The ancient rose or reward points a finger that rosefinch said to the three-legged sun "see? You can’t eat fish after winning and losing! " The god beast can feel that this rosefinch is a soft persimmon, and birds like to pick up soft persimmons, which is really good news for it. This time, I hope that the holy fairy emperor will decide to take the lead in tai chi and phoenix to rise into the sky, and a dazzling light will fall from the sky like a meteor to the window of the three-legged sun, giving birth to a golden "color" flame, which gushes out from the body and is surrounded by flames, forming a golden "color" fireball. The fireball around it is hot and scorching, and everything around it becomes ethereal due to overheating. Tai Chi Phoenix is melting little by little in this heat, and every inch of it near the window needs to pay a heavy price, and its body is melted away! It’s hard to get to the front of the window, where the fiery flame floats a little bit, and its body is scorching. May the immortal emperor attach himself to the Taiji phoenix body, and may the immortal emperor frown, which is obviously very painful!