Soft rain has also made a decision. This time, seeing is believing, she listened to the conversation between the six dharma protectors Yunxi, and even at all costs, she will punish Yunxi.
The whole person is a little confused. He has experienced a lot of battles along the way, but the more intense it is, every battle seems to have a common feature.
Almost all the opponents are defeated by each other, but they are the last people who have been separated for several times.
The strength of the soft mouth of the rain has also caused some pressure on Yunxi. The latter stepped on the empty cloud and condensed into a cloud shield, which not only blocked the soft rain, but also shattered the air lock. The strength of the two people was different. The soft rain could not trap him!
When Nangong Xiaowan was ready to count her interest, she finally made moves. She cast a special mysterious technique. Suddenly, the color of Fiona Fang changed from one place to another. Dozens of miles were shrouded in the sky by a mysterious light. One day in January, as Nangong Xiaowan drank a "closed" light, the sun, the moon and Guanghua changed into two extraordinary brilliance blades and gathered in her palm.
January of this day is like when the Nangong destroyed the moon and the moon, but this is Xuanli’s instigation of the light blade, which is unpredictable. Xuanwei Yunxi’s thick and majestic cloud shield was also broken by this pair of light blades.
Nangong Xiaowan shot the other two people, and the pressure dropped sharply. They should try their best to storm, but he took the opposite countermeasure and instantly retreated to a hundred feet away.
Chapter one hundred Form change
Although Lu Li was excited by Yunxi, his heart was very sober and abnormal.
After he withdrew from Baizhang, Yunxi shouted, "All sides are going to surround and kill the rebels!"
Yunxi is the leader of moss. Besides, the two elders and deputy leaders of foreign teachers are masters of good practice.
Today is moss church day, but according to the past rules, the deputy leader and the two dharma protectors should never appear, but Yunxi roared out of the mountains and three figures flew out towards Lulu and other three people!
Yun Song, the deputy leader of Yunxi people, is second only to the meditation of Qingsi Sect!
The two elders are both women and young. One is Chen Lan, and the other is Chen Lan. These two are sisters who were adopted by the descendants of Yunjia several decades ago.
Both of them were dressed in a long tsing yi dress and holding an ice jade sword. They stared at Lu Li with an unusually cold breath, and their eyes were cruel as if they were going to eat him alive.
These two women look good, but they have some shortcomings in their essence. It seems that they have been picked up by people for a long time, and there is an evil spirit in their femininity. Most of them are from that cloud creek.
It turns out that they have never met before, but they have never met each other, but they have killed the six dharma protectors of the Qingsi Sect, which can be said that the Qingsi Sect and the Yunjia have made life and death enemies.
If you can’t leave the Nangong Xiaowan, you’ll also destroy the big protectors of the Qingsi Sect. However, after all, she has the background of the Nangong family behind her, but she doesn’t have a backer. He’s also ordered by the master to add Mu Qianxue, and he will never lead the disaster to Mu’s family.
Yun Song, the leader of this pair of schools, introduced himself as a title as soon as he came. He was slender, dressed in a robe of scribes, with an ancient jade hanging from his waist. In his left hand, he held a short knife with a scabbard engraved with a fighting pattern of an ancient beast, a dragon. The body of the knife was not visible, and his sleeves were obscured. He could only see seven points of his palm. His skin was as white as some women, and his appearance seemed to be the oldest, that is, twenty years old. He seemed to be a handsome young man.
The root of Lu Li’s curse and evil thoughts is very accurate for evil thoughts, but he has not captured evil thoughts in this person. Is it true that this person is a member of the Qingsi Sect, but the virgin Yu Rou is the same and not evil?
"Who can avoid your name in World War I today?"
The sound of Yunsongkou’s speech is also compared with the elegance of ordinary scholars.
Lu Li’s indifferent tone said "farewell"
No more words. Two women Yun Song suddenly made moves. Three people’s goals turned out to be consistent. The Ministry of Unification points to the distance!
On the other side, the rain naturally leaves the Nangong Xiaowan besieging the Yunxi, whose posture is too rapid, and the clouds and shadows return to the illusion of the sky. The two masters of the underworld have also failed to take advantage of each other.
Nai Nangong’s small gentle rain distance is gradually getting closer and closer. The soft light in the soft rain hands flashes and a sword floats. Now it is a sword about two feet long, which is cast by cold iron and does not belong to the fairy weapon. It is a fairy weapon. The rain is soft and divine, and it also glows with brilliance. She firmly locks the cloud creek with her horizontal sword in her chest, and cooperates with the Nangong Xiaowan Xuanfa to continuously attack and prevent the cloud creek from sneak attack.
On the other side, the two sisters, Chen Lan and Chen Lan in Yun Song, just stood up to fight, and they embraced and besieged Yun Song. It is a master of the ghost realm who can fight head-on
The remaining two young female elders are also masters of the frost level, so it is difficult to avoid scuffles and forcibly run their posture. From time to time, they pounce on Yunxi with the intention of disrupting the war.
"Can you handle the sudden emergence of these masters from the other side?"
The Nangong Xiaowan is calm on the surface, but he is extremely nervous. If one of the three of them is defeated, the remaining two will face defeat.
The rain is soft, the magic is constantly running, and at the same time, some exquisite sword tricks are played, sword dancing and flying snow are filled with chill, and people have some restraint about the clouds in Yunxi.
"I still have a high degree of confidence in this Yun Song alone, but the connection between these two female practitioners is extremely horrible. Even my mind is fluctuating sharply, and I often have hallucinations and it is difficult to defend against the enemy!"
Lu Li also immediately went back to the original sound, and the three of them besieged Yunxi and fully grasped that this was surrounded by the core master of moss teaching, which in turn killed a careless person who would end up in the army’s collapse field.
The two dharma keepers, Chen Lan and Chen Lan, and two women are almost twin sisters in the world of cultivating immortals. Many of them can practice to the level of immortals, but compared with these two women, it is still a method comparison.
The two men teamed up to provoke a vision that made the spirit of the land dizzy and confused as if it had strayed into a magic array, so that he was almost cut off by Yun Song after only three rounds.
That Yun Song dagger has been kept in the scabbard, and once it comes out at a fast speed, I see a flash of cold light. Fortunately, he practiced the soft boxing in the Snake Boxing to avoid the moves, and then he went to the brokeback pain.
Yun Song’s sword tactic is similar to Taikoo Men’s proud shadow crazy knife. All of them are bullying and sharp all the way, which makes the other party have to recklessly blow out the tiger’s fist and blow out the scabbard. This knife is unscathed, which shows that this short knife is unique.
The situation is getting worse and worse, and he needs to find a way out of trouble, not himself, but Jia Yu Rou Nan Gong Xiao Wan.
A few meetings have cost a lot of money, and his face is slightly pale. This Yun Song is by no means a provincial oil lamp, which is quite difficult to deal with. Even if he can win, he will have a big chapter.
Plus these two women’s strange evil spirits seem to be feminine and real. Do these two women have a yin and a yang constitution?
Eyes staring darkly at the landing, Yun Song’s eyes swept across the square mouth and gave a sneer. Because the Nangong Xiaowan and two women Yunxi were in the middle of the war, they helped each other, which made it difficult for them to be alone and feel isolated.
Taking a step forward, Yunsong was so arrogant that even his foot land was dented by him, which was not caused by unusual strength, but by the sudden release of the real yuan. The gravel loess was crushed into a solid powder to show that he had repaired it.
Chapter one hundred and one Sharp knife tactic
Lu Li’s face is serious. This Yun Song is quite amazing at the moment, and this person’s knife tactic is quite sharp. The mysterious degree of the sword tactic can almost spell the swordsman’s heavenly sword nine tactic that day. Yun Song’s strong self-confidence makes Lu Li somewhat surprised.
"The real weapon of the Yunxi River has not yet offered this battle. Our chances of winning are better than retreating first!"
The rain is soft and the sound is a little anxious. He naturally doesn’t know the details of the teaching of moss, but the rain is soft and clear.
As Yun Song suddenly shot without warning, two knife lights cut long and swept up pieces of strange light arcs and forcefully struck the defense barrier away from home.
Aside, Chen Lan and Chen Lan hold hands with Fiona Fang for hundreds of feet to form a strange position. The rapid reversal of Yin and Yang will actually erode the land.
A large part of Wentianda evolved from Yin and Yang, and when Yin and Yang reversed and Gan Kun reversed, a piece of heaven and earth collapsed.
I feel like a breath of destruction, and I exclaim when I leave my body. As soon as I turn around, I can directly display the Yin-Yang method. Only the Yin-Yang method can counter this erosion position.
"You are a fairy master in the dead world of Yin and Yang, and you must be suppressed!"
Yun Song’s tone was cold and flurried again. His knife tactic was as sharp as the wind, and even the four knives were too fast to see. The four knives were dancing like the ghosting, and the side almost split the defense barrier away from the body. If it was an ordinary master, the flesh would have been in jeopardy.
Stuffy hum, I feel my chest tightness is heavier than that knife’s strength, and the knife chop and axe generally smash my own external defense. The light world is greatly affected by the shock of the land, and the true yuan operation is also blocked
Lu Li now has no armor, and he can’t maintain his consumption without going like some big brothers or aristocratic tianjiao. He must find a way out of trouble
Heart-eating sword, after all, is not a soul-breaking knife separated from its own magic weapon, and he doesn’t want to easily move his eyes to see if he has cast a red shadow sword to break the enemy.
After understanding the noble plough, displaying the noble plough sword tactic can cover up a part of the immortal sword form and make it recognized by unfamiliar people.
After all, the first birth of the Red Shadow Sword was still silent during the fairy war, and some young masters in the centuries-old world of Taikoo were already ignorant.
Figure micro-motion away from anger-although influenced by the two women, away from anger, but the method of retreating from the red shadow sword, once again offering a cavity of righteousness, pouring out the heroic sword in the long hand, flipping the flame and pouring in three bright sword lights like a divine fire from heaven, and then Yun Song appeared in front of him, but he was a noble sword tactic of the highest day.
This sword is away from 50% of the strength. His thoughts are moving all over the body, and the Yin and Yang methods are used to protect his body. At the same time, the power of the palm of his hand is constantly pouring out of the imperial sword to prevent Yun Song from counterattacking