In the main hall, Lu Chen sat on a futon and sat opposite his brother in front of him.
Unlike the brothers and sisters who came to see the Muscle Religion on the way, this one looks normal, multi-body and well-proportioned, but normal, one meter tall and just right, and there is no muscle explosion to rush out of clothes.
Men look young, but their hair is gray, which is not caused by years, but by ethnic characteristics. Obviously, not all universities here are for Terran study, but also for non-human races and ethnic exchanges.
In fact, the Terran in the High World is a big clan, and the proportion may account for 10% of the total number of higher beings, but there are also many other races. At present, this senior brother Grey Teng is a strong limestone clan, and it has been ten years since he studied muscle religion.
Unlike Brother Niu Man, who played before, Brother Grey Teng has completely reached the state of returning to nature, unlike Brother Niu Man, who can only turn his body into a normal shape when he enters the ultimate combat state. Brother Grey Teng usually looks like an ordinary monk.
Not looking strong doesn’t mean that his strength is weak. On the contrary, his body has reached a state of harmony and concentrated many extreme forces. This is a level jump.
"Brother Lu may be a little unaccustomed when he first came to our place, but I believe that everyone in my university is harmonious and enthusiastic, and you will gradually like this place."
Ash Teng picked up the teapot and gave it to Liu Chenman. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not Fujian, because the tawny liquid root poured out of the teapot is not fairy tea, but a kind of spirits.
Liu Chen calmly picked up the teacup or the glass and gulped it down. "Brother Grey, where is the master of our university? I don’t know what I said before … "
He hasn’t seen Niu Yong since he entered Muscle Shintoism. I heard that he was visiting friends, so he asked his graduating brother to meet him.
Lu Chen is a little embarrassed, but he still wants to ask if the ten yuan a year is complete.
"Before? Brother Lu refers to those things that the government has promised to Brother Lu before? "
Grey Teng reacted and smiled. "In terms of treatment, the government has already stated that Brother Lu’s core undertaker is the same, but it also needs to be fulfilled to bring convenience. You can read the core undertaker of the university at will, but you can also help when the university needs you."
Liu Chenwen got pregnant in his heart and proposed a toast to Brother Grey Teng.
Although the other party didn’t come to Chengjing, he was embarrassed to ask again because he agreed to pay back the top treatment.
And gray Teng said that he would contribute, and he also felt that it was normal for the younger brother of the institution of higher learning. Generally speaking, he didn’t need to do anything for the institution of higher learning, so he could leave school if he failed to learn, and he didn’t restrain you.
But after all, he came in through a special channel and got the highest priority as soon as he got in. He didn’t believe it himself, so he must have something to arrange for himself.
Anyway, Lu Chen doesn’t think that those strong people will find it difficult to do things they can’t do by themselves. If it is something within their own ability, it doesn’t matter if he gives a hand.
Now Lu Chen can’t wait to look up the muscle religion, to see what is the beauty of the muscle religion that is highly praised by Lao Wang.
"By the way, Brother Grey, aren’t you going to class?"
Lu Chen asked when he came to visit, but in the early morning, according to the pear painting clothes, this was the morning class in most colleges and universities
Generally speaking, the institution of painting pear clothes is also a sacred institution, with an early class, an afternoon lecture and then free activities to study.
Grey Teng grinned, and Lu Chen smiled when he imagined that Brother Grey Teng was once a super muscular man.
Listen to Grey Teng and say, "If it isn’t the lecturers today, we are all ready to welcome the new students after hearing the name of Brother Lu the other day. Today is your orientation meeting, of course there is no class."
"Welcome … welcome party?"
Liu Chen had a bad feeling in his heart that this muscle religion seemed unreliable.
The teachers set themselves free as soon as they left? Don’t care if you practice?
"This is not to welcome the younger brother to join the Muscle Shintoism. Even if we are exchange students, our sense of ritual should be in place. Let’s go and take you to see our Muscle Shintoism."
Grey Teng got up and patted Lu Chen on the shoulder. Obviously, people here are very easy-going. Don’t call yourself the name of the institution of higher learning, and call yourself muscle Shinto like outsiders.
It seems that this group of muscular men don’t think there is anything wrong with this title, but have a strong and sacred feeling.
Lu Chen got up and followed the footsteps of Grey Teng, wondering if the welcome party would be able to eat fresh food in the high world again.
In the high world, food is naturally not the lowest available ingredients in the world environment, but also the fairy level. Most of them are immortal ingredients, and there are many chaotic ingredients
Just as Lu Chen once saw those stars gathering in the barren universe, some trees in the barren magic mountain are immortal materials, which shows that this world is prosperous
Don’t say that it is also excellent to follow everyone to eat after coming to the high world.
For ordinary explorers, chaotic food is unthinkable and will bring great benefits to the body after eating.
For Lu Chen, the present state can be regarded as pure eating, and even the top chaotic ingredients can cook delicious food that is beneficial to his health, instead of saying that eating it will produce advanced effects.
If you want to have a strong life for Lu Chen, you have to eat avenue-level ingredients, but that thing is a bit difficult to whole, even in the high world, which is not affordable for ordinary people.
Follow the mysterious ashes through several long streets and finally come to a square.
When I first came to Muscle Shintoism, Lu Chen’s mind once swept through this place, which should be a martial arts field. There are not many primitive people, but I didn’t expect it to become a sea of people in a short time.
Students in higher world institutions are usually many sacred institutions, for example.
A university like Muscle Shinto occupies hundreds of Wan Li students in the Dojo alone, and there are millions of students living in the core area, all of whom are "senior students".
At present, the square is very wide, but it is also criss-crossed, because there are ten thousand people here who warmly wave when they see Lu Chen and Ash Teng coming.
Lu Chen’s keen sense of smell has smelled several flavors, some of which are barbecue food from the fountain in the core area of the square. There are bold brothers, and the statue of grandfathers lit a bonfire, which baked their own ingredients.
In addition, the square is filled with barrels full of mellow wine, which is obviously not chaotic wine. After all, most of the senior brothers are senior students, and the general wine roots do not enter their mouths.
Because I don’t feel anything after drinking it, even if I gargle as a drink, I have to taste a little alcohol, right?
"Welcome Brother Lu to come here and let everyone know."
In the square, there’s a muscular warrior. Liu Chen waved here and made eye contact with Grey Teng.
Lu Chen can see that this senior is also very strong, and all the attributes in his eyes are question marks. He is definitely going beyond the bull and the strong, and I am afraid he has returned to the original.
But even if the other person controls his body to achieve symmetry, he still looks very strong and is two meters tall.
Liu Chen was taken to the middle of nowhere and looked at by a group of strong men, which made him feel a little uncomfortable and reminded him of goose bumps.
"This is from tianjiao immigration things a few days ago, I’m sure you’ve all heard about this celebrity’s first choice is to come to our muscle religion! ?”