There are demon soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers, ghost soldiers and ghost soldiers.
Xing Xuan saw the souls of several immortals and magic fairy Yuan Ying scattered and fled. Sixteen bone spears suddenly flew out in mustard bracelets, gathered and dispersed, and then blinked back and forth to arrange several illusions.
Among the sixteen bone spears, however, there are some fierce birds and beasts’ souls in the era of the wild. Don’t say that these Yuan baby souls can’t see clearly whether it is a mirage or a real scene. Even if the body is still being repaired by practitioners, you can’t see through it in three thousand years!
Those Yuan Ying souls immediately saw different scenes and hoped to find colorful fairy lotus. They immediately saw colorful fairy lotus in the illusion and hoped to find their own Buddha. They immediately saw their own Buddha in the illusion and hoped to find an safe place. They immediately saw an unbreakable fortress protected by the law of numbers. These Yuan Ying souls were overjoyed and immediately flew towards the location of Xing Xuan.
Thousands of blood-red nets appeared in the sky, and they flew towards the Yuan Baby Soul Net. That’s exactly what Xing Xuan released. Now, the Five Yin Blood Pockets have been re-sacrificed by the chaotic Yin and Yang forces of Xing Xuan, which has become more severe than a hundred times. During the Games, the five Yin Blood Pockets formed a bloody net, and immediately more than a dozen Yuan Baby souls fell into the net.
Then the shadow bug also flew out, and it also turned into tens of millions. It cut through the souls of those yuan babies, and the gods of those yuan babies were suddenly divided into two parts. The good knowledge was absorbed by the shadow bug and the evil knowledge immediately became a real yuan capability.
But I didn’t wait until these babies who lost Xiu Yuan turned around and immediately turned them into exhausted blood. They instantly formed a large array of spirits along the 16 bone spears and rushed towards the star Xuan body.
During the Games, the visibility of the stars, the spirits and the gods increased.
These flesh-damaged fiend soldiers and heavenly soldiers will be cultivated, but they are not shallow, but also have a century-old knowledge of cultivating gods, and they are separated from evil thoughts by shadow worms. Together, their bodies have exploded, and they have been refined into the body of Xing Xuan by the five evils.
Star Xuan works in chaos, and in the blink of an eye, it turns all the heterogeneous elements into their own chaotic forces, and it is even simpler to absorb good knowledge. It is not necessary to practice good knowledge and enter the body to touch the star Xuan’s body and knowledge, and once it is slightly integrated, it will immediately become a constant cultivation.
Next to the black moon and Qiongzhi, they are also running in chaos, yin and yang, each releasing all their magic weapons, constantly pinching and printing to form a small array of crack gods, attaching to various magic weapons, separating the indestructible illusion and rushing to their own position.
Black Moon released Xuan Bing Tianlong’s busy driving monty to kill fairy sword, and released several crack gods to absorb small array repairs, but the Qiongzhi was not busy. Although the small array of crack gods was arranged in the hands, it was also very fast, but after all, it was more urgent than not having a busy black moon to repeatedly shout that Xing Xuan hurriedly called out his own dragon busy to help the Qiongzhi. Xing Xuan’s busy dragon was amazing. It was that people worked together very fast to make Qiongzhi’s green ghost sword overwhelmed. A pile of crack gods absorbed small array flew out like a migratory locust to separate God.
Meow meow, qingqing and xiaobai are shallow, and their skills are lower. Looking at the three people, they are very busy, but they don’t know what they are busy with. Open three pairs of beautiful eyes and look at Master Xuanzong, then look at his master, Black Moon, and then look at Uncle Qiongzhi with a blank face.
That Zhen Ying is less than 40,000 years old, and the Great Immortal has changed to Xing Xuan and others, but I can’t help but be frightened when I see clearly. It turns out that this Linxi Sect turned out to be a magic Sect, and they are dividing others’ gods to increase their cultivation.
This method, which Zhen Ying has vaguely heard of, also knows that some repairers in heaven have done such nasty things, but they have never seen it with their own eyes at this time, such as Xing Xuan and others. At first, they were frightened and then slowly moved.
This Zhen Ying was a genius in heaven at the age of seven, but after practice, it was difficult to meet the bottleneck of repairing, and the growth was never as fast as before. From a gifted child, he became silent, and now he has been practicing fairy cultivation for more than 30,000 years. But he has been practicing magic bit by bit for ten thousand years, and watched that Xing Xuan has increased the cultivation for ten thousand years in just half a day. At the same time, his heart was shocked. No wonder those guys who were worse than themselves had such a shortcut.
At this time, Xing Xuan has absorbed tens of thousands of yuan baby’s soul knowledge, true yuan repair and skill are greatly increased. Seeing the envious expression behind Zhen Ying clearly, I couldn’t help moving in my heart. Immediately, the double yuan baby points out that nine head worm is busy and separated from the body and came to Zhen Ying.
"Is Zhen Ying’s sister willing to learn this growth skill from Brother Xing Xuan?" Star Xuan ha ha a smile to Jane ying said
"But it … will it increase my karma? You know, I just can’t grow up if my karma is deeply rebuilt!" The Zhen-ying couldn’t help being ecstatic at the words of Xing Xuan, but her heart was still a little confused and asked Xing Xuan.
"Hehe, I might as well divide the gods into your body, that is, increase my karma and not your karma!" Star Xuan said, reaching out and taking out a hand from the sixteen bone spears that are constantly converging to build various illusions, and flying out with a wave of his bone spear, a string of split-god-sucking small arrays are flying towards moths to a flame, and they are flying towards Yuan Ying’s soul. Those Yuan Ying’s souls that have been clicked are suddenly separated into little streamers and flew towards Zhen Ying’s body.
Zhen-ying stood still and watched those streamers enter the body repair and suddenly flew up.
Zhen Ying looked at Xing Xuan with great joy, and her eyes were full of gratitude.
It took half a day for everyone to kill Yuan Ying’s soul. Among them, Xing Xuan helped to absorb up to 10,000 Yuan Baby’s body repair by having 16 bone spears, five blood-sucking bags and shadow worms. It has soared to 50,000 years, and Black Moon and Qiongzhi have absorbed 10,000 Yuan Baby’s body repair respectively, reaching 15,000 years, while Zhen Ying has also absorbed 10,000 Yuan Baby’s body repair with the help of Xing Xuan. The rapid growth has broken through 40,000 years of fairy repair.
It is a wonderful feeling that Zhen Ying surges up and makes her gradually change the appearance of a seven-year-old girl and grow into the image of a seventeen-year-old girl. The eyes are full of eyes and look at Xing Xuan.
That’s exactly what Xing Xuan did with the bone spear when he sent it to Zhen Ying’s body for repair. He sent his spiritual strength into Zhen Ying’s body with a small array of crack gods. In Zhen Ying’s absence of sleep, the most primitive desire in her heart aroused her feelings for herself.
Although the cultivation is profound, Xing Xuan did it in a hidden way, but I don’t know how to attribute this feeling to Xing Xuan. Xing Xuan would rather increase her karma and her gratitude. Slowly, Xing Xuan provoked her desires and treated Xing Xuan differently.
Xing Xuan, looking in the eyes, exulted in fear that Zhen Ying had quickly stopped juggling and once again divided the gods wholeheartedly to increase the capability of that Zhen Ying.
This war is soul-stirring light to destroy the flesh, take out Yuan Ying and fly to Xing Xuan. There are hundreds of people flying in this direction and Yuan Ying in other directions. Calculated, there are at least 500,000 practitioners who destroyed the flesh in this war, but Yuan Ying was destroyed in the battlefield. Practitioners don’t know how many. I really don’t know how many troops Wen Qiong brought and how many troops the demon gods have invested.
Gradually, screaming and killing in the distance gradually became sparse, and the soul of Yuan Ying gradually became scarce. Xing Xuan took away fifteen bone spears and spared the illusion. Finally, several Yuan Ying escaped.
At this time, Zhenying exclaimed, "Where are my brothers and sisters?"
The combination of Xing Xuan and Shuang Yuan’s baby has been overwhelmed by the fire dragon. Hehe smiled and said to Zhenying, "Don’t worry, the great god of Santan Haihui and Mrs. Di Yong have saved Wen Qiong and flew into Shanjian City!"
Zhen-ying didn’t rest assured after hearing this.
At this time, Qiongzhi said, "Brother Xing Xuan, let’s go to the battlefield. There must be several magic weapons scattered there. Let’s go and get some back!"
Xing Xuan nodded and said, "The most powerful thing about my Xuanmu Bead is that we should pick it up on the edge of the battlefield, that is, we must never confront those fiends and soldiers!"
Qiongzhi, Meow Meow behind the black moon nodded and cried happily. The three of them just didn’t get any benefits at all. They were annoyed. I heard that they were going to pick up a magic weapon and immediately got a shock.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen O camp
They immediately flew in the direction of the battlefield
Arriving at a mountain peak on the edge of the battlefield, everyone was taken aback when they looked at it. Tens of thousands of kilometers in front of them, the ground in Fiona Fang was full of broken limbs and broken arms, and the magic weapon was shining like a fly in the sky. There was no demon soldier cleaning the battlefield.
The golden light in Xing Xuan’s eyes shines in the direction of the south of Shanjian City, and the golden eye wears through thousands of obstacles. Seeing the distance, it was dark and arranged, and ten people were surrounded by millions of fiend soldiers.
Xing Xuan once again increased the golden eye and glare, and carefully looked at the ten people. One of them was a bull with a human head, and its huge mana was also the most powerful. It was that it absorbed the residual strength of Chiyou but didn’t absorb the head strength of Chiyou, and the poor man Kangboqiao B was calculated by Xingtian. At this time, he incarnated Chiyou and fought with three female fairies wearing colorful fairy armour, and the magic weapon in the hands of those three female fairies was extremely powerful. Xing Xuan looked for a long time before he recognized two of them, one was a mixed yuan bucket, the other was a golden mosquito scissors.
In addition, the five people who were surrounded were all dressed in golden fairy armor, and one of them was Hei Hu. The magic weapons in the hands of these five people were all golden, especially a pair of magic weapons in the hands of flying money with wings everywhere, and they could not swing their power one after another.
Fighting with these five people is a red-faced, red-bearded and tall magic general. The giant whip is amazing. Every time Hei Hu Fairy collides with him, it is a step backwards, obviously losing to this magic general.
In the distance, a demon general with a mask of a cold beast with a face that has been focused for thousands of years is waving a flag in his hand to command a demon soldier to help Kangbo Qiao Yi and the red-faced red-bearded general deal with this advanced skill. It seems that the figure is like Mao Xiaoyu, a wise general in the magic world.
Star Xuan looks into the distance. Black Moon and others can start to pick up the magic weapon on the ground. Black Moon takes out that demon banner, and the colorful light flashes and immediately releases the 10,000 overhaul demon soldiers. The 10,000 overhaul demon soldiers flock to the battlefield to peel off the body armor of the practitioners who died and pick up the magic weapon of the flying landlord. At that time, the battlefield is in a hurry.
The black moon and Qiongzhi Meow Meow, Qingqing and Xiaobai also rushed to their respective magic powers to chase the magic weapon flying around, together with the ordinary celestial coins and fiend coins, and they were also busy for a while.
Xing Xuan also released Xuanmu Beads to catch the magic weapon flying around in the sky.
At this time, Zhen Ying saw that all the people were robbing the magic weapon, and the child’s mind was surprisingly not dispatched this time and slowly approached Xing Xuan.
At this time, I saw a magic weapon with colorful light suddenly leaving the battlefield and heading for a valley in the distance.
Xing Xuan called one by one to pull up the Zhen Ying’s little hand and followed the magic weapon’s flight path and chased it over.
The Zhen-ying was pulled by Xing Xuan’s arm, and the heart felt soft and limply leaning against Xing Xuan’s body. Changes can’t be dragged into the valley by Xing Xuan.
"Sister Yi Zhenying, I just saw a powerful magic weapon fly into this valley and how it disappeared in an instant!" Star Xuan see the magic weapon lost sight couldn’t help but call get up.
"There it is!" Zhen-ying drilled a fairy tree in a crevice on the cliff, followed Zhen-ying’s finger and saw a rainbow hanging on the tree.
Xing Xuan flew to the tree and took a look at the rainbow, but it was a neon chain, which was a magic weapon refined by the glow of heaven. The decoration was bigger than the reality, and I don’t know which body was the magic weapon of the celestial slave.
Xing Xuan took the neon chain back to Zhen Ying and gently put the magic weapon on Zhen Ying’s head. Suddenly, the colorful glow of Zhen Ying’s head sparkled, making Zhen Ying’s face more gorgeous and extraordinary.
That Zhen Ying’s eyes are full of blurred light, and there are stars in her eyes.
Xing Xuan stretched out his arm and gently took hold of Zhen Ying’s waist and Zhen Ying’s body. A shock immediately made him fall into Xing Xuan’s arms.
Xing Xuan, with another hand, exposed the Zhen, British and French clothes all the way down his flat and greasy abdomen and finally brushed her proud twin peaks.
Zhen-ying suddenly gasped. For thousands of years, no man has ever done this to her, and she never thought that being touched by a man would have such a wonderful feeling that her mind was intoxicated at the moment.
Both vestments fell off and turned into a barrier to hide them.
With Zhen Ying’s pain, she hugged Xing Xuan’s body tightly and practiced for ten thousand years. True Yin continuously flowed into Xing Xuan’s body.
Xing Xuan couldn’t help being quick. The Zhen Ying, Zi Rui, Heiyue and Qiongzhi are all advanced in different ways, and most of them are cultivated by themselves bit by bit. The purity of the body, the yin and the sun are mixed with the power of the body. With the operation of the chaotic Yin and Yang method, it immediately reconciled that it absorbed too much foreign good knowledge and heterogeneous truth elements to form hot and dry, and then chaotic Yin and Yang became the chaotic force that was able to evolve everything at the beginning of that era.
The two Yuan babies hugged each other naked, and a great pleasure enveloped them, making them forget the fighting outside and all the disappointments in the world, and devote themselves to the harmonious torrent of Yin and Yang.
Zhen Ying Zhen Yin was continuously taken away by Xing Xuan, and her body became more and more excited and moaned beautifully. During the games, the whole valley was full of spring.
Like a spring breeze, like a shower of spring rain, Zhenying’s body is constantly ups and downs to cater to Xing Xuan and contribute her true yin. Now she wants to die like this.
A warm current flows from the body and the combination of Xing Xuan, which makes Zhen Ying shout excitedly again. This pleasant feeling is hundreds of times stronger than before, and she can’t help but hold Xing Xuan again and tremble violently.
At this time, Zhen Ying felt that Yuan Ying had moved like a grain in Yuan Ying’s body.
"Yuan Ying Jie Dan!" Zhen ying cried with joy.
"Ha ha exactly!" Star Xuan at this time from the Jane the body ha ha smiled and said.
"Xing Xuan, you …" Zhen Ying was so excited that all the male fairies and fairies in heaven combined with this knot Dan, but he was controlled by the male fairies. He couldn’t knot Dan without putting the true yang and the female fairies, but it was easy for the male fairies to marry the female fairies and the female fairies’ wives. Generally speaking, the first thing a male fairies thought of was that he would never let the female fairies and the female fairies knot Dan before his own Yuan Ying knot Dan. Now he and Xing Xuan will release the true yang and let himself knot Dan first. This star Xuan is really good for himself.