"Well, I’ve decided." I frowned slightly. After thinking for a moment, Huang Lao said again, "You 19 people add him, and I’ve decided to accept the name brother."
Huang Lao said that the nineteen people naturally succeeded in refining the Tsukiji Dan and the tonic elixir. Nineteen alchemists in the foundation period, when he finally said "he", his right index finger pointed forward and turned out to be pointing to sitting cross-legged there.
"Twenty of you are my registered brothers from today. When one day, I will officially accept his brother when he can successfully refine the concentrated Dan." The eyes swept from the faces of twenty monks in turn, and finally Huang Lao’s eyes paused for a moment when watching Xiang Qiu.
Jing Li Dan Zhu Ji Dan and Bu Ling Dan are both intermediate Dan medicines, but Zhu Ji Dan and Bu Ling Dan are the lowest among the intermediate Dan medicines, while Jing Li Dan is the top among the intermediate Dan medicines.
Concentrated Dan can neither increase the monk’s practice nor increase the monk’s spiritual knowledge, but it can ensure that the monk can break through more smoothly when he breaks through.
When Huang Lao looked at himself, Qiu’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and he could feel a strange meaning in Huang Lao’s eyes as if he had seen through his secret, which made Qiu’s heart very uncomfortable
"Huang Lao-doyen, these 19 Taoist friends can refine Tsukiji Dan or tonic elixir to repair the elixir. The predecessors are better than us, and they accept their younger brothers’ natural heart." A monk who looks like he is in his thirties and looks slightly handsome and mature first points to the 19 alchemists who can refine Tsukiji Dan and tonic elixir, and then points to Qiu’s question and says, "But he has only succeeded in refining three qi-invigorating elixirs. The elixir repair is just for us."
"What’s your name?" For the mature monk, he questioned that Huang Lao looked calm and didn’t see any anger at all, but asked the monk
"Report back to the younger generation named Zhou Yuanfeng" Zhou Yuanfeng replied with awe at the respectful ceremony of Huang Lao.
"Well, Zhou Yuanfeng, right? I remember you. Don’t people have to ask your permission to accept disciples?" Huang Lao suddenly got up from his chair and flashed directly at Zhou Yuanfeng, but his tone was not polite
"Ah … I … I didn’t mean it." At that moment, Huang Lao’s momentum oppressed Zhou Yuanfeng in utter amazement. "Kick, kick, kick, kick" and even retreat several steps, even turning extremely pale.
"I didn’t mean it. It’s best for me to decide whether you can question it." Although Huang Lao’s face has not changed, it is still peaceful, but there is a trace of anger gestating from his cold tone
"Yes!" In Huang Lao’s anger, Zhou Yuanfeng is afraid to say more words, and he is trembling with fear and response.
Huang Lao was a monk in the middle of the then period and an important figure in the Danling Sect, while Zhou Yuanfeng was a monk in the early period of the foundation period and just entered the Danling Sect. The difference between the two is simply unreasonable. This anger of Huang Lao is naturally fear and fear.
Huang Lao is a monk in the middle of the then period and a master of the then way. He should accept his registered brother, which can’t help but surprise Qiu.
When refining Buqi Dan and Zengqi Dan, Qiu successfully refined three Buqi Dan. However, there are still three monks who have successfully refined three Buqi Dan or Zengqi Dan, and Zhou Yuanfeng is one of them.
It can be said that Qiu’s performance in the hundreds of alchemists in the construction period is only average, and that several monks who are not weaker than Qiu have not been accepted as brothers by Huang Lao, but Qiu has been paid, which has to make everyone feel puzzled.
Yi Geng today
Chapter one hundred and thirty Master
The world of cultivating immortals is a world of indifference. Most people who cultivate immortals are selfish and can do some crazy things for their own interests.
It’s been decades since Qiu stepped into the world of cultivating immortals. He is used to many people who cultivate immortals, and he can’t afford to be early. He is also used to the world. Everything is warm and cold. Not only is Qiu not happy that Huang Lao can accept his registered brother, but he is still a little uneasy.
Huang Lao took in twenty brothers in the construction period, such as Qiu, and he led twenty people all the way to his residence.
Before I came to Huang Lao’s residence, even though Qiu was not the old-fashioned hat in the mortal world village, I was surprised by the area of Huang Lao’s house
Huang Lao walked in front of everyone. He took out a forbidden token from the bag and held it in front of him, so the forbidden outside the house was beaten.
As Huang Lao walked into the house, he looked around in the autumn and saw that there were many elixirs planted in this house. From those elixirs, he saw that there were many refined Zhujidan medicinal materials, including Ninglingcao, Gushen and Peiyuanguo, and a few of them were planted.
The spiritual vein of Danling Sect is good, and Huang Lao’s position in Danling Sect looks not low. He is not an ordinary monk in the alchemy period, but also has the title of alchemy master. His house is located not only in a wide area, but also in a strong aura.
It is precisely because of the strong aura that the elixir planted in the small medicine garden in Huanglao House is growing well and has been growing for some years.
Twenty-one people walked leisurely towards a house in the middle of the house along a secluded path in the medicine garden of the house, and then they came to the front of the house for a moment.
Just a pause in front of the house, Huang Lao’s right hand sleeve blows a hidden wind and hits the main entrance of the house.
I hit the main entrance of the house and went in. When I glanced in the autumn, I saw that there were hundreds and thousands of square meters of samples in the main hall of the house. There were not many things in the main hall, but dozens of tables and chairs, and the rest were combined with other things.
As soon as I entered the main hall, Huang Lao kept walking directly towards the center of the main hall, where there was a chair and sat down.
"Now that I’ve accepted your registered brother, the necessary etiquette is to observe each of you three bows and propose a cup of tea." Sitting upright in the central chair in the main hall, Huang Lao has an oppressive and terrible momentum. His eyes are shining like thunder, staring at the 20 monks in the construction period, he said with dignity.
Most of these 20 alchemists in the construction period originally relied on scattered practice, but now they have just joined the Danling Sect and have a patron like Huang Lao. Among these 20 monks in the construction period, except for the autumn heart, the rest are not happy.
"Oh, by the way, you can arrange a row of orders according to your ability to make an alchemist, your strength and age, and you can salute me and offer tea accordingly." When the alchemist was excited during the foundation period, Huang Lao suddenly seemed to suddenly remind of something and said lightly.
With Huang Lao’s rules, it becomes easier to sort out the 20 monks in the foundation period. In autumn, because the alchemy skill is not high among the people, he can rank the younger brother.
In the main hall, dozens of tables are filled with teapots and small handlebars, so it is very convenient for twenty alchemists to salute and offer tea during the foundation period, including autumn.
"From today, you are my disciples in the Yellow Heaven. You must study alchemy carefully. Don’t lose my face in the Yellow Heaven." After 20 alchemists in the foundation period paid a word of mouth, Huang Tian looked very serious and warned everyone.
"Follow your teacher’s orders!"
In fact, autumn is very nai at this time. He is really nai. He originally mixed in Dan Lingzong to find a big tree to enjoy the cool, but at this time he obviously felt that he was stared at by the monk Huang Lao, who was then a monk.
Qiu has been keeping a low profile since he entered the realm of cultivating immortals. He doesn’t like to expose himself to the public’s attention, and this time, Huang Laoxian revealed his secret. This feeling made Qiu very uncomfortable.
Autumn has always been able to face up to himself. He has positioned himself, but a ruthless person will never be soft when he feels threatened.
Qiu was an orphan before he was adopted from afar. His life can be described as extremely uneasy. He has experienced too much in his heart, but he has deep feelings for Yuan.
Qiu is wary of people, especially when he enters the realm of cultivating immortals, which aggravates people who don’t believe in this view.
Huang Tian inexplicably attaches great importance to himself and accepts his brother. This feeling is very bad. If Huang Tianxiu is not too high, Qiu feels that he will really explode and kill people.
"endure! Endure it! At present, we have to take it one step at a time. "Although Qiu is uneasy, he is not a brain person. After thinking about it, only forbearance is the right way, so Qiu also has a respectful word.
"Very well, since I accept your registered brother, that is to say, you all have a certain talent for alchemy. You will seriously study the alchemy in the future. If anyone can first refine the concentrated Dan, I will accept his official brother." For twenty brothers, Huang Tian was still very satisfied with his respectful attitude. He casually drew a big cake and gave them great hope. "Give this a concentrated Dan Dan Fang."
Conveniently took out 20 pieces of Dan Fang Huang Tian from the bag, and divided them one by one. It was Dan Fang who paid close attention.
After receiving the prescription, except in autumn, the nineteen alchemists in the foundation period were all overjoyed and excited.
The status gap between registered brothers and formal brothers is unreasonable. If registered brothers can hang a name in Huang Tian, they can’t get much substantial benefits from Huang Tian. The official brother is different, not only can he get advice from Huang Tian at any time, but also can do something through Huang Tian’s title, which is a lot of benefits
There are too many advantages of a formal brother over a registered brother, and it is also strange that all the monks in the foundation period were overjoyed at the sound of it, and they were excited and yearning for it
Today, I am here to thank Yiqingdai for his reward.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Behind the apprentice
Huang Tian not only gave each of the 20 alchemists a piece of attention, but also an identity token, with which he could freely use the alchemist’s room.
Danling Zongdan Peak alchemy room can be used by alchemists regardless of their level, but if there is no specific identity token, there are no special envoys to collect the alchemy room.
"All right, you all go back." He waved his hand slightly at the crowd, and then he turned to Qiu Zaiyi and said, "You leave one first."
When Huang Tian looked at Xiang Qiu in the eyes, Autumn hitched a tunnel in his heart. Sure enough, Huang Tian let other monks leave, but it was only autumn.
In the yellow day, after you say it, the 19 alchemists in the construction period all look a little different and turn their intriguing eyes to autumn. There are envy, jealousy, resentment and even some micro-murder passed.
However, at that moment, no matter how the alchemists felt about autumn during the foundation period, they did not dare to disagree and hurried back before Huang Tian.
After the departure of nineteen alchemists in the foundation period, Huang Tianqiu was left in the main hall of this house, and they sat opposite each other one by one.
Autumn alone in the face of Huang, as though like drums, "drumming" disorderly jump, panic, but I have to say that autumn is still some shrewd panic in his heart didn’t show it at all.
"Master, I don’t know what your old man told me to leave me alone?" Autumn bowed slightly from his seat to the yellow sky, and then he looked straight at the yellow sky with a flash of cold light in his eyes, but he asked respectfully.
After too many years of autumn, a heart will be strong, and since the death of Qiu, a heart is rock solid. At this time, he has already made a decision. If Huang Naizhen wants to be bad for himself, he will never give in easily.
"Don’t bother to sit down." Huang Tian smiled gently at Qiu, and his hands pressed slightly to signal Qiu to sit down.
"Master Xie" Qiu now that he has made up his mind in his mind, he is afraid and doesn’t give in, so he just sits down.