Gu Qingshan suddenly showed his figure. "Master!" He shouted. The sound is floating in the vast virtual turbulence and goes far away. no response "It’s strange that your master is not here to guard the world gate?" Asked Lola "Master!" Gu Qingshan shouted again Still no response. -Xie Daoling is no longer here. On the

break through

The Daoism of Mixed-Yuan Sages lies in the state of mind-this truth has been confirmed again for 6 years. "Where are you going, smelly boy?" "Jiu Ge, help Bixiao to stop him." A chubby figure, a tender face, dodged into the bamboo forest, and took a look at it. After 6 years, he rubbed his

Open your eyes again. The commander of the Lord’s army said to the assistant around him, "Leave the first squadron to retreat and take charge of the patrol …"

Say that finish no longer look at the battlefield horse turned around and took the lead from the valley battlefield with pro-guard regiment. The magistrate immediately went to your legend to go to the hill, and a team of cavalry held five crossbows in their hands, and the crossbows blocked the charge Lord’s cavalry regiment

Not far from the barracks, columns of soldiers are lining up to take the oath, and there are cheers from the great German party member everywhere.

"Long live the Great German Party!" The 1st division generation teachers hulk himself staff and several heads are very proud and said. In front of him, several heads of delegations and staff officers all put their hands on the national flag and said that they must remember the lifelong oath "I solemnly swear! Give up

Who cares what it is? Anyway, it means that heaven and man are expanding and making profits every day, increasing their capital accumulation and skyrocketing.

In general, it not only monopolizes many industries from the root, but also directly poses a threat to the country. Imagine that in the past forty years, it has been expanding and opening up new market branches, from dozens of clusters near the center of the most Flemish cluster to almost all the Campa Empire

"Pikachu" Lincoln is a good guy among the aliens on the other side. This guy has a good outlook and good ability. The key is that he looks handsome, a bit like Degea, the goalkeeper of Manchester United …

Goofy thought about it. Well, just save him first. So Goofy turned to Lincoln to use the instructor’s template whispering skills. "Lincoln, wake up …" "Lincoln, calm down …" "You are now under control. Your current situation is not what you want. Don’t sink like this again. You must be sober …" "Stop your wrong

Yu yat sen villa suo suo lowered her head to save her neck. She didn’t know whether Zhuo Xuanyu was really drunk or fake drunk. Just now, she teased her wantonly and now she gently solicited her wishes. At this moment, she never understood Zhuo Xuanyu herself.

"No, no!" The more she shrank her head, the more afraid she was to contact him. If she hadn’t been held by Zhuo Xuanyu, she would have shrunk to the ground directly. "Why not? I know you like me all the time." He kissed her and murmured, "We can be the happiest couple …" "no!"