Chapter 34 Traction beam

Zhang Lan stare big eyes and consciously say what’s on her mind. "Phantom, this … is the Atlantis space carrier frigate?" "It’s blue. As you can see, it’s really a 17-frigate-one of the space battleship." The phantom should have such a tone "It … How big is it?" Zhang Lan swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Surdak Boqiang often communicates with each other at ordinary times. Even if Boqiang has a simple look, Surdak can guess a rough idea.

"You mean this sentry scroll?" Bo Qiang nodded his head. At the beginning, the skinny old man in the magic grocery store recognized that they didn’t have any sentry scrolls, and Boqiang also bought two at random. No one expected that the mountain team had actually received the most dangerous investigation. Although a sentry scroll

Take a few steps back in a row until Pei Wende, the only exit of the courtyard, finally sees the present situation of the courtyard clearly.

In addition to the two painted skins, a tiger skin and a ghost that were killed before, Pei Wende briefly struggled and a dozen ferocious evil spirits appeared everywhere in the courtyard. Hiding in the shade of a tree, a rat-shaped evil spirit, a swordsman’s fierce soul bathed in moonlight, and a person who has