Say that finish no longer look at the battlefield horse turned around and took the lead from the valley battlefield with pro-guard regiment.
The magistrate immediately went to your legend to go to the hill, and a team of cavalry held five crossbows in their hands, and the crossbows blocked the charge Lord’s cavalry regiment from leaving the valley quickly.
They left a dead horse all over the floor and retreated in the direction they came.
Surdak also stopped to look at those well-trained cavalry from Taniguchi.
At this time, the commander of the cavalry regiment seemed to stop at the mountain road. He took the reins of the horse with one hand and turned around and took a deep look at Surdak. The cold and arrogant expression was never like a commander who had just experienced failure.
The magician Avid Thea helped him out of the dense forest. He was injured and his face turned pale after these steps.
Dahu trudged to the wizard Ived and said gratefully to the wizard Ived, "Thank you, Wizard Ived. If you hadn’t helped me this time, I’m afraid our whole camp would have been slaughtered by this group of lords …"
Wizard Avid said with a face of shame, "Well, you should thank me for not helping me. You should thank …"
"If these children in Tacalai hadn’t seen their suffering, we wouldn’t have helped you. Wizard Ived is a magical aristocrat. How could he have helped the aristocratic lords!"
Samira aside tree branches slightly hoarse voice said
She and thea black veil covered their faces and looked very mysterious.
The rebels on the side are spying on them, and they will continue to rummage through the corpses for their lucky companions.
In any case, the battle ended with a tragic victory by the rebels.
And victory often has some gains …
Chapter 96 Faith 2
Blood almost dyed the pebbles in the valley red. Rummaging through Surdak’s body, he called someone to come and carry them to his temporary battlefield to build a tent if he could save his life.
Seeing that Surdak turned out to be a paladin with holy light, the rebel soldiers took the initiative to carry the seriously wounded to the front of Surdak’s tent.
Soon it won’t be necessary for Surdak to take the initiative to find the wounded for treatment. He just needs to cast holy light on these wounded soldiers in the tent.
Surdak’s principle of treating the wounded is to give priority to the seriously injured …
After such a big battle with the rebels, because there is no healing agent and the water magician is injured, the soldiers will make a life-and-death choice at this time.
Soldiers who feel that they have recovered from physical injuries and don’t want to continue to endure the pain will be helped by their closest comrades, and there will often be individual farewell ceremonies at this time.
Some soldiers who think they can live will simply wrap up and lie in the camp to fight death alone.
But things are different now …
Surdak took the initiative to treat these rebels, and all the soldiers were carried back from the battlefield if they could still breathe.
Thea and Surdak are assistants behind them, and they are a famous Xiushui magician. Thea is very skilled in hydrotherapy and detoxification …
However, Thea prefers to treat injured children, old people and women in rebel camps.
The two-headed ogre came back from the battlefield with a horse whose head was cut off by Surdak’s sword. He carried the horse on his shoulder and carried the horse’s head with the other hand. His mouth was still stained with some blood, which was daunting …
He set up two bonfires next to Surdak’s tent and cooked a big pot full of water. After the water was boiled, it had to be cooled to clean the wound of the wounded soldier for Surdak.
Another bonfire is to barbecue the war horse. He has tied the whole horse to a huge wood, which has been peeled and dirty. It seems that he wants to roast the whole ogre. He brought some salt and spices to the war horse.
Gulitem said to the brain flower endlessly, "This kind of horse meat is chewy after it is cooked, especially the leg meat is especially delicious …"
Well said, brother, the brain flowers can’t wait to eat raw meat directly. "Brother, stop it."
For ogres, every fierce battle consumes a lot of physical strength. The best way to replenish physical strength is to eat like a pig.
Samira squatted beside the knight and personally picked up his magic tattoo and put away his magic belt, weapons and saddle.
All Surdak and Coultham personally killed the costume knights, and she personally ran over and stripped off their magic tattoos, weapons, shields, magic belts and gold and silver ornaments. Almost 20 costume knights in this cavalry regiment were killed by Surdak, Gultham and Samira, including 11 costume knights.
Samira, an ordinary cavalry, automatically ignored this time. The biggest gain is that eleven sets of magic pattern structures are damaged to some extent, but they should still be mended.
Samira’s eyes became sparkling. She had never thought that hunting Warcraft, expanding territory and mining stones were far less profitable than winning a war. It was simply too profitable.
The winning side can actually make up for the losses caused during the battle …
Rebel leaders looked at Samira from a distance, carrying eleven sets of magic patterns, but it was Fa who went over and said something.
What can I say? If people didn’t lend a helping hand in times of crisis, the rebels would probably be slaughtered by this cavalry regiment …
Now people collect and kill the enemy’s battles, and now the knight also treats the wounded soldiers. Although these magic patterns are precious to the rebels, they can also watch Samira get into the bag.
Of course, these rebel soldiers can’t forget the scene so soon that a light arrow shot a knight in the sky and the sky flashed. The bombing in the cavalry charge formation made all the archers in the rebel barracks open their eyes. Originally, archers could do such a sharp blow.
Many people were killed and many injured. Surdak was very busy.
This time, all the sacrifices he took out were carried with him. The magic purse was limited, and the number of sacrifices he carried was not too much. Aphrodite was no longer pustule in the lava cave of the mountain, and there was no way to take out the goods there. For these Warcraft head sacrifices, Suldakki could save a primary head, and two seriously injured people should be blessed with the’ God Blessing Body’.
Fortunately, the children in the camp got together and they were frightened by the cruel battle.
The shadow of death hangs over the whole camp. Women are hiding in the corner with their children in their arms, secretly crying or crying when they are dead.
Rebel soldiers seem to have adapted to this life. They carried their injured companions back to the camp outside the tent and waited for Surdak’s treatment.
Others picked up a lot of firewood from the Woods and set up a huge firewood pile at the bottom of the valley. They arranged the bodies of their dead companions neatly and waited for the burning ceremony in the evening.
People here think that there will be an open door in the underworld and human world when day and night alternate …
The dead Lord’s cavalry will also burn the bones and build them into a member of the undead army.
However, their bodies were thrown at random, and all valuable things were stripped off. One by one, the bloody bodies were lying in a mess with firewood.