"I also want to go to class brother-in-law haven’t go? Shall I go to work in his car later? " Warm and laughing, I can’t think of it. I just don’t want to.
"I asked the driver to take you there. He left early in the morning." He said softly and felt that something was wrong.
"Leaving so early?"
"The group is very busy recently?"
"No, we haven’t got on the right track just after the New Year, and our department is still deliberately preparing for it." It means "staying up all day."
"Oh," he promised softly and lightly, but he couldn’t help lowering his head. So he got up so early every day to go to the group?
Later, I asked the driver to send warmth to the office building, and she followed me and went directly to the top floor.
I was a little surprised to see her, ma ‘am.
"Is General Teng inside?" She asked softly
"Manager Teng hasn’t come to work yet."
Gentle in the mind a swing feeling must be what happened.
Nodded and left on the way to school. She was still wondering what happened.
When she got to school, she saw the tall and straight guard eldest brother at the school gate. She was stunned first and then remembered that he had spoken last night and didn’t think much.
At school, the teachers actively interacted with the children. She watched at the window for a while and saw her daughters sitting on small benches and listening to the teacher’s stories carefully. Then she turned back to the office.
After noon, the weather suddenly turned cloudy, but the children were led to sleep in the room by the teacher after lunch.
Sitting in the office window and looking at the outside, the mobile phone has been lying quietly on the table, and she has been waiting for Tengyun to give her a message.
Although she said she didn’t want to know anything, if something really happened, would she have to live heartlessly?
Section 336
Wen Liang felt as if it was very lively outside within a few minutes of his arrival. He looked up from a document and looked out. Then he looked at everyone and found out that it was a new colleague.
I can’t help but think of the time when he and Belle first came, and then they hung their eyes.
At that time, she still had to fight with him and get the life they wanted.
People want to change …
No, or it is too easy for a woman to change.
He didn’t want to think about it any more. His mobile phone rang. He just lowered his eyes and lifted his eyes and saw a few words flashing across his face.
She couldn’t help laughing. Her temper really came and went quickly.
When I returned to the office building after lunch, I saw Teng Yun coming back with the secret. I couldn’t help but think of my early sister’s confused appearance and chased it to Teng Zong.
Teng Yun turned to look at the seemingly familiar sound and saw the warmth coming this way. After frowning slightly, he turned around and just finished eating.
"Well, I went to your home to find my sister early today and wanted to take your car to class. As a result, my sister said that you came to class early. I hope I didn’t say anything wrong?"
A little complicated emotion flashed through my eyes, and then he left. I’ll go first.
The secret nodded and watched the boss take the staff ladder with warmth.
"Zhang secret vines always really busy recently? Just class! "
"The boss naturally has things that the boss has to be busy with, so we just have to do a good job of dividing things." Zhang Mi simply said that he did not disclose the boss’s things
Warm feeling that he was a little boring, he stopped talking and went to warm feeling first.
Tengyun returned to the office and picked up the phone to call tenderness.
Gentle is chatting with Professor Yuan, and his expression is sluggish when he calls.
"Your husband calling? Answer it, "said Professor Yuan.
Smile gently, then pick up the phone and pick it up. The ring stands out.
"You came to see me in the office building today?"
"The warmth came over, and I sent her to see it by the way." Gentle and low way.
"I left early today for something else, not to come to the company."
"Well, let’s talk about it when we get home late. Mom has come to school and we are communicating some things." Gentle and low smile to Professor Yuan.
Professor Yuan also said that he is dying, and he still has to talk all day.
Teng Yun listened to the sound coming from the mobile phone and had to say goodbye to her. After hanging up, his heart was actually a lot safer.
It is good that he knows that she is worried.