Smiling, I looked at Bai Jingjing and said, "It’s always the protagonist, and it’s always the protagonist’s boss who is protecting me. Haha."
Bai Jingjing a full face of pain at cried "positions what’s the matter with you? The empress is asking you to bless your peace. "
Suddenly holding Bai Jingjing said, "Jingjing is always the protagonist, always really the protagonist. Haha, you don’t have to ask Nu Wa, but help me pray for the boss. If the boss is happy, maybe you can give him two more treasures."
Bai Jingjing said, "Stop scaring me."
Laughing, Bai Jingjing shouted, "God, please give me two more things. Haha"
When this statement came out, it really changed that day. Everyone looked at the change that day and froze. Looking at the change, they muttered, "You won’t be right, will you?"
If there was a fluctuation that day, but when I saw two Tianbao flying out of the void, everyone was shocked. Even if I just gaped, I didn’t know what to say. If the heavenly sword and HarmonyOS purple gas were lured just now, but now the two treasures are attracted to everyone. Just now, the heavenly sword and the two treasures are transformed into treasures, just like the three treasures of the ancient axe. What are these three treasure prototypes besides the HarmonyOS sword? I hope that HarmonyOS sword can easily slay all Buddhist people, and the Tathagata can’t stand the HarmonyOS sword for protection. People say that Zhong Hong is not the enemy, and even the HarmonyOS sword suffered a big loss. It can be seen that this HarmonyOS sword is powerful, and this HarmonyOS sword was not ordinary when Mr. Zhang’s weapon was worthy of a floating cloud weapon.
Just now, the heavenly sword was taken away, and the two weapons must not be taken again, otherwise the ending will definitely not be fun. If the HarmonyOS sword reappears, it will definitely be like a pangu axe.
Chapter 24 What the fuck is this world
Everyone regrets that two treasures were easily taken away, but now the appearance of these two treasures has aroused everyone’s heart. It’s not that these two treasures are more precious this time, but after two temptations, everyone’s nerves have collapsed. One day, three treasures and a HarmonyOS purple gas appear, even a three-corpse saint has to be moved.
Wait for a while looked at the two treasures in the sky, and the desire in his heart was limited. The desire in his eyes kept burning. Suddenly, he smiled and said, "God helps me and I am really the protagonist. Since then, the veteran natural enemy haha" laughed and turned Changhong into a sky and went straight to the two treasures that day.
The saints of heaven frown and look at the sky, and suddenly they feel a throb in their hearts. The saints immediately close their eyes and fight regardless of boundaries. The throb just now is a sign. Although the reorganization of heaven is not only a saint’s method of avoiding disasters and robbing, it is still feasible. The throb in their hearts represents danger. It is by this intuition that saints can survive.
These saints don’t make moves, and there are not many people competing for two treasures. But just before the move, everyone was worried about whether the sage would reach out and grab two treasures. Everyone was shocked at this situation. No one dreamed and dared to think that the sage would not make moves. This change came out.
Zhongtian and Dizang in the underworld are about to make moves. Xu Xian grabbed them and said, "Don’t be impulsive. Don’t forget that it’s not easy and the sage didn’t make moves. What is this?"
Heaven and earth froze at the same time. It suddenly occurred to them that it was the owner of the dry Kunding. At the beginning, all the identities of Penglai were inextricably linked. Maybe there is something unknown in it. Maybe those saints have already discussed everything and waited for who to rob it.
Nai Tian sat down and said, "Let’s wait and see."
A few people sat to sit tight, but they took two treasures and rushed to Beiju Luzhou. Now these two things are not simple. If you don’t take them, run for fear that the brick man behind you will bury him alive.
Coming back to Beijulu Intercontinental, a clear light will block the road flyover Tsing Yi. "Are you blocking me?"
The Taoist said, "Daoyou just took two treasures, and now you’d better keep them."
Cold way: "I don’t know why you let me keep two treasures. Here comes the saint!" " Said suddenly, pointing to the tsing yi road flyover behind exclaimed.
The Taoist priest in Tsing Yi hurriedly turned around and slapped a brick hard behind the head of the Taoist priest in Tsing Yi. The Taoist priest in Tsing Yi was directly driven into the ground and hurried to run away. But he didn’t run towards Luzhou in the north, but just ran towards the other side of the country. After a few steps, a clear light came straight at him and suddenly Changhong disappeared. The clear light stopped when the Taoist priest was looking for it. He felt that the wind sounded behind his head and hurriedly escaped. But he knew that the Taoist priest was not simple. Just now, it was just a bamboo stick.
"Bang" floor tiles hit the road flyover Tsing Yi’s head again and knocked him down immediately. Changhong disappeared and was about to run away when another road flyover stopped in front of him. When he saw that the road flyover reached out and grabbed the bamboo pole, the strength was too great. The road flyover relied on his own way, but he didn’t want to eat a little bit. He swung something on the road flyover’s shoulder and hit the road flyover hard.
"Dang" unexpectedly took out the chaotic bell and smashed it with bricks. The Taoist coldly turned to look at the way, "You are Penglai’s brother."
Open your eyes and ruthlessly smash the plank brick to the root of the Taoist priest, but you can’t avoid it. You are directly photographed and quickly disappear into Changhong. After running around in the field, you quietly hide on the edge of chaos and look around. Just now, when he turned around, he met many authentic people. These people are all strong and less sure to easily defeat one of these Taoist priests.
I muttered to myself, "You are always the leading role. How can you stepping stones find something that will look good to you when you are old?" Looking at the two treasures in your hand, I suddenly thought of a good way.
Holding HarmonyOS’s ruler and refining, I can’t help frowning. The sword was really successful in an instant that day, but it seems that the root of this thing in HarmonyOS’s ruler and root method is not his thing. In general, I don’t take the dust-blowing sacrifice again. This dust-blowing is that he has some chances to want to finish the sacrifice and still need to be sanctified.
After thinking about it, I’d better throw the HarmonyOS ruler out. It’s not my own thing. I’m afraid I’ll have a lot of trouble after holding it. I might as well lose it and let these people fight to the death. Maybe I can finally get some benefits.
HarmonyOS’s ruler will immediately lead out those Taoist priests who are chasing after him. These people are chasing HarmonyOS’s ruler and hiding on the edge of chaos. These people are all quasi-saints. If they are not nine-day saints, they will not be afraid that these people will not come out with a treasure, but they have three first treasures and a HarmonyOS purple sage. No matter what the world of mortals do, how can these people not come out?
Throwing out a treasure can make a small number of people fight endlessly there. After all, these people were all left in the wilderness at the beginning. They can’t be without tricks, but some people can’t bear to leave the treasure to others in vain.
Looking at the constant struggle, the group was worried. He thought about it and suddenly shouted, "Oh, my God, give me another HarmonyOS purple gas."
As soon as the voice fell, the chaos immediately churned up and stunned. Looking at the chaos rolling endlessly behind him, I was surprised that suddenly he turned Changhong into the Three Realms, but I saw that the chaos suddenly blew up and a huge chaotic hurricane rushed out. Those monks who fought with HarmonyOS feet did not escape the chaotic hurricane, and they were wrapped in it in an instant. The place where the hurricane strayed around in the outer world left a void. As the hurricane approached the Three Realms, it gradually became smaller.
Finally, the hurricane dissipated. HarmonyOS feet and a HarmonyOS purple gas rushed into the three realms. wait for a while looked at the extra HarmonyOS purple gas. "Is this fucking true? Is it that big?" Or does the boss see me pleasing to the eye and let me get what I want? "
When they became speechless, HarmonyOS Ziqi and HarmonyOS ruler flew towards him and looked at those two things and ran away. He didn’t dare to ask for these two things again. HarmonyOS Ziqi himself had two things in Tianbao first. If he was greedy again, even if the boss was generous that day, regardless of the saints, the monks in the Three Realms would definitely be red-eyed and even if he became a saint, he would have to be countered.
While running, I was frustrated. "What the fuck is this world? It’s the first time that I’ve been chased by two treasures. Mom, stop chasing the old and chase the old. I have to accept you."
It’s a pity that the two treasures were still chasing him this time and unconsciously ran to the border of Huaguoshan. Suddenly, they turned around and shouted, "I can’t stand mom. Come on, Baoduo doesn’t press down." Stop. HarmonyOS Ziqi and HarmonyOS ruler immediately fell into his arms and looked at the two treasures and trembled.
Days of clear light rushed to these places, which were attracted by things. There was no way to make two HarmonyOS Ziqi and three Xiantianbao. The nine-day sage looked at them with two eyes full of desire, and he couldn’t wait to be eaten alive. Now he is simply a treasure house. Whoever catches him can be consecrated, but he can definitely be consecrated. Two HarmonyOS Ziqi and three Xiantianbao can’t be consecrated with these things. That can say that your understanding is too poor to be consecrated.
At this moment, a huge black hole suddenly appeared in Huaguo Mountain, and the friar quickly stopped to look at the sudden black hole. No one knew what was going on.
Silly group fix silly, even those nine-day saints froze. Everyone looked at the top of Huaguo Mountain and froze. Brother Penglai Island was even more moved by this thing. Others may not know what it is. At most, it is a very innate treasure, but Penglai middleman knows that this thing is a floating cloud baby.
Muttered, "Isn’t this a brick?"
There are three pieces of dry tripod, plank brick and an array of things that reappear in the day. The array is stronger than anyone who has seen it. It is a good treasure, and the array seems to match the four swords of Zhu Xian.
In Biyou Palace, you can see that the four swords of Zhu Xian are unbearable, and his four swords of Zhu Xian are even more manic and seem to be rushing out. Generally, at this moment, the plank brick in Sanbao suddenly shines brightly, and all the people in the three realms are avoiding the strong light. After a while, the plank brick body reveals a domineering spirit, and the tripod and the array are eclipsed in this plank brick.