Chu mother’s heart was tangled, and finally she chose to acquiesce in Shi You’s behavior.
After a week, he was discharged from the hospital. Song Anqiao breathed hard. "This is the taste of people."
I’m dying in the hospital.
Lin Yan slapped her on the back. "I don’t know when I am happy. It would be nice to be served in the hospital."
Song Anqiao rubbed Lin Yan and patted her. "You don’t know that Chu Fei is a pervert and I have a stomachache, but he let me stay in the hospital for a week and looked at me like a prisoner all day."
Lin Yanbai gave her a bad look and smiled. "So you and he are so, so?"
Song anqiao was at a loss. "What is that?"
"You and I are not minors." Lin Yan woman.she said, "I saw him kiss you when he sent you over."
"…" Song Anqiao shy.
Lin Yan hates iron not to produce. "You are a shy ghost!"
Song anqiao blushed and stepped forward.
Lin Yan chased, "I knew you were inseparable from Chu Fei. You are going to remarry, aren’t you?"
Song anqiao walked forward without saying a word.
"Did you let go of your father’s affairs?" Lin Yan asked the question key.
Song anqiao was shocked. "No, but I’ll try."
Lin Yanfu worried that "I’m afraid you’ll get sick when you think about it later."
"No" Song Anqiao sounded a little flustered. "I will get used to it slowly."
Outsider Lin Yan penetrated everything with a cold hum: "Hum, there are two possibilities for you to hate. Chu Chang is dead or your father is not dead."
Song anqiao listened and turned pale.
Mechanically followed Lin Yan into the restaurant, and Jiang He was already sitting inside waiting for them. "Sister, are you still sick with your stomach?"
Song anqiao shook his head "ok"
Lin Yan looked at her. "She was just scared by my words."
"What words?" Jiang He frowned.
"I said that there are two possibilities for her and Chu Fei to remarry far away. Her father didn’t die or Chu Chang died …"
"Stop it, Lin Yan." Song Anqiao stopped Lin Yan. "That was unlucky."
Lin Yan doesn’t like "An Qiaochu killed his father by accident, but now he has to pay the price …"
"Lin Yan" Song Anqiao didn’t want to listen to stop her again.
Lin Yan was stopped by her one after another. "You are typical. If you have love and forget your parents, aren’t you afraid that your father will scold you for being unfilial?"
Jiang He listened, "Lin Yan, what are you talking about?"
Lin Yan was angry. "How did I speak? I told the truth. Who forgot hatred and hooked up with her ex-husband?"
Jiang He was angry and quarreled with Lin Yan.
The restaurant manager came over to stop the fight. Song Anqiao took Lin Yan out and dumped Song Anqiao. "Song Anqiao, let’s not meet for a while and calm down for two days."
Song Anqiao rubbed his eyes. "What’s the matter with you, Lin Yan?"
"Nothing, I just can’t understand people like you," Lin Yan said angrily. "I really hate that I asked you why you divorced when I was visiting the sick."
Lin Yan left, Jiang He walked out of the restaurant and looked in a daze. Song Anqiao advised, "Elder sister, ignore her taking the wrong medicine."
Song Anqiao felt uncomfortable. Lin Yan saw that she and Chu Fei were together again and asked her why. She didn’t hesitate to say the reason for the divorce at the moment.
Who knows that Lin Yan’s absence for a long time feels that hatred is unforgivable, and it is unfilial to hook up with her ex-husband again.
On the way home, Jiang He asked her, "Sister, do you really want to remarry your brother-in-law?"
Song anqiao stuffy don’t answer.
"Hey?" Jiang He so easily "not to say that your father’s body didn’t find it? Maybe he didn’t die and got up and left. "
"…" Song Anqiao stared at Jiang He in amazement.
"What’s the matter? Am I wrong? " Jiang He looked at her touch head awkward way
"No," said Song Anqiao, "I suddenly feel that you are right."