He took a bath with a calm face and came out wrapped in a bathrobe, lying in bed without wiping his hair.
He took out his mobile phone and sent a short message to Su Yun.
Sorry for my bad attitude just now. Did you sleep? Rhyme]
Su Yun is alone on the small terrace, blowing cold air and sulking. When she hears the text message, she draws the screen with an expression and closes the screen after seeing this line for a few seconds.
It took another ten seconds for the tone to ring again.
My head hurts. I can’t find the hair dryer. Can I sleep directly if I don’t blow my hair? 】
Su Yun glared at his eyes and slapped the words [No! 】
Meng Yunan sat up and dialed the words directly to her.
Su Yun hesitated for two seconds or connected.
In the words, Meng Yun’s voice was hoarse and low. He said, "I’m sorry, I apologize to you because my attitude is bad."
Su Yun tugged at the balcony handrail. "Did you find that you just had a bad attitude?"
Meng Yunan said frankly, "Well, that’s because I’m too nervous about you."
Su Yun was one leng, and then the internal heat dissipated for more than half. Of course, she knew that the other party wouldn’t say that, but Meng Yunan didn’t say anything. Two people can’t always rely on guessing. Only when he said it can she white his mind.
Su Yun sighed and said, "Are you in the room?"
Meng Yunan even ordered two small heads and then patted his forehead and smiled "Yes".
Su Yun said, "Wait for me."
Meng Yunan was very happy. "Good!"
Hang up Su Yun went back to the bed and looked at the stars, then slid the door to Meng Yunan’s side.
I didn’t expect Meng Yunan to wait at the door directly. As he said, his hair was dripping with stachys rhyme. When he saw it, his eyebrows wrinkled and he dragged him into his room.
Meng Yunan, in turn, held her hand and touched it with her thumb in her palm.
Su Yun felt it, but didn’t say anything. She calmly pulled him to sit by the bed and found a dry towel to wipe his hair.
Meng Yunan hugged her waist and sighed lightly. "Are you not angry?"
Su Yun paused for a second and then said, "You can’t wipe away from something."
Meng Yunan’s cheek rubbed against her chest and said "No"
Su Yun endure endure finally gently took a Meng Yunan head on his head and immediately left the expression ignore koo.
Su Yun said "punishment"
Meng Yunan hooked up her lip angle, grabbed her hand on her face and smiled, "Oh, then play a few more times to calm you down."
Su Yun resisted the idea of wanting to laugh. She pinched her lips and pulled back her hand to continue to wipe his hair, saying, "Don’t admit that our contradiction today is a small matter."
Meng Yunan casual way "huh? Isn’t it? "
Su Yun said "no"
Meng Yunan was silent for two seconds and said nothing.
Most boys’ hair is short, and they will soon be able to do it if they don’t drip a little.
Su Yun put a towel and looked at him condescendingly. "Language is the most hurtful weapon in this world. Are you white? Yunan "
Meng Yunan looked up at her without nodding or shaking her head.
Su Yunxue rubbed his short hair as usual. Meng Yunan had a strange expression, but he endured it.
Su Yun chuckled and sat beside him. Meng Yunan immediately pulled her hand. Su Yun didn’t resist, but continued to say, "Your attitude and tone of voice just now … and it made me very uncomfortable and gave me a very bad feeling."
"I’m not a stranger. Who do you think I am?"
Meng Yunan opened his mouth and said, "My girlfriend."
"To your girlfriend," Su Yun said, "we are still stars, father and mother. If possible, I would like to die with you. We will be the closest people besides our parents, right?"
Meng Yunan looked unhappy. "We are not close."
Su Yun tapped his forehead, and Meng Yunan grabbed her gesture to bite Su Yun and shrank back to stare at him.
Meng Yunan put her hand on his lips and kissed it gently.
Su Yun "…"
Su Yunnai shook his head cleanly, and finally concluded, "I mean-we are partners. If there is anything we need to communicate and discuss, we are equal. You should respect my thoughts, and I also need to understand that. Are you white?"
Meng Yunan said "white"
Su Yun: "And although I am a woman, I think I should be much more psychologically stronger than ordinary women. Of course, I respect your thoughts. You don’t want to tell me, but I hope you can try to explain to me and tell me what you think."
"We have to communicate. I can’t understand what’s on your mind until you tell me."
Su Yun has a soft voice and a gentle expression.
Meng Yunan didn’t answer immediately, but put her in his arms. Su Yun Kenai earned and cried, "Ah! Did you hear clearly! "
Head man voice some deep way "clear"
Su Yun looked up from his arms and said, "It’s too late for adults not to remember villains tonight."
Meng Yunan smiled and kissed her with a lazy "yes, madam"
Meng Yunan said, "Baby, is this punishment enough?"
Su Yun cried and bit his shoulder. "Not enough!"
Meng Yunan lamented, "It’s a pity. Let’s do it again."
Section 12
After a new round of exercise, it’s good that Meng Yunan’s conscience is still there. There is always a little bit of being a father who consciously thinks of being abandoned by them in the next room for three transgressions and two times. The little star man’s lean body is covered with sweat, and the exhausted woman kisses her forehead heavily and says, "Go to take a shower."
Su Yun raised his head and patted him on the cheek with little strength.
Meng Yunan Yo-ho, after all, smiled a long and spoiled smile. Who touched his face, his parents or grandfather?
This generation has Su Yun.
Simply rushed a Meng Yunan holding Su Yun back to bed bath towel to clean your hair. It’s not easy to dry without washing. Besides, the other party took a shower at night.
Su Yun was so tired that she couldn’t keep her eyes open. "Go back to my room!"
Meng Yunan Judo "I know to clean you up first"