Yingying is the magic door witch, which is said to be the most attractive occupation for Jianghu Xia to chase after her ass. In many Jianghu sayings, when a witch comes out of Jianghu Shaoxia, she will leave home and send a willing witch to go through fire and water, but this requires a front, that is, there is no fairy to rob the business by herself. Once a fairy appears and Xia has little support, it is hard to say which side Yingying is the witch and Zhang Furong is the fairy. She has seriously affected the witch’s plan to reverse all beings.
There has never been a shortage of women in the Jianghu, and women with outstanding looks are even more lacking in fact. Most of the chivalrous women who walk in the Jianghu are beautiful. When recruiting female brothers, the qualifications of the bones are not important. The most important thing is to see whether the beauty blank can be packaged into a signboard of the sect. Can Jianghu turn some chivalrous women back for the door?
After all, this is a world of looking at faces. Beauty is what justice depends on. It doesn’t matter what it is. Anyway, if you want to be beautiful enough, you will have a large number of chivalrous people with little blood. Why do you still learn martial arts when you charge? To learn is to treat people like anger, when to pretend to be delicate and touching, and when to be unrestrained and free and easy, but to laugh, cry, shake one’s head, frown, and see someone who wants to give some sweetness and unbutton his shirt. These are all training
It can be said that the success of Jianghu Woman depends on whether the tutors they meet have rich packaging experience, whether the team of professional instructors are qualified or not. Compared with Zhang Furong, these women are more like a dark horse born, acting and acting without training, but a little less. After carving, they are from the heart, and she is gorgeous and cold as ice. Are you a Jianghu tycoon or a hero? She doesn’t give face to face with one hand. Third, hidden weapons Kung Fu has also made a good name in Jianghu.
These chivalrous young people are reluctant to refuse and welcome the female Xia. When they meet Zhang Furong, this style is amazing. Some people say that she is the real person of the ancient tomb school. Look at that temperament and look at that look. This is the elegant demeanor of the ancient tomb school dragon and female Xia.
It’s best not to get it. There are many famous men and women in Zhang Furong Jianghu, and Sineitai, also known as the Flower Guard Corps, is composed of members all over the famous men and decent Shaolin monks. Many of them are the backbone of the members, and many of them regard Zhang Furong as an idol and follow them thousands of miles, calling them pink followers, and these hundreds of women have attracted many people who are interested in Zhang Furong.
Where did Zhang Furong go to meet the famous young Xia of the local Wulin family? She dared to eat waterway business without shanzhai and helpers in the Jianghu. Zheng Guobao listened to this introduction and sneered, "What a bitch! I will let her suffer this goddess when I meet you this time."
Ying Ying and others are also very happy when they read Zhang Shou’s deed of sale. "Great, my uncle will also ask me to take this bitch’s hair later. When it falls, I’ll take care of her first and make sure that this bitch can post it and let her do anything."
Zheng Guobao knows that Yingying is not a generous person. "I don’t care how many sisters you have if you have me in your heart." This kind of good quality is obviously not with her. Since she lived in an imperial palace, she not only refused to let Zheng Guobao succeed, but also left the Wangs’ sisters as maids. As a result, Zheng Guobao kept three beauties and had to work hard as a real monk. It’s a long story. What kind of madness is she smoking today?
Chapter two hundred and four Xiang Wentian
I was wondering if this was what Yingying gave herself, but she said, "But in the future, she can be a handmaiden, and if she has children, she is not allowed to have identity. I want her to be instructed by me, and I have to do whatever I ask her to do."
He didn’t know that Yingying Jianghu was compared with Zhang Furong several times, and the result was a complete defeat. Who let her be 26 this year? Zhang Furong is less than 20. She was born in the magic door, but Zhang Furong is decent. Worse, the witch has always been disorderly in her private life. It is even more said that she is good at mining and mending. When a man meets her, he will lose his skill or even his life.
Zhang Furong’s route is an iceberg beauty. It’s true for everyone, but it’s a double price. The market has soared. It’s not a day or two for the peers to be enemies. It’s hard to get a chance. Naturally, I’m thinking about how to step on my old enemy and get rid of the queen’s addiction. Besides, even if I don’t say this, Zhang Furong probably can’t escape
After this, Yingying lifted up her eyes and looked at the pavilion in the middle. There was an old man in white sitting alone at a board table drinking. Although this man was sitting, he was almost as tall as an ordinary person. She saw that this was not the Sun, Moon, Shinto, Shinto, Zuoshi, King Xiang Wentian and a person. Whether my father can get out of danger depends on this old trick. I didn’t expect him to open his mouth in danger and shout out the word uncle.
Zheng Guobao pulled her aside. "Don’t yell, is this your teacher?"
Ying ying nodded the trail. "He is the one I said to my uncle and my uncle, please have mercy. Be sure to save my uncle. My father’s safety will be settled. He wants you to save him. I … I’ll put Sandy in your room tonight."
Zheng Guobao smiled and looked around suddenly, "Ying Ying, why are those clothes so strange for me over there? Why are those killed by my five tyrants so similar? "
Yingying glanced at a place where there were more than 200 people posing as themselves. Others kept a long distance. They were all dressed in black, with different colors in their waists. It was also a change. "This is why I taught people how so many people came to Henan? What is this to do? "
Zheng Guobao heard that it was a middleman in the Sun and Moon Shintoism who thought it was even more difficult. Some of these guys are desperate thieves who are not afraid of their official prestige. If they are also going to deal with Xiang Wentian’s hand, they are not good at dealing with those brain-dead men. If they listen to Zhang Furong’s words, are there some less people to fight against the regime?
The Golden Knife Gate has its own relatives, but it is hard to know whether this relative can speak better than the beauty in front of the beauty. It is almost unbelievable that there are few Jianghu chivalrous people and the public situation.
Guo-Bao Zheng feel this seems to be a little careless with people or not enough, but he saw Xiang Wentian drink after drink but no one spoke in the past. "What is this singing?" Do hundreds of people watch Xiang Wentian drink? "
Yingying sloped a smile. "You said that you are not a Wulin person, but you just don’t understand that martial arts in Jianghu are secondary. The most important thing is that you must have a high-ranking person. Have you heard of it? If you are a first-class master without this model, you will also be regarded as a beggar who can’t enter Daya Gallery. If you have this model, you will be humble and others will not dare to fight with you. "
Zheng Guobao remembered that the wind was clear and sunny and nodded. "What you said makes sense, but this makes the drinking to the left be called an expert?"
"Yes, you see, this is called Mount Tai collapsing in front of it, but it’s full of flaws and it’s not flaws. Anyway, these messy things have become very popular in recent years. If you don’t say such a few words, you won’t be good enough. Even this weapon is now very exquisite. I told my uncle that the hatchet was a pair of steel plate axes. Later, I heard people say that the hatchet was like a thief who didn’t have a master temperament and died. It was a local tyrant who just changed to practice soft sword."
Zheng Guobao looked at it again. "I see, this is also a close magic teaching between the two sides … The sun and the moon teach less people, but the people are more interested in each other. Whoever starts first is afraid of being picked cheap by the other side. I don’t know when to drink this wine to the left."
Yingying said, "It’s okay. We just teach you to call us the devil witch. Anyway, it’s no problem for me to drink this wine from my uncle for a few days and nights. He has always been a cup of wine. He didn’t really drink it. Think about it. Look around. How dare he drink too much? If no one hits himself, he will lie down first. He once taught me how to drink and swallow kung fu."
Seeing this side froze, I don’t know how long it will take. Suddenly, a slender woman dressed in a white dress with a pair of fairy dresses got up and walked to the Songting. She couldn’t see the facial features. If you look at that figure, it was graceful and moving. The only thing to worry about was how to meet the enemy dressed like this. But then again, even Zheng Guobao has to admit that this woman is really itchy when she wears it.
Zheng Guobao had also used some brains on this piece of lotus, but in exchange for three hidden weapons in one hand and trying to take him half a boat to smuggle salt, so he held a grudge to see those men and chivalrous men following the goddess Zhang Furong like loyal dogs. "A group of miserable wretches value a thief’s wife so much."
"Jianghu is like this. If you are willing to laugh at anyone, you can fall into a good popularity, but the price is not as expensive as this cold-faced beauty. Everyone wants to put this cold-faced Rogue in his arms. From then on, the Jianghu has made a big appearance, vying to be attentive. At the beginning, Fenshui helped the leader to give five hundred and twenty pieces of silver, and Zhang Furong was invited to accompany the wine once. Make a determined effort to want water. I didn’t expect that this word was just released and was discovered by the flower guards. The whole Fenshui helped to be picked, and the more this bitch made a dismissive appearance, the less these The more I want to worship her, kneel at her feet and treat her as a goddess, and besides, she still has hundreds of red followers. Anyone who wants to get the goddess will get it, but they are all confused. The more so, the more impossible it is for the goddess to get married. "
These people at this time also gather together forward gather together in both sides can listen to a clear Zhang Furong way "to the left! You should know that I came here today, and Zhang Sili offered a large sum of money to collect four antiques. Can you still present treasures in Beijing for money? Hand over the four treasures, or you’ll be afraid of losing your life no matter how high you are. "
Her voice is clear and clear, and her voice is very different and beautiful. Her tone is indifferent. She is looking for someone to ask for something, and she is justified. Zheng Guobao Yingying hates it. "This bitch will see if you still have such great strength later!"
Yingying heard about Zhang Whale’s four treasures, and there was a panic in her heart. It seems that something is wrong. Sun Moon Shintoism led by a thin man with a face like gold paper, dressed in black and a yellow belt, took a step forward and handed over the way, "Zhang Nvxia invited Luo Xiao, the elder of Sun Moon Shintoism, to give orders to my oriental hierarch to arrest the traitor Xiang Wentian, and asked Zhang Nvxia not to stop it, otherwise it would be inconvenient for my hierarch to be angry."
Nowadays, the management of the Sun, Moon and Shinto religion is very complicated. The hierarch has set up left and right ambassadors, and there are ten elders and four lords, and then the provinces have set up elders to guard the master of the church. Each master of the church has appointed a lot of incense owners and altar owners, and many elders have been appointed. The weirdness of protecting the law lies in the fact that the temple owner can command the temple owner, but the temple owner can command the elder Luo Xiao, for fear that if he is not ordered by the Oriental hierarch, he will be regarded as an appointed elder, and his words will not take up space.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Guardians of flowers
He knows that Zhang Furong Jianghu is famous for its flower guards, and it is even more serious. There are members in all major factions. Today, Zhang Furong can call these many people, which also shows that his appeal is strong. Although he is not afraid of her, the enemy can still make an enemy without making an enemy.
Zhang Furong’s powder face is still as harsh as a mask. "Elder Luo, you take you as a traitor. I want my treasures. Let’s rule out each other’s treasures. If you want them, don’t blame me for turning against you."
"yes! Dare to teach demons. Now this is not a place for you to throw your weight around in Henan. Do you know that I’m the Golden Knife Gate, less in charge of Wang Jiajun’s Jianghu, and the famous Luoyang Double Heroes? Now the command of Luoyang Golden Knife Camp is my uncle, and my father is also an open fourth army. Get out of here, or I’ll send an army to sweep you all. "
The Qin Shaoxia Roi didn’t want Wang Jiajun to specialize in beauty. "My father is the white horse and golden whip of Nanyang Mansion. Haven’t you demons ever heard of my father’s title? If you dare to make Zhang Nvxia angry, all of you will die when my father arrives. "
Luo Xiao saw that the right person looked at his side and his face was not good. He was not afraid of their meetings, but when he fought, where did Xiang Wentian catch it? Good heart secretly scolded several bitches for taking a step back. "In that case, please hurry up, Zhang Nvxia, and don’t obstruct the holy church when you’re done."
Wang Qianqian said, "My brother is really crazy to dare to provoke the Demon Sect. Grandpa said that although we want to make friends with Shaolin, we can’t make sworn enemies with the Demon Sect, otherwise the Wangs will suffer great losses if we retaliate."
Yingying sneered at "Nanyang Qin Chongjiao Haoer, isn’t it amazing that he didn’t block the white horse and golden whip?" These people are really Zhang Furong who doesn’t even want to be old. You see, Taishan Tianyi Emei King Kong didn’t say anything. How can these people speak? "
Xiang Wentian saw that Zhang Furong took two steps and knew this balance. Even if it didn’t take long to reach out and untie the waist baggage, he was ready to throw the baggage at the Sun and Moon Shintoism when things were not good. Then let them get together and get up and take the opportunity to leave, but this method is the first time, but it is a life-saving stunt that can’t be easily put to use.
He didn’t even look back and asked, "Zhang Furong? That’s a strange name. Do I have any hatred for you? It doesn’t matter if you kill a lot of people in your life. What are you, the four treasures, such as money and vulgar things, that we Jianghu people take seriously? "
Zhang Furong said, "You don’t care about me and I don’t care about you. I don’t have any enmity with you. What are you, a demon? What does it matter to me? I want you to change money from the capital and get food from Henan for disaster relief. I want to save thousands of people in Henan, and this is nothing. If you don’t pay it today, you won’t get out of this pavilion. "
A few little Xia listened to his applause. "Look! Lotus fairy is lotus fairy! Talking and doing things is so different that people don’t get infected with vulgarity. People don’t even look at so much money. People in Henan think that’s what a woman is! Surname Xiang quickly admits defeat or I’ll call you to pieces later! "
Xiang Wentian nature is not afraid of such a little girl, but he must beat this more than seven hundred people thinking about giving a stunt in their lives, first killing a few people to bully, and then thinking about how to get rid of the dark luck capability, reaching out and touching the waist and winding soft sword’s mouth should be "to treasure? It’s simple. It’s very important for Miss Zhang to have a few drinks with the old lady. These treasures are you. "
Zhang Furong almond eyes radiant with a cold light. "Since you want to die yourself, don’t blame me." Those flower guards will hug each bright weapon and get the first result. Besides, Taoist Taishan Tianyi, the master of Emei King Kong, is the highest martial arts in these heroes. Both of them have weapons and have to attack before.
Seeing that the situation was about to fall into chaos, I heard a man shouting "Lotus! How can you run outside to make a search if you don’t take good care of your father? When you get home, see how I can tidy up your master. Even if I spoil you, you can’t be arrogant or your wife will spare you in the future. "
Zhang Furong is the goddess in the eyes of this group of chivalrous men. When will anyone dare to be so presumptuous? The Wangs took out their golden knives and began to scold, "Who is tired of living? Dare to Zhang Nvxia not … "
A respectful word didn’t come out to see a group of people coming to the pavilion. The first person swaggered like a respectable person. A woman wearing a curtain and a hat walked side by side. The two maids behind him looked like their sisters Wang Qianqian and Wang Qiaoqiao. The swaggering young man was an imperial uncle Zheng, even if he didn’t dare to scold again.
Luoyang Shuangjiao Jianghu is not famous in Zhang Furong, but Henan Province is also a famous chivalrous woman, Jiaohua. On the one hand, these men and chivalrous men tried their best to protect Zhang Furong, on the other hand, they also had the idea of accepting Shuangjiao together. But later, I heard that Sister Wang had been betrothed to the magistrate’s office, and no one dared to contend that being a twin sister, she would not be able to run away sooner or later, so she did not pay much attention to them.
But today, when I saw these beautiful ladies, why did they wait on them like maids? Who is this? Dare to dig the corner of the magistrate’s office without saying a word and treat two people as maids? Road flyover Tian Yi of Mount Tai made a curtsy with a diabolical eye. "It turned out that the old hero Huang Youjiao came to be original, and some old heroes lost their manners."
Huang Boliu made a ha ha. "The Taoist priest will pay more attention. I’m waiting for some people today. The servant is the master of our family."
Guo-Bao Zheng has come to Zhang Furong at this time big women-especially mothers-who said "bold Zhang Furong saw master don’t kneel and kowtow? You are becoming more and more unruly, and I will teach you a lesson when I get home. "
Zhang Furong was also confused by this sudden change. Where did this person come from? This song is familiar. It seems that I have never seen him so disdainful. Is it to attract my attention or is there any other plot? Why does the woman next to him look like …
Xiang Wentian has already shouted out first, "Yingying niece turned out to be you. It’s very good. Let’s have a look at these noble houses and decent people. Can we be like your QinBing team? And Henan greenwood expert? Let good friends come out and meet everyone. "