Of course, this statement is a bit grandstanding, and even Yip Han, the party, can smile naively.
The battle of clearing the nest was really very smooth at the beginning, but after an hour, the enemy nests were all finished, and there were more than a dozen enemy nests left, but it was a real alien nest. There were a large number of enemy troops entrenched in each nest.
After the war, it is concluded that there are many giant worms, many servants and soldiers, and many worms in these more than ten enemy nests. Every enemy nest is a hard bone to chew!
These dozens of targets are distributed in three places in Central and South America, two places in North America, one place in Borneo, one place in North Africa, one place in Southeast Asia and two places in Indo-China Peninsula …
This is already known that the alien nests that were not discovered by the Americans must have been found by the Americans because there were no dirty bombs.
Not to mention Africa, which was the first continent controlled by aliens, there must be more than one enemy nest.
A Chinese publication says that it is a long way to go to fight against alien lackeys, and it is far from time to celebrate victory!
He marched in the direction of the troops and attacked more than a dozen enemy nests at the same time, but the enemy rebounded strongly. Some troops realized that the situation was wrong and immediately changed their attack to protect their strength. However, some troops realized this too late and suffered heavy losses.
In either case, the attacking troops will ask for help immediately after finding the problem.
Not only did the attacking troops rescue the alien nest under attack, but they also sent out a signal for help. All the insect groups located in a certain range of the enemy nest moved in the direction of the enemy nest
If you can’t support the attacking troops, it won’t be long before the troops will be surrounded by insects. At that time, not only will you not be able to take the alien nest, but the attacking troops may suffer heavy losses!
At this moment, many commanders of allied forces feel deeply that if it weren’t for the fleet to meet the enemy of the Second Fleet, how dare they be so arrogant?
Of course, there are warships, that is, the emergency modification of the Lan. In addition, many of them are equipped with super cannons 2.
It’s not a secret, and it’s impossible to keep it secret. As a result, Beidu and Beiyuezhou received a large number of assistance applications for Hope Lan and orbital support for ground troops in a very short time … The international base also received as many requests as Beiyuezhou, but it was less in the hands of the international base, so all countries pinned their hopes on Beidu.
Beidu didn’t expect such an accident at all. From the perspective of war situation, it is the best choice to immediately agree to all applications and do our best to support friendly forces. However, from the perspective of governance, it is not so appropriate to agree at one breath.
After all, most of the allies are strong in the head and north of the United States, but they are not allied co-owners. Will it cause resentment in the United States once they agree to come?
It’s not that the North is afraid of the United States, but that it doesn’t want to destroy the excellent foreign situation, and it doesn’t want this sensitive point to stimulate the nerves of the United States!
But don’t promise?
The war situation is very beneficial to the allies. If we can’t get these dozens of alien nests, wouldn’t this ball-related counterattack be anticlimactic?
The consequences are more serious than stimulating the United States!
Beidu soon set the tone, and the overall situation considered that it was necessary to support the Allies, which was not only responsible for ourselves but also for mankind!
However, the United States has to take care of the nerves. Both the North and the North have instructed the North Moon Island International Base to negotiate support issues and come up with a reasonable support plan as soon as possible.
In other words, contact the Americans quickly and let them know the meaning of the North Capital. Don’t delay the war because of this incident.
The Americans know very well that the allied forces can’t afford to lose. Although there is no time to discuss the details, the two sides still worked out a battle plan in the shortest time and made it public at the first time.
The most important part of the war plan is that the North Capital and the U.S. National Union try their best to support the allied forces everywhere, which belongs to the right governance and must be recognized by both the North Capital and the U.S..
Then, I hope that the allies around the country can do what they can and act cheaply according to their respective conditions. If there is hope of victory, we must never relax and fight hard, and don’t be desperate to bite.
After all, the alien nest is there, even if the aliens know that the nest is exposed for a while, they can’t move away. When the allies have enough, they will slowly clean it up.
For the time being, foreign countries have dealt with the country like this, but they have not relaxed at all.
According to the feedback from the participating troops, there are three alien nests in southern Xinjiang, Qiongzhou and southeast China.