"Little useless talk! If you want to go, hurry up and come back and solve things for me! "
Misaka Mikoto said that he didn’t want to say much to Seven Nights and pushed Seven Nights toward the door.
Seven nights is holding a cup in your hand.
"Let me drink tea for me in early spring."
"Road race!"
"Then let me put the cup away!"
"Road race!"
"That …"
"Road race road race!"
Just push the seven nights out
The door seems to be looking with its back against the door panel.
The two little girls looked at her and glanced at each other and found doubts in each other’s eyes.
Seven nights with Misaka Mikoto …
What the hell is this?
Outside the door
"It’s really puzzling."
Shake your head and move the cup to the table inside.
Then turn around and leave
Today, he does have research work to do, and he really needs to go to a former experimental reactor in the suburbs
But when it comes to the original seven nights, the first reaction is that the temperature is brighter and hotter than the sun.
"Why don’t we just experiment with the explosion of the reactor and see if we can have a peaceful day?"
Seven nights think so.
Slowly and leisurely leave the 177th branch and take the bus.
Sitting position looks sleepy.
long time
"Aye aye aye? !”
Suddenly I remembered something
Think back to Misaka Mikoto’s puzzled expression when he said "lover" two days ago, and then think of Misaka Mikoto’s blushing and red expression just now …
"Don’t you already know the meaning of’ lover’?"
It’s not impossible
Misaka Mikoto already knows the Chinese language, but he may not know some strange words.
But it can be checked.
It’s no trouble to investigate this, and we will know the answer soon.
"Well, that’s not right …"
If you know the meaning, you won’t scream, will you
But she did.
"Is it wrong?"
Bite your nails for seven nights
But in the end, I’m too lazy to think about it
"No matter what."
Adjust the sitting position and change to a comfortable position.
Looking out the window, the scenery quickly retreated and I couldn’t help feeling.
"It’s a peaceful day!"
Without seven nights, the little girls will find their own way.
Although Shiraishi has some meaning about why Misaka Mikoto called him a "lover" for seven nights, he also has some meaning about why he blushed after calling Misaka Mikoto.
But now is not the time to study these.
It is much more important to show the fantasy master, and I don’t know how many people have made the fantasy master even more ignorant of who developed this thing.
And how can a song improve students’ ability level?
A lot of questions
But you don’t need seven nights. Some questions are said by Shirai Hei, and Misaka Mikoto is thoughtful
If the learning device effect is achieved through a song …
Learning devices generally achieve the goal of developing ability by stimulating people’s five senses and then … and so on.
And a song …
Misaka Mikoto thought of this.
Together with Shirai Heiyi, I think it is very possible.
So I called Kiyama Harumi.
Originally, I wanted to call Seven Nights, but I didn’t bother to do the experiment at Seven Nights.
Kiyama Harumi affirmed this speculation.
"in this case, I can apply for reeDiagra (tree diagram designer)."
That’s the most powerful supercomputer in Xueyuan city.
But not on the ground, but moved to the satellite floating in the middle.
Genius hacker Uiharu Kazari is very interested in this.
"Can I go over? I want to see how the tree designer makes it. "
"Of course"
Kiyama Harumi did not refuse.
So I packed up a Uiharu Kazari and left the 177th branch and hurried to Kiyama Harumi’s home.
Things look good, and things seem to be solved
"Root doesn’t need that guy!"
Misaka Mikoto thought of seven nights again.
I was a little upset, but after all the sacrifices she made, the guy didn’t help me.
Shirai Black still feels confused.
I always feel that Misaka Mikoto’s attitude towards seven nights is completely different from the original one.
I thought about it for a long time and just wanted to ask one.
But the unfortunate news came
"Zuo Tian’s classmates made the fantasy hand pass out!"