It’s Fang Xiang’s mouth for a moment, but it makes both of them dumbfounded.
"It’s not …"
"What I want to say is what you call a team of dreamers … but I just created a team."
"But the hardware gap is really too big, so I can’t win the championship in the elite cup."
Hearing Fang Xiang’s words, the whole dormitory was instantly quiet.
Han Xuanxuan or bare or department is stare big eyes and open your mouth before looking at yourself.
This ….. this, this, this news is too shocking, isn’t it?
"So you mean that the dreamer team is really your team?"
Han Xuanxuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then asked the party seriously
Fang Xiang nodded his head and answered with the same earnest attitude
"Shit, there’s nothing to say. We’re in."
Previous heart that only a little concern this moment to dispel Han Xuanxuan thought to the party.
"We’ll call you back at the elite cup noodle field."
Warm heart
Fang Xiang also knows that with Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang joining the dreamer team, there is a qualitative breakthrough, but there is also a problem exposed.
That is, the hardware gap between the players is too big, and forcing them to arrange together is afraid that it will have the opposite effect.
"I don’t know if you know the same hardware players?"
Looking at Fang Xiang’s ardent eyes, Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang looked at each other and then Naidao
"Sorry, no"
"Because I have a special identity with Guangguang, it will have a bad effect if there are many people who know our identity, so we all play together, including the team, and we didn’t find anything until we met you today. After all, everyone knows the roots."
Hear Han Xuanxuan party want to white point nod.
Han Xuanxuan this concern before he also didn’t think much.
"It’s not easy to recruit two people when there are still more than two months from Jingwu Tianshen League, and if you have hardware in your team, you can let them join."
Hear Han Xuanxuan words want to just ready to speak bare one-up way
"Not really."
"Don’t we have a fantasy westward journey club in Fudan University?"
"I heard that the level of students in the club is quite good and most of them are elite players."
"We can go to 3V3 to smash the field and let them join our team if we can win."
Who said nothing? At this time, the bare words were not previously thought of by Han Xuanxuan and Fang Xiang.
"Yes! How to forget this crop? "
"On that day, we went to the school fantasy westward journey club to smash the field."
Han Xuanxuan licked his lips and his eyes showed a trace of bloodthirsty.
"God forbid"
Just then a sound came out.
Party want to and Han Xuanxuan are twist a head to the bare, and bare is red blush weak way
"I have an appointment with the president of Taekwondo Club to go to the Fantasy Westward Journey Club when I have no time."
Han Xuanxuan and Fang Xiang both spoke Han Xuanxuan better. He knew that this guy was a violent person except playing with dreams, but he didn’t understand the light before thinking about it … When he heard the light, his eyes really brightened.
"smashing the field?"
"How about taking me one?"
"honk? !”
This is the turn of bare and Han Xuanxuan two people surprised the bare looking at the party to this little arm calf is not suspicious.
"Are you good at playing?"
"I’m a strong fighter."
Fang wants to hear the light and doubt that he is showing his biceps.
"Then why don’t we practice first?"
Guangguang still doesn’t believe it.
"no problem"
Fang wants to be natural and graceful and promised
"Hey, this guy has developed limbs. Don’t mess around."
Han Xuanxuan saw Fang Xiang’s hesitation and didn’t hesitate to wake up at once.
"It’s okay. I’m good."
Party want to is shook his head and look at the present light.
And the light can also feel that Fang Xiang seems to be a different person at this time …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Sad old sinus
"Then I’m here?"
Guangguang’s expression is also serious at the moment. Many so-called amateurs watch the fun and watch the doorways. When Fang wants to talk with him, he finds that Fang wants to take a small step back. This small step is very small, but Guangguang can see the mystery of this small step.
No respondent wants to tick his finger at the light.
No one knows how powerful this punch is, but you can tell from the broken wind that it will never be small!
And Fang Xiang is also a miniature pupil at the moment.
Immediately moved a small step to the side, and then a hand knife split the light and handed it to my wrist.
This trick has been tried and tested before, Ji. Every time you chop it out, you can unload all the strength of your opponent’s attack, but …