"You mean this sentry scroll?"
Bo Qiang nodded his head.
At the beginning, the skinny old man in the magic grocery store recognized that they didn’t have any sentry scrolls, and Boqiang also bought two at random.
No one expected that the mountain team had actually received the most dangerous investigation. Although a sentry scroll went to dozens of silver shovel and fell from the fingers, no one could still hold it in his hand at this time.
The second team member’s alert situation Bo Qiang walked into the center of the bones of the mountain beast. There was a mountain beast left here. The sternum fell to the ground like a room, and the solid ribs were like cages. Bo Qiang inserted a magic object like a branch into the sternum cage and then withdrew.
Bo Qiang nodded again.
"Guys, let’s withdraw …"
There are footprints left by evil spirits everywhere in this area, and Surdak is not going to follow them.
It seems that evil spirits are not used to walking on mountain roads. Their heavy bodies always leave a row of clear footprints in the woodland.
The second team sneaked into this forest area, in addition to tracking the patrol trend of the evil spirits in this area, and also looking for a place suitable for camping. The follow-up cavalry regiment made preparations before entering Moyunling …
Chapter 76 Iguana
The second team is to detect the evil spirits in Motianling, and to find a suitable camping place for the large troops behind the foot of the mountain to avoid the evil spirits of the Lindao Infantry Regiment.
Baron Sidney divided the simple parchment map of each patrol team area in detail.
The Surdak team is responsible for investigation and monitoring. The defense zone is located in the southwest of Motianling, less than five kilometers away from the fourth brigade’s Piling Road. It is a mountain ravine and Gu Dao, which makes this mountain road extremely difficult to take. When the fourth brigade took the Piling Road, it wisely chose to avoid this complex terrain.
The second team can’t run around like a fly in this dangerous forest, and once they encounter evil spirits, they can’t escape
Cinnamon branches and leaves have a pungent smell, and evil spirits hate this smell very much. It is still a scout in the Busmann Legion of Duke Ryan who found that it has been widely used by scouts, but this cinnamon branch is not easy to find.
It is rare to see a large-scale cinnamon forest in the forest of Gandaier. This time, the second group of soldiers were lucky. When the soldier augustus passed through a woodland, he accidentally found a cinnamon tree, so almost everyone in the group wore a layer of cinnamon branches in disguise.
Boqiang was lying in the grass on the slope, and two new recruits lay beside him and stared at the hillside.
There is not a wide exit on the slope. After investigation by the team members, it is found that this is the only way to enter Moyun Mountain. Surdak decided that the second team would hide here to monitor the movements of evil spirits in Moyun Mountain.
Surdak divided the soldiers into three groups.
Two recruits from Surdak Boqiang formed the first group.
Augustus, a Red Sox player, and a fellow soldier formed the second group.
There are five soldiers left to form the third group.
The three groups have formed a cross-monitoring network in this area. Although there are dense forests nearby, they are at the top of the slope and can still echo each other from a distance.
One or three meters long pine-striped meat-crowned iguanas galloped through the sloping grass and darted away in the opposite direction of Moyunling.
The loose-striped meat-crowned iguana belongs to a kind of rare and low-level Warcraft body, and its best skill is’ skinning’, which not only makes it look like a rock, but also makes it feel like a rock even if it is touched. Moreover, this iguana has strong endurance and can hide in a crevice without eating or drinking for half a month, just like a big stone in a crevice.
This iguana is not aggressive, but its teeth are highly toxic. It usually likes to catch some small animals in the mountains.
I can’t believe that this kind of iguana, which is best at camouflage and hiding at ordinary times, should leave Moyunling at this time.
The lizard skin of the loose-striped meat-crowned iguana is highly sought after by the small lords of the Green Empire. Therefore, this gentle iguana is regarded by many adventure groups as the kind of prey that cannot be met. As soon as it appeared in the sight of the second team, it caused quite a stir among the two groups of soldiers.
On the distant hillside, augustus made a gesture to Surdak to apply for hunting iguanas.
Surdak seriously considered it and thought it was a rare opportunity to try his best, so he left two recruits on the hillside to keep lookout. Once an evil spirit approached here and asked them to give a warning, he took Bo Qiang and ran to the hillside.
The loose-textured iguana seems to have the ability to predict danger. There was just a slight movement on the hillside here, and the iguana suddenly fled in the direction of the rock pile hundreds of meters away. Although it is huge, it is not awkward to run, but it is like a land canoe. Every time it exerts its strength, it will suddenly leap forward.
Surdak didn’t expect this loose-textured meat-crowned iguana to be so alert. By the time Boqiang got to the hillside, the iguana had already plunged into the rubble.
At this time, augustus, Red Sox and Dahu also came running from the other side of the hill. Everyone saw the iguana drilling into the rocky pile and gathered around it in succession.
Red Sox and Dahu are holding alloy bows and guarding the rocky pile. The iguanas with loose meat crowns on both sides will break into the range of two people when they run out of the rocky pile. The iguanas with loose meat crowns are huge and it is difficult to hide from two semi-suspended shooters and shoot them.
It was when everyone searched the rubble inside and out that the most embarrassing thing appeared, and the giant lizard was nowhere to be seen.
"Search …"
Surdak spat at a boulder and ordered four soldiers to start.
Augustus was the first to jump off a boulder with a Paglio spear in his hand. The spear threw itself at a boulder and pierced the rock wall. Suddenly, Mars splashed and a raised rock burst, but it wasn’t a loose-grain crown iguana. augustus shouted, "The red socks should be painted old, not this one …"
That’s right. Once you can’t find the Marie Laure Gigon-patterned crested iguana mixed in the rock pile, the best way is to eliminate the rocks around here by carpet screening.
Bo Qiang and Surdak will also pull out the waist Roman sword behind them and prepare to greet the boulder.
But Surdak stopped you. "You’re crazy. How can the newly-built Roman sword be so bladed? Do you want the Red Sox or not? Take out your logging axe …"
"Captain, this is …!"
Red Sox poke rocks like bitter gourd.
"But what’s the matter? Go back to the barracks and change it at the logistics office!"
Surdak a glaring.
"It’s the captain!"
Red Sox hurriedly hold out a bosom promised.
Bang …’
Bang …’
This piece of white granite is not too many rocks. It takes an axe to verify whether it is a loose-grained meat-crowned iguana. Every cracked rock will be marked. After two quarters of an hour, nearly half of the rocks in the rubble will be marked with carbon black.
My feet straddle two pieces of mottled colors to see some moss growing in the crevices of the stone. Bo Qiang rubbed some sore shoulders. The wooden handle of the logging axe in his hand was shaken by a strong anti-seismic force. The axe blade was cracked in a mess. Bo Qiang has not fully adapted to the strength of his arms after promotion. Now he has made all his efforts to turn the axe and pile it up completely, making it look more like a hammer now.
As the logging axe in his hand hit a huge rock next to him, Boqiang suddenly felt a slight quiver of the boulder to his feet. After careful observation, the faint magic smell emanated through the rock, which means that the loose-grained iguana just stepped on its head with one foot.
At the moment, where is there any pattern on the body of the loose-grained meat-crowned iguana? Except that the rocks around the body are of the same color, even the mottled marks on the skin surface are exactly the same.
With this discovery, Boqiang was not busy disturbing this iguana, but waved to the surrounding area to let the second group of people move closer to their side.
Augustus, the nearest to Boqiang, came a few steps with Paglio spear in his hand and asked Boqiang, "What’s the matter with Little Duck?"
Bo Qiang pointed to his feet, and augustus discovered that his feet were unusual rocks.
Augustus’s hands held high, his hands held high, and the spear used all his strength to stab the rock at Boqiang’s feet. Paglio’s spear first splashed up some Martian gravel and cracked the rock, but there was flesh and blood in it. augustus’s strength was limited. This thorn just stabbed the back of the iguana with loose grain crown. Although the tip of the gun sank into the body of the iguana, it actually did not cause substantial damage to the iguana.
The giant lizard Boqiang lost his balance and leaned back and fell.
The giant lizard’s huge mouth full of fangs suddenly opened towards Boqiang’s left foot and bit it.