a moment
The sky is falling!
On the ground, Lei Yang saw the thick black clouds rolling like the sky falling down at the moment.
The vast and huge dark clouds seemed to press down on Su Lie like a god pressing his hand.
Su Lie roared instead of retreating.
Go to the sky
In a blink of an eye, I half hit the black cloud.
The dark clouds, which should have crashed, are now as solid as the hardest alloy.
Su Lie didn’t crash into it.
He felt a terror and crushed it.
As if to suppress him! Kill!
This remind him of his bumpy life.
Think of the loss of love but the ability to once
Think of a lot
His fate is too heavy.
Every time he carries it by himself, the invisible and intangible fate oppresses him as much as it does now.
I want to push him into the mud again and again and make him covered in mud.
Let him bend the weight of fate
"I don’t …"
"I don’t!"
Su lie roar loud
Burst of emotion
A series of illusory pillars of fire rose into the sky
One by one, black clouds are lifted up and heaven and earth are lifted up!
"I’m not you playing with ants at will!"
Su Lie has flames burning in his eyes.
The line of sight penetrated the thick black clouds.
Luoyunsha Dijia Body
Fall high!
"If the sky presses me, I will break this day!"
"If God wants to crush me, I will kill this God!"
Su Lie raised his big sword.
Gray light surging
Chaotic flow
straight from the shoulder
Chop out this sword!
Lei Yang was dumbfounded.
See Su Lie swing a sword.
This sword made Fang Yun’s black cloud suddenly divide.
There was a gray light.
The gray line suddenly extend from left to right, eroding that invisible marginal black cloud in the sky.
After being eroded by the gray light, it is richer than the black cloud and actually’ vanishes’!
The sky was smashed by Su Lie!
place high in the sky
The stunned color of Shadi Gamu dew makes itself swell with gray awns to form a perfect sphere.
Just stop a ray of gray light from rushing up from the black clouds at the feet.
The gray light keeps advancing and wants to split the gray sphere of Brake Dijia!
Brake emperor ng showed dignified expression, stretched out his hand and hit the wormhole with a touch of gas.
The gray sphere Su Lie gray firm but gentle mutually assured destruction.
The former shatters and the latter disappears.
Then the pillars of fire blocked the sky again.
That dazzling flame pillar stands in the world and is humble!
It is also Donglu.
A forest
Brake Dijia walked out of the wormhole.
His expression was dignified first, then his mouth smiled and then he burst into laughter.
"It turned out to be chaos!"
"Although it’s still rough, what’s wrong with the bug? Just a human being has initially touched the edge of quality."
"If there is no unexpected future, it will be more than enough for him to become an angel even if he becomes a new god in this universe."
"I’m so lucky."
"This worm is a hundred times, a thousand times and ten thousand times stronger than the’ skin’ I have made now!"
"I must get it if I get it!"
Brake emperor ng suddenly looked at the top of the head.
A huge sonic boom came from far away, and then the clouds shook and covered the eastern continent with black fog.
Be inexplicably pushed into the distance.