Since then, Tian Jian has been completely integrated into Luo Yu’s body, which is comparable to the ghost but far beyond the Taiyi Vientiane period
At that time, the four-way audience witnessed the frequent occurrence of nine-day visions, as if there were heaven and gold lines running through Luoyu’s celestial spirit, which was mysterious and unpredictable, and was cut off by the firm but gentle form!
And the sword was called heaven and earth jing fibrillation chirp cloud retreat Wan Li spirits worship even the hands of the sword and other things are like being summoned to live in general excited resonance!
Later, they learned that this is the extreme sublimation of artistic conception after Luoyu entered Vientiane period, and it is the dividing line between mortal and immortal. Only those who practice sword will have this vision.
This is the unity of mind, sword and spirit, and the unity of man and sword is the reflection of sword.
Then Luo Yu returned to the five elements of heaven again and continued to close.
It’s only past ten years since he closed the door, and the speed of uniting has been astounding. That is, Xiao Tian, the Five Elements Sword Fairy, had to leave behind!
But how can they know that today’s aura is far better than the past five elements of the cave, practicing sixty seems like closing six hundred, and how can this be mentioned in the same breath?
The outside world will be 60 years old, and now Luoyu is a realm of terror, and no one knows.
I’m afraid only Bai Lianxing, the person who sleeps next to him, knows some depths.
Therefore, the powerful breath emitted by Keluoyu has called Lingchi as a boiling streamer platform, which constantly vibrates and shuttles at a high speed.
Bai Lianxing was awakened by the changes around her and looked at Luo Yu with surprise and joy. "Husband …?"
Luo Yu’s knife-shaped eyebrows are slightly locked, and the thrill seems to have reached the key moment.
Obviously, he is going to break through again!
Hey, hey, hey …
Suddenly, the sharp sword songs exploded.
Shocked and pale, Bai Lianxing felt overwhelmed by the extreme pressure, and the spirit in the surrounding pool was so harsh that the screaming matrix was like a sword-shaped wave!
When Bai Lianxing will not be able to stand it before three breaths.
Luoyu body seems to have a sharp and extremely strong wind, but it is more mysterious than gentleness when it can touch the cover body.
Hum ~
With chi ling’s liquid, it turns into nine streams and rushes into Luo Yu body crazily.
Looking at what is crazy like a bottom hole, my husband, Bai Lianxing, was shocked.
Therefore, the speed of the spirit liquid in the carving pool is decreasing with the naked eye. "How much spirit does this … this need?"
And as far as she is concerned, Luo Yu will not just cut the spirit pool and lead to the instability of the five elements of land.
Breathing sounds
Los feathers with light sigh a mouthful of depressed gas and strange to restore calm spirit liquid has gone to nearly half.
Seeing that he suddenly opened his eyes like stars and was close to the front and studied Bai Lianxing, he suddenly fell back in shock.
Luo Yu saw that the frightened appearance of a beautiful woman dressed in a light coat was so beautiful and pitiful, so she stretched out her arms and stopped her slender waist and lips, reflecting tenderness like water and warmth.
It can be said that-Yuanyang is as stupid as a god’s hip cloud; Spirit waves, such as waves riding horses over mountains to pick Linzhi …
Always … envy others.
After January, Chen Shi
Bang ~ bang ~ bang …
Nine long road bells echoed outside the five peaks, and the cranes hung high and the morning glow washed the sea of clouds.
The bell rings, which indicates that the first god preached at the beginning of the month.
As always, all the younger brothers left the abode of fairies and immortals and rushed to their respective peak Dojo to listen to the lectures given by the elders.
This is the day they look forward to most every month, because today they can not only get a sermon from the elders and the bodhi old zu, but also go to Zhengdaofeng Gongzang Pavilion at noon to receive their own monthly salaries such as pills and spiritual crystals.
Nowadays, the Five Elements Sect is not what it used to be, and the monthly salary is naturally rising, and there are all kinds of magic weapons, swords, panaceas, spiritual materials and so on in the Gong Zangge.
And these treasures can be bought with the crystal, which is naturally much more favorable than the outside world. But if you don’t have enough crystal, you can also get it, so you can not only go out for experience, but also get the corresponding tribute, which is more valuable than the crystal because it can not only be directly exchanged for what you need, but also sent out.
Gongzang Pavilion will also be graded according to the degree of difficulty. This note will receive some basic requirements, such as how much it is recommended to repair the boundary and how many people need to cooperate to complete it.
Generally, every day on the first day of the eighth lunar month, it will be in full swing, especially in the afternoon, the temporary recruitment of teammates can be seen everywhere.
In the next few days, there will be a large number of younger brothers going out one after another. They can fly naturally and freely, and they are not far away from the star and the sword. They will choose to take the feather crystal shuttle if they are far away on foot.
Now that the five elements have their own shuttle platform, they set up an outer room and asked the side of Fengshan Road.
Although the shuttle platform belongs to the Five Elements Sect, it is, after all, the shuttle built by the Yanyu Pavilion Phantom Palace. Naturally, it needs to be handed over to the corresponding crystal, but it is much cheaper than the outside world.
At this time, the Jianzong Kendo Peak, the Danzong Dandao Peak and the Waishi Wendao Peak all came faintly. The elders of each peak preached that the sound of Yin and Yang was frustrated with the pine and the crane humming in the sea of clouds, and the sky seemed like a fairyland, and the Xuanmen flourished.
On the east side of the Wufeng Sea of Clouds, a blue figure in front of the statue of the cat is Bai Lianxing, Ba Boer and Anu, who are paying attention to the cloud and Qing Xiang winding around the statue and deeply worshiping it.
After adding incense, he looked at the idol of the cat and remembered the past memories and muttered something alone.
Soon White Love Star came to him, held his right hand and gently asked, "What do you think, husband?"
Luo Yu accepted the dreamlike memories and shook his head. "Nothing is to feel that the past is as vivid as yesterday, but when I wake up today … it seems to wander in a dream."
Bai Lian-xing snuggled up to her shoulder and whispered softly, "No matter whether you dream or really love the star, you should be next to your husband."
With a smile, I hung up my face and pointed to the tip of a beautiful woman’s nose. "I’m greedy but … I like it."
Say and embrace the beauty in your arms.