Bian Shi smiled coldly. "I never laugh at people who are afraid of death. On the contrary, I laugh at those who are not afraid of death. Because they have no value in death, they have left themselves some false names but failed to take care of the people around them. They are selfish and hateful!"

"I’m selfish? I hate it? Joke! " Li Jiangyu out left hand pointed to his nose and said "Yes, you are a joke. The lame Taoist just told me that you have a voracious appetite for wolves. It’s a blessing, and it’s about to come out, but you want him to dissipate. You said you

If you help Tianfeng, you can shake your head. "That’s not true, but my brother and my father have done a lot. My father married more than a dozen concubines."

"eh!" Liang Yi has to admit that this strategy of letting the monks "breed horses" is indeed a good way to enhance the strength of the ethnic group. However, the chances of the monks getting pregnant after seven parties are too low, and the higher the order, the more so. Many high-ranking monks have to

As time goes by, fewer and fewer people continue to fight, and more and more people fall down one by one, bleeding all over the ground, but by now there is no one to stop, and everyone hopes to make it to the end, and that person will be himself.

Finally, after nearly ten minutes, there was a person left in the venue shaking his bloody body. The only one who was still alive shook and walked to the side of the meteorite and bent down to embrace it. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,

Others said that she would become the editor-in-chief at once if she was asked to say a word … Anyway, these are all women chatting directly about divination, and whether it is a fact or not remains to be verified.

Soon the woman came over and put the cup in front of Qi Shaochen and Cheng Man. She was gentle and decent in Qi Shaochen’s cup, but she put it heavily in Cheng Man’s cup. Perhaps this is the direct nature of women who can’t see each other better than themselves! Cheng Man doesn’t care

Well, I know you are all rich people in the capital, and you don’t want to give up your property. You chose to stay, but I want to tell you that this world is so fair. You want to get some, and you will lose others. Today, your city is destroyed, and you think our army is a demon. But have you ever thought that how many people are killed by bloody bastards in the vast land of Nandos?

In order to defend the isolated city, hundreds of thousands of armed blood-killing regiments soldiers have retreated all the way and plundered several towns, where civilians don’t even know whether they can live to the sky, let alone the word devil. That is, in the face of you bastards who know the benefits but don’t

In the armed resistance, no one dares to think about it, not to mention the fact that the nine-order master of the three holy orders in front of him can defeat the enemy in front of him, but behind the courtyard, there are hundreds of holy order masters who are enemies.

Seeing the girls, they all accepted their lives, and the shining golden warrior flatly said with a wave of his hand, what are you doing to take them? Hear shining golden warrior ordered more than 20 warriors to move again. At this time, Ye Tian once again exploded and drank. Wait. See leaf day barrage

All right, pay a smile and see what he has to say. It seems that he quickly stretched out his hand and interrupted me. Three strokes and three strokes won’t win. This game will give you pride and raise Bai Xiaoyin’s hope of victory.

The elder gave me a move that I didn’t dare to be careless. Bai Xiaoyin’s hands held a fist alert and looked at it with a smile. The first trick is to pay a smile and drink a long sword in one hand to stab the ghost moon and chase the soul. Ling Lijian’s spirit