He said with a free and easy smile, "When I came back, I was shocked to hear that the heart of a beautiful woman was shaken by five earthquakes, and the heart of a pool was surging like ice and snow when the sun was warm. Today, it’s just a red shirt, stained with blood, and I’m fighting at the top … What’s the fear?"
Looking affectionately at Taina Dan’s red shirt, Bai Lianxing’s eyes are glittering and translucent, and phoenix eyes are flashing like a milky way.
I saw her all dancing in front of my eyes, and suddenly the clouds covered me with red makeup and brushed the mist.
At that time, Bai Lianxing’s red makeup mask was graceful, cicada gauze covered her face and envied people. It can be said that it was three points out of dust and seven points out of beauty.
Regardless of her mother’s displeasure, she looked around with a surprised look. She leaned in front of the jade fence and murmured softly, "You win my concubine and accompany you to the mountains and seas; If you are defeated, you will be followed by a hundred miles of red makeup … "
As soon as the heavenly daughter said this, her true feelings were revealed, and the audience in all directions did not move. This oath can be described as life and death with you, giving up your life and never leaving …
Los feathers smell the joy and smile and reach out to Bai Lianxing. "If I ascend to the extreme, I will hold hands and spend thousands of lives together …"
Then he spread his arms and smiled freely. "~ If I die, you will laugh. Will you regret life and death if you make a cup of drunken Meng Po Tang?"
Bai Lianxing was already in tears, but he was desperate to fly vertically and fell into the arms of Luo Yu, weeping and whispering "Love the star also regrets …"
But when two people hug each other affectionately,
Tianhou’s eyes were soft and passed away, and then she snorted with displeasure and said coldly, "Look at your courage!" After that, I will give you encouragement by pumping away your spiritual strength. "
Everyone smells startled!
Have dark passages, ghosts and strangers, practicing bodybuilders, and Mao Lingli can be drawn! Isn’t this unnecessary?
And the two people in the field smell each other and are happy.
Obviously, diva is helping by stealth.
Because Luo Yu and Bai Lianxing all know that Tian Hou knows that he has repaired Luo Yu, which is suspected to be … The calf protection line also said that Tian Hou has recognized him in disguise!
Seeing this, Luo Yu is grateful and smiles and salutes a face of displeasure, saying, "Thank you for your grace."
Tianhou, on the other hand, reprimanded Bai Lianxing with a sullen face. "He’s not a celestial spirit yet, so he won’t come back later?"
Bai Lian star is shy and looks down at Luo Yu, then she will turn away.
While los feather took her so sweet greasy ear whispered a few words.
The latter smell first look a change and then instantaneous recovery as usual nodded slightly and turned away.
To see Bai Lian star return to the terrace, Luo Yu hurriedly reached out and pressed it to the list of smells and hit a god knowledge at the same time.
Suddenly, at the end of the list, there appeared a few striking gold characters-the phantom heavenly palace guest looks strange.
After being branded, Luoyu rushed toward the rugged mountain road facing the list of smell roads without stopping.
The quick steps are slightly anxious, and the stumbling appearance is even more hurried. How can there be any leisure and free and easy generosity in the past?
Is to see the people laughing in succession.
And just after Luo Yu finally rushed into the mountain road, he kept flashing out a mess before he heard the list.
Obviously, these are all failed listeners in the process of climbing the mountain and breaking into the array.
For these losers, there is no applause or ridicule around, not even a glance …
They all bowed their heads and silently left because they were losers who could not even finish the mountain road.
As time goes by, there are more and more losers who are sent back to hear the news, and the names on the news list are becoming less and less.
The top five are Sang Keer, Baicheng, Bai Yan and Taomian Longqiu Feihuang, while the last one is still a stranger who has just entered.
It seems that in addition to the dark horse peach noodle who was born, the ranking is also expected by everyone.
But when Luo Yu just entered less than a wick of incense, things changed!
I don’t know, I exclaimed, "Look, Taomianren rushed into the first array and entered the second."
When they heard it, they looked at the list of smell channels in succession.
The peach noodle man at the most square of the list of stories and stories unexpectedly leaped from the second place to the third place, even with the Dragon Hill Flying Emperor! And the second and third Baicheng Baiyang fell fourth and fifth!
Seeing this, all the people exclaimed and looked at the two people who were showing up at the mountainside of Wendao Mountain-Peach Face Dragon and Autumn Flying Emperor.
Chapter 316 Point to peach flying and burning flowers topped the list
Wendaoshan stone steps
Peach-faced people are walking slowly with their hands on their shoulders.
After flying behind the emperor, the Lord is following with a complicated look.
He knows that this Taomian is his new screen of Longqiu’s family. Ke Qing heard from his grandfather that he is good at fighting. There are many people who are good at fighting among his celestial clan. This is not surprising, especially that this Taomian is still a Terran.
Therefore, his grandfather’s arrangement is still somewhat unexpected, and he is somewhat contemptuous of this peach-faced person who can’t repair the dirty period.
But as time went by, he found that the accomplishments of this peach-faced man array were simply incredible.
I won’t talk much about those first-order arrays, but since we entered the middle of the mountain road, the level of this array has become higher and higher. However, if the level of the array changes, it is even more important whether it is a combination of trapped array and trapped killing.
If you want this peach-faced person to observe for a while and then move your fingers, you will be able to break through the obstruction array in an instant!
This made the Emperor Longqiu feel surprised … and happy!
Although they are in Wendao Mountain, they can feedback their rankings and other information through the jade slips in the hands of the enchantment.
At the moment, he is waving the jade square to see that he has reached the third place.
He immediately excitedly stretched out the jade slips in the first two steps and asked the peach noodle man who walked silently behind his back, "Feed the peach noodle man?" You see, we are all in the top three. "
Peach face is still slowly moving forward. He glanced at the jade square ranking and withdrew his eyes to look at the peach blossoms on both sides of the mountain road. He replied, "Little master can be the first if he wants to."
Psst ~!
The Dragon and Autumn Flying Emperor gasped in a gasp. This peach-faced man has such boldness of vision!
Thinking of this, he pointed to the name of the first place, Sangkeer, and the number was amazing. "Sangkeer has broken the battle. Besides, she is a real third-order boundary repair. Can you beat her?"
Peach flour didn’t answer and went on.
Seeing this, Emperor Longqiu thought for a moment and asked curiously, "What rank are you, Peach Face Man?"
Taomianren answered "fourth order" casually in a flat tone.
"Four … four order? !” Longqiu Feihuang was stunned. He still misheard himself and then smiled and rushed "Just blow it …!"