At the moment, Huang Lao has been depressed and nodded. "It seems that the old slave is really old … this mountain and sea is still a young mountain and sea after all ~"
The cat didn’t seem to want to talk about this topic any more. He jumped to ask, "I heard that he accepted a foster sister, who is the adopted daughter of Chilei, Zifeng Miao?"
Huang Laobai’s’ he’ refers to Luoyu, while the Zifeng Miao in the main population is naturally a human being.
So he replied, "It was the girl whose name was an excellent woman who used to sleep in the market and was often bullied by Yujing’s son. The old slave remembered that her master had touched her once or twice. Now she is practicing in the five elements of Zongyunhai, and it is estimated that she can win the honor in a hundred years."
The old man in the secret seems to be gratified. "Well, I remember that I knew at that time that she had a long-lasting relationship with my family and was not easy to feather her sister. Today, I will be happy with the mountains and seas, and then the mountains and seas will have more luck."
Huang Lao didn’t know it was a long-lasting relationship, didn’t she? Why can’t you be a sister? Can’t you be a Taoist couple without being a brother and sister? Besides, does this have anything to do with Kanana’s death and fat nirvana?
Thinking of this, he tried, "Does the master want to promote marriage because he doesn’t want Tao to be commensurate with brother and sister?"
The old man who heard the secret was really’ well’. "~ In those days, all the purple phoenixes had made great contributions to the mountains and seas. This woman should be grateful for her kindness …"
"Bath tone? !” Huang Lao was shocked!
Daoyin Pool is a drop of water from Hualong, which can make the monks have the immortal gift of awareness. So great was it that the master gave it freely?
Want to know since the jihad today in addition to those since the enlightenment sleep day longitudinal wizards can get this accident also have Bai Di, Wei Changqing and so on a few people!
Seeing this, he asked incredulously, "Master, is this … is this too much?"
The old man, whose voice has not fallen, has faint meaning and said simply, "In the future, the Chamber of Commerce of Fire Spirit will need a strong master. Uh-huh ~ You can accept this phoenix-born granddaughter."
"ah ~! Sun …? " Huang Lao can’t jump into the dialogue with his master, and he wants to accept the girl and granddaughter of the wretch himself! This ….. This which heel which ah?
But for a moment, he suddenly understood the meaning of his master.
Because according to the news of the ogre venerable man, Luo Yu has sent a second sword servant to the fire spirit plane to secretly protect the master of Skyfire. This is intended to let the girl also go to the fire spirit plane to sit in the foreign trade fair, so that she can be more secure with Luo Yu’s sword servant.
Therefore, it is necessary to give you the good fortune and at the same time let yourself collect your grandson and establish the status of Yanyu Pavilion!
Moreover, the human being is a descendant of Zifeng, so the blood quality is excellent, so I don’t need to say much.
The key point is that the fire-spirit’s otherworldly master, Huowang, is in full harmony with the fire and nirvana, and he is born.
In addition, the talented supernatural powers and ghosts are comparable to day order’s different fires, which can not only conjure thousands of mirror images, but also inherently restrain evil spirits and evil spirits. It is simply the best club leader.
Obviously, this is the master’s move.
Thinking of this, the old Sun Huang Lao has been excited. "Master is far-sighted, and the old slave is white. I’m going to the Five Elements Sect."
Then he left happily.
At this time, the bamboo fishing rod that crossed the top of the mountain has been slightly rippled and scattered, and the sound of the sky reverberates in the sea of clouds in Wan Li, which is like a ripple ring and lasts for a long time
At that time, suddenly, like a god’s edict, the heavens and the earth said,
"I’m my true self … I’m wearing nine shoes, one left, three right, seven two four shoulders, six feet and five feet, and I’m centered on the green pole, and I’m listening to the sound of the pen and the sound of the mountain and sea phoenix."
As soon as this panic sounds, the sky changes color, and the stars move like a wheel. The aurora sweeps away Fang Gankun’s vision, which is auspicious and auspicious.
But when I saw a drop of pure Daoyin pool water jumping out of the middle of the ripple, it rose in an instant and went straight to the east …
Chapter 71 God’s meteorological situation into a situation to rob a lovely grandson
God has given the northern foot of Qingqiu at the junction of China and East China.
The Qingqiu Mountains rise and fall like a barrier between heaven and earth. Chen Shu is thousands of miles away from east and west, dividing Zhaodidong and Zhongzhou.
In the southern foothills, there are strange peaks, strange rocks, lush forests and wild monsters, and there are endless exchanges between monks and monks.
At the northern foot of the mountain, there are five mountains connected in a deep and secluded place, such as a huge palm, which can be seen in the clouds and sea of clouds. The five peaks are strewn at random, like five fingers poking clouds to explore the void, and like a giant sword standing for nine days.
This is the Five Elements Sect of the First God Sect in Heaven.
After the revival of Luoyu, the Five Elements Sect was merged into Danzong I; At the same time, the rookie Longmen’s minions, Ears and Eyes Fairy Shop, spread the story of Luo Tian in Kyushu.
Today, the younger brother outside the clan is full of clouds and incense.
At the moment, the five peaks stand on the top of the sea of clouds, and friends from all directions travel around the stone steps of the mountain, feeling that cranes are flying in the pavilion of Yunfeng
Clouds are vast and fairy-like.
Overlooking the Five Peaks, we can see that there are hundreds of Danxiu brothers sitting around in the Dojo of Dandao Peak, watching the elders twiddle grass in front of the Danlu, saying that Dan is either a little worried, or whispering to ask questions, or rejoicing if he realizes something …;
I don’t know how many brothers in Jianmen Cave of Yuntai in Kendo Peak are realizing the intention of practicing sword. They either sit alone and meditate with their swords, or Party A and Party B express their opinions on the refutation, or dance on the top of the mountain with the highest plough in their hands … The sword refers to the clouds in Dongyang.
Then the Taoist priest went to Laidi and Daotong in the Fenggong Tibetan Pavilion, and even more, he came to buy pills and magical powers. There are dusty people who have just returned to the Sect in the morning light; There are also small groups of people laughing and preparing to go with the mountain to experience.
It is natural that Zhao Xuan held a large-scale Xianmen outside the mountain because of the prosperous weather.
Since then, there have been many younger brothers who have been accepted by the five elements and have excellent qualifications.
Today, there are nearly 3,000 brothers outside the peak. Compared with the past, there were more than 100 people outside the Luoyu room. Now it can be said that people are full of people and I don’t know how many houses have been added.
The outer room includes two dense forests behind Wenwenfeng Mountain.
Wen Feng didn’t say much about being his brother’s practice resting place, but the dense forest in the back hill is not the past now. He tempered his brother and put in a lot of first-order monster brothers to experience and accumulate combat contingency experience.
The outer room is not a greenhouse for warming flowers, but the first place to step into the mountains outside the mountains. It is also a place for Yunyundi to grow up quickly.
Although the outer room is not as sinister as the outside world, here you will learn how to protect yourself correctly.
Nowadays, Waishi Mountain has not developed into a selfish and unscrupulous situation. On the contrary, most of them huddle in groups to keep warm. Although some factions are cheating and fighting endlessly, you have your own plans, and I have crossed the stairs.
It’s always the same sentence: you seek money and get a way.
There is a truth that all the real clans are white, that is, even if they sweat, shed tears and suffer more, it is better than bleeding to death.
You know, a flower that has been cared for in a greenhouse, even if it looks good and prosperous, will be extremely dangerous once it goes out to face the dazzling, difficult to distinguish between true and false, and dangerous and unpredictable boundary of repair.
Because the most dangerous thing is not those monsters, but hiding all kinds of skins and hearts.
Cold eyes don’t mean evil laughter, let alone good.
To put it bluntly, Waishi Mountain is to make you more cruel than ordinary people and far better than Sect.
Besides, monks’ monasticism has always been fraught with dangers, not only because of natural disasters, but also because of the unpredictable dangers that may arise from the outside world at any time. Only through thorns and tribulations can they continue to grow up, find their own way or become aware of their own Tao.
This ….. It is the name of Waishi Mountain that asks what Feng really means.
Only those who have gone through the "baptism" of the outer room can enter Jianzong and Danzong and finally set foot on the mountain. At that time, they will have a certain ability to protect themselves when they go to the outside world or experience or complete the clan.
It is precisely because of this that nowadays, the brothers of the five elements who go out to experience rarely have life worries.
This theory is an excellent result whether it is for my brother personally or for the continuation of the family line.
At the moment, the five elements are still as orderly as ever.