In the white bone beach in Luocheng, a desert oasis,
At this moment, there are no traces of the war between Luoyu and others last night, only the desolation and heat, and the heat wave and the crazy sand blowing against the huge skeleton of bones representing decay and death.
Palm thumped huge bones sound.
Looking around at the vast white bones in the rushing white bone beach, I asked myself, "Hi ~ It’s been a few days! Where did the drilling wind brothers go? "
You Yingying turned a circle and happened to come.
She looked at the front of her eyes and looked forward to looking forward to running around. Haowa shook her head slightly. "No footprints were found, but these bones show many traces of firm but gentle cutting. It should be said that people here have fought."
Rushing around, looking at the sharp blade marks of the bones beside him, sighing bitterly, "~ What if I knew I had been here?"? It’s so windy and dusty in the desert, not to mention that a day is an hour, I’m afraid it’s hard to find footprints! "
Haowa suddenly woke up and came to the two of them and said, "Isn’t it the last key moment before I come out?" She is a Dao Jian Shi. Since she is ill, Dao must still be alive. We might as well go back and ask Ba Bo to expect that she will be out at the latest. "
Being a good baby wakes up and swims in a blink of an eye. "Yes, yes, yes! I almost forgot that the swordsman here needs a certain range to feel the owner’s position and go back! "
Said the three men ran to the north.
But they don’t know if it’s not far from where they were just now. The sand is buried and they are looking for Luo Yu.
And it wasn’t long before the three of them left that the surface of the buried Luoyu sandy soil was faintly rising, and a little bit of black gas was looming …
This black smoke, this hot sand, can condense light black and dark red frost, which is extremely gloomy!
In the darkness, Luo Yu felt like a dream and unreal.
I don’t know why I came here. It’s all dark and chaotic, and I can’t see my fingers.
My eyes are getting more and more blurred. It’s a little dim. It’s not like there’s blood to do the sea, thunder into a golden platform, and Kowloon Plate is in front of the cloud bridge!
Suddenly there was a thunder exploding!
A Taishan force has covered the roof and poured himself into the body, but he was crushed to look at the cloud bridge and thunder platform in front of the bloody Shaqi pungent blood sea.
Thunder and lightning show great power.
Majestic stuffy hum burst out like through the ages.
"… you know sin! ?”
After the guilty party suddenly fell on the thunder platform, the dark world of blood hung like a ray of gods and suddenly lit up the thunder platform.
The line of sight doesn’t feel half auspicious clouds are like fairyland, but half are filled with anger and dark as a magic cave!
As if faintly visible, there is a tall figure with a long gown and silk flying in black and white as if it were a god and a demon.
Trying to see this vague figure clearly, but still trying to see it clearly
This kind of feeling is like an ant who can never tell a person from something, let alone know the difference.
Although the back of the God Mountain is very vague, it is faintly visible that the sleeves are fluttering and flying like snow, as if there are some deja vu feelings, but they are more strange.
Some are like the teacher’s back, and there are some secrets. The old man’s charm is very trance, and he feels like Dan Lao … Always thinking about who his back is like who is very strange.