Dahu archer thought Surdak was a good man, so he told him, "Be smart when Marquis of Lu Se comes over later. Maybe Marquis of Lu Se sees you pleasing to the eye and pulls you out to join our cavalry regiment …"
Surdak misses me. I’m not going to join your cavalry …
Chapter 45 Dinner
The door of the restaurant was pushed, and the Marquis of Lu Se and some senior generals came in from the outside.
Dining in the restaurant, the soldiers invariably stopped their tableware, and everyone’s eyes fell on the stage. Several senior generals and middle-aged officers were dressed in a straight suit. The Bena military system was the Marquis of Lu Se. On his chest, there were three gold medals symbolizing identity glory, including the Marquis of Noble, the Grand Knight and the Lord Medal. Each one was heavy and very weighty.
Beside him, his generals also have a string of medals hanging on their chests, but most of them are mixed with gold and silver medals and look so dazzling, just as a senior general can’t show his noble status without a string of medals on his chest.
Quiet down in the restaurant.
Suldak recently heard a lot about the Marquis of Lu Se. It is said that he is a member of the noble lords of Duke Newman’s first hawk faction. In addition to two swordsmen’s regiments, he also has a powerful battle force main battle regiment including the Heavily Mounted Infantry Regiment and the Longbow Shooter Regiment. It seems that this great Hu archer should be the archer of the Marquis of Lu Se.
The Marquis of Lu Se has a bright eye. He looks around and his eyes fall on every soldier. He says to everyone with a serious face.
"In the past few decades, the Cerberus Corps captured the Maca Plane for the first time. The plane war broke out quickly and the offensive was rapid. Moreover, the Cerberus Corps pointed to the central city of the Imperial Maca Plane, Vorimara City. In just half a month, the periphery of Vorimara City was swept by Cerberus, and even the situation in Vorimara City was in danger. However, when the horn of war sounded, the legions transferred from their respective sectors to Vorimara City, and everyone worked together to resist the Cerberus Corps’ siege crisis. In just a few months, they repelled the Cerberus Corps.
Just two days ago, I received a letter from Duke Newman, who spoke highly of the performance of the legions in this plane war.
We can stabilize the situation of Maca plane so quickly that the main force of Bena legion in Warsaw plane has no worries.
I just invited you here to commend the outstanding contributions of various legions. "
He walked to the front row of the dining table and looked at the knight who set the cast iron helmet on the dining table. The knight quickly got up from his seat and looked straight ahead.
Marquis of Lu Se looked down at the dark black iron helmet, stretched out his hand and touched the scratch of the helmet area before saying to the knight.
"Alec Gardner, the most brilliant achievement of the outstanding lancers in the 79th Heavy Cavalry Regiment of Bena Army was to lead 15 heavy cavalry to cut through the Cerberus Legion camp for 17 times and successfully send 16 guard battalions out of the city of Vozhmara … Silver Cavalry Medal."
While speaking, an adjutant came with a tray covered with Red Velvet. The Marquis of Lu Se reached out and took out a silver medal from the tray to wear the knight’s chest.
Surdak felt that the atmosphere around him was getting hot, and just now he was discussing food. The soldiers eagerly looked at the heavy cavalry.
However, Surdak has no feelings about this. For a veteran who left the military camp, this medal has almost nothing but the glory of the past.
In the dining room, the soldiers stared at the footsteps of Marquis Lu Se, and they all set their eyes on the chair next to them, leaning against a tower shield and heavy armor. Marquis Lu Se also smiled at him and said kindly.
"Captain David Lewis, your Heavily Armored Infantry Regiment is stationed at the Moria Pass to stop the remnants of the Cerberus Corps from going deep into the Maca plane and defending the vast land of Maca plane. This silver shield belongs to you!"
"Jesse, quartermaster of the logistics department, you and your logistics material transport regiment send materials to various war zones. Every day, you will encounter dozens of sneak attacks on the material transport regiment by felhunter, and the city defense garrison, which is second only to Vozhmara in this battle, hereby awards you a silver wheat ear medal."
"kinglake … Silver Crusader Medal"
"… Medal of Courage"
"… four-leaf clover medal"
The Marquis of Lu Se can accurately call out the name of a soldier every time he walks up to him without the adjutant waking up. He has made outstanding contributions and seems to have made sufficient preparations for tonight’s dinner. His name was remembered by Marquis of Lu Se, which is almost a big encouragement for the soldiers on the scene.
There were twenty soldiers attending the dinner, and soon he came to the big Hu archer.
Dahu archer seemed a little excited, and he got up early and took a deep breath. He would eat some bloated belly and take it back. His waist was straight and the original pile of belly fat seemed to be different as soon as he squeezed into his chest.
"Darryl shot three demon archers in succession, and each demon is more dangerous than three hellhounds. For us, the first thing is to strangle the infancy. At present, nearly 2,000 information agency rangers have gone deep into Maca plane to explore the demons in the hidden plane. This eagle eye medal belongs to you," said Marquis Lu Se.
The big Hu archer was originally called Darryl.
The Marquis of Lu Se personally put the medal on Darryl’s chest and Daryl’s eye socket gave a military salute to the Marquis of Lu Se.
When Marquis of Lu Se appeared in front of Surdak again, Surdak suddenly felt that his face seemed to be familiar with his bright blue eyes, and Gensoul Dudak hurriedly held his breath.
"Surdak guard battalion knight Wozhmala Yugoslav capital war stick to the sector after the relief, stick to the rear to treat the injured Yugoslav capital garrison wounded know? At present, those veterans in the urban defense department of Wozhmala may not know me, but there is certainly no one who does not know you. Unfortunately, at present, you have retired as a knight of the local guard battalion and are not under the jurisdiction of Bena Military Department. In view of your outstanding performance, you will be awarded the honorary title of First Class Knight of the Green Empire, "said the Marquis of Lu Se humorously.
There was a burst of laughter in the restaurant.
Surdak himself can get a Red Cross medal. I didn’t expect the Marquis of Lu Se to be promoted to his knighthood.
After all the awards were issued, the Marquis of Lu Se went to Surdak before leaving.