The dark red night fades a little, and the horns still come from time to time around.
After walking through the mountains all night, the assault team failed to throw Lord mcdonnell’s army into the mountains to take part in the arrest. The army has risen by 5 thousand and more troops have entered the mountains
The morning is getting brighter …
It’s hard to hide from those dark wizards flying around in the sky during the day …
This night, this group of black wizards also don’t know how many fire bombs were thrown into the mountains. They just followed the assault team, and they didn’t approach or hung behind them at a distance.
Obviously, the surprise attack by the assault team completely angered the black wizards of the priory, who rode the magic whip to fly in the sky all night.
The assault team also failed to rest all night. It was breakfast time to choose a valley and rest for nearly an hour.
The assault team walked farther and farther in this mountain forest and had already walked out of the regional map of Mukuso City.
There are two kinds of maps in your hands. One is the map of the general area of the dry cloth plane. This one is about the general shape of the dry cloth plane. It looks like a shorter shoehorn. The other one is the map of this operation to the suburbs of Mukuso. Now the assault team has stepped out of the map area.
Surdak knew that he was in the Groft mountains, but he didn’t know the specific location.
Quintus swordsmen chose some difficult mountains to climb and tried to get rid of the private army of Lord mcdonnell behind them by virtue of complex terrain.
It’s a pity that those dark wizards smashed his plan with one punch …
However, after all, it is a group of two-turn swordsmen, and there is a great gap between ordinary soldiers in the army in terms of physical strength and strength
During the day, the assault team no longer detours to avoid being followed, but directly penetrates south along a straight line to chase the army in this mountain and gradually distance itself.
Now everyone can’t return to the suburban town of Mukuso, and it’s not impossible to set up a temporary sending array in the wild and return to Bena City …
That set of temporary sending arrays is carried by the magician, so long as there is enough hidden place in his magic pocket, temporary sending arrays can be arranged at any time.
It takes a lot of time to build a temporary sending array.
Not only does it take time to build, but it also takes a little time for the wizard to calculate the orientation matrix and make fine adjustments.
When everything is ready, it is possible to connect the delivery door in the delivery hall of Bena City.
Pursuing the army behind him is not far from the assault team. The assault team has been marching for a whole day, and the distance it can pull is limited …
There are several black magicians flying around like smelly flies, but they refuse to leave.
Quintus’s great swordsman, Trollope’s great swordsman, Sabrina’s great swordsman and Merlin exorcist got together and discussed it seriously in the evening. Then they called the magician to a group of people to work out a plan.
The most important part of this plan is to let Merlin exorcist and Sabrina, the great swordsmen, take the magician and hide first.
Then, the great swordsmen of quintus and Trollope led most members of the assault team to chase the army in circles behind this mountain forest. When the temporary delivery array was completed, everyone quickly gathered together, and the 20 members quickly returned to Bena City through the temporary delivery array.
The only trouble is that this temporary sending array is likely to fall into the other hand.
Unless this temporary sending array is hidden enough, it may not be searched by the other side.
To know the value of this temporary sending array, there is absolutely no need for a second-class magic pattern or epic weapon …
This temporary gift array is the magician’s private property, but the magician is very accommodating. The great swordsman in quintus blurted out such a plan. I didn’t expect the magician to be very frank and agreed.
Make quintus swordsmen is a little embarrassed. Although the military and the House of Representatives are destined to have some compensation, it should not be the amount!
This night, everyone didn’t rest, trying to take advantage of this night to completely throw behind and chase the army.
However, on the third morning, I secretly flew out to the mountains to investigate a circle. Merlin exorcist brought even worse news. Some troops were also found on the south side of the mountains …
Chapter 94 Get rid of
He was covered with a whole piece of turquoise moss, which was in a semi-dry state and smelled like pungent mosses.
Reach out and climb a rock wall and run quickly to the highest cliff, where you can overlook the whole valley.
From a distance, he saw that the assault team came into the valley one after another, and the boulder lay on its body against the brittle rock caused by weathering.
Licked his hair and dried his lips. He was afraid of the female archer who hid her face in her hat pocket.
He was born with a keen sense of bow and arrow, which made him almost injured in several sneak attacks.
He lay on the rock and fantasized that if the female archer who covered his face was not so ugly, he would be willing to marry her, and then he would take the post of head of the archer regiment and leave Lord mcdonnell’s army to explore the world …
Close your eyes, take out a piece of pickled bacon from your bag and throw it into your mouth to let your body slowly add a little salt.