Gu Qingshan suddenly showed his figure.
"Master!" He shouted.
The sound is floating in the vast virtual turbulence and goes far away.
no response
"It’s strange that your master is not here to guard the world gate?" Asked Lola
"Master!" Gu Qingshan shouted again
Still no response.
-Xie Daoling is no longer here.
On the contrary, the two doors are shaking violently, and it seems that they are about to be topped by something.
"door! Gu Qingshan! The door is going to be hit! " Lola hurried way
Chapter six hundred and sixteen Activate the doomsday magic!
"Gu Qingshan Gate is going to be beaten!"
"Gu Qingshan! Gu Qingshan! Why don’t you talk? "
Lola shouted with anxiety.
Gu Qingshan’s empty expression is callous.
He didn’t respond to how Lola shouted.
Suddenly a sword appeared in the void.
Ground sword!
"Stop calling him, he’s not now." The sword made a heavy mountain sound.
"He doesn’t?"
Lola was stuck and looked at Castle Peak carefully.
-His soul doesn’t seem to be in his body.
The sword stood in awe. "Heavenly sword is sleeping, and I will stay here with Chaoyin to protect you and Gu Qingshan."
Another long sword flew out toward Lola "om".
It is the tide sound.
"So-where did Gu Qingshan’s soul go?" Lola asked.
Kendo said, "someone wants to see him and he is in a hurry. He went directly."
Laura worried, "There will be no danger. After all, it’s the soul … and you all stay here …"
"Don’t worry, it’s an old friend. Besides, Gu Qingshan carries six sacred mountain swords and three sacred horcruxes with him."
Gu Qingshan flies in vain.
This time, he was so fast that even he could feel the urgency and uncertainty of the pulling force.
Everything around is blurred, and the light and shadow have dispersed in an instant.