"Long live the Great German Party!" The 1st division generation teachers hulk himself staff and several heads are very proud and said.
In front of him, several heads of delegations and staff officers all put their hands on the national flag and said that they must remember the lifelong oath "I solemnly swear! Give up one’s former beliefs and voluntarily join the Great Deutschland Party. Be loyal to the Great Deutschland Party. Be loyal to arcado for life? Chairman Rudolf! Long live Great Germany! "
Several workers in a branch factory in Krupp, Ruhr-gebiet shouted Gustav? Krupp named several workers chanting the name of the Great German Party.
"Krupp! Krupp! " The young worker shook his arm and shouted wildly.
"The Great German Party is the party that the German people seek interests! Much bet than those poor politicians! Does anyone want to support this party? " The factory director asked.
"yes!" Several people shouted.
"I have joined the Great German Party! Would you like to join me as brothers and sisters who believe in each other? " The factory director shouted again
"We are willing!" Face-to-face shouted hysterically, but everyone could hear the excitement in the sound.
"So now we will swear together! After the oath, I will send someone to register for everyone and then issue the Great German Party Card. "The factory director continued to encourage."
"good!" Everyone answered.
"No one is allowed to go! Get rid of your fucking Nazi party and say no to being a garbage party! " A strong man said in the crowd
"yes! Whoever goes is the enemy of all of us! " A young worker waved a wrench and shouted, "We will have a good life with the Great German Party!"
"It is this truth! What if we join fewer people and are looked down upon by others? " An old worker seems to think far away.
"We swear!" Everyone shouted to the factory director’s high platform
"I boca? Director Kate swore this oath, "said the director.
"I swear this" everyone shouted.
"From this moment on, give up your former beliefs and voluntarily join the Dade Party, loyal to the Dade Party and loyal to arcado for life? Chairman Rudolf! Long live Great Germany! " The factory director swears
"From this moment on, give up your former beliefs and voluntarily join the Dade Party, loyal to the Dade Party and loyal to arcado for life? Chairman Rudolf! Long live Great Germany! " Bottom workers follow swear
"The Great German Party will lead you to victory! Everyone will eventually enjoy a happy future! " The factory director finally said
"Long live the Great Germany!" "Long live the Great Germany!" Shout wave after wave.
"So you don’t want to join the Great German Party?" Lehsmann coldly asked a diplomat sitting opposite him, and the diplomat looked at him without moving.
Staring at the arrogant hand, Lehsmann finally said again, "Do you know what will happen if you stick to your own practice?"
"I’m Mr. party member, the Social Democratic Party. Unlike you, I can’t do anything as shameful as you." The man laughed.
"What did you say?" Lehsmann frowned and gnashed her teeth and asked.
The man is arrogant and smug. "Gustav? Lehsmann, you have just been a foreign minister for a few days. Don’t you forget that you are sitting in this position with the support of the German People’s Party? "
The man sarcastically said, "As a result, you took the whole German People’s Party to be the running dog of the Great German Party you said, and recently it was completely merged into the Great German Party. You said yourself, should you be ashamed?"
"people like you will neve know what a true patriot is doing! We gave up our dream to make Germany strong again! " Lester Lehsmann argued that "we have changed from thinking to practical action!"
"lackeys always make many excuses for themselves," the man said bitterly. "Remember that! We haven’t forgotten the blood debt of President Albert! "
"You’re fired! Idiot! " Lehsmann was also scolded out of anger and said, "You know everything! But you don’t know that Albert betrayed Germany first! "
"Ebert defends Germany!" The man got angry and shouted back as he walked out. "You are the ones who pushed Germany to destruction! Wait for the Social Democratic Party to retaliate! Bastard! "
"revenge? Wait until you walk out of this door, you will know that what you say about revenge is simply a long talk, "said Lehsmann, who sneered a little."
When the diplomat walked out of the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was stunned by the scene in front of him. Several people in the street were holding banners and slogans, and the police escorted him to the presidential palace. The clear handwriting of the banner suffocated him. Long live the Great German Party!
Hindenburg in the President’s Office swept everything on the desk to the carpet in anger. He listened to the slogan "Long live the Great Deutschland Party" that broke out outside the window and shouted at his secret angrily, "Put arcado? Major General Rudolf, get me! I want to ask him! I want to ask him what he really wants to do! What does he really want? "
"What do I want?" Arcado looked at Rommel with a puzzled face behind him and said with a smile, "I want an unprecedented strong German empire-and then I will reach the peak of this empire."
Chapter 46 46 Great Debate for Congress
Hindenburg, the German president’s office, was walking around his desk. He was furious and roared, "arcado? Major General Rudolf! You are the youngest general in Germany’s history! What else do you want? What does the Great German Party mean? "
"The Great German Party is my newly formed political party, which unites the Germans who really love Germany and resists the unfair treatment imposed on us." arcado bent down and picked up Hindenburg’s carpet pen and put it back on the bare desk with a smile.
"Of course I know that the Great Deutschland Party is your party! I’m asking what you really want to do! This morning, the whole German streets and alleys were filled with parades, chanting the name of the Great German Party, and they walked around like a group of robbers, "Hindenburg said angrily." Social Democrats are already angry! They won’t allow a party like you to control the government. "
Akado laughed. "That’s why I formed this party, Mr. President Hindenburg."
"What?" Hindenburg one leng didn’t react.
Arcado said again, "That’s why I formed this political party. I don’t need a different voice from the government. If I control the government after the National Defence Force, it won’t be a social democratic government."
Hindenburg looked at arcado for a long time without speaking before saying, "Do you want to set up a military government?"
"no! President Hindenburg, I want to clear the stumbling block to stop the strong national defense forces, and no one can stop it, "arcado said firmly."
"Can you promise to support me to stay in power? Conditions support me? " Hindenburg thought about it for a few minutes, and then asked a question that made everyone feel relieved. By asking this question, he had already compromised, and he was seeking support and help from a powerful organization.
"In the next parliamentary election, you will even retain the support of the Great German Party to make you the spiritual leader of Germany." arcado held his head high and promised.
"How sure are you?" Hindenburg continued to ask questions.
"German entrepreneurs, bankers, consortia; Sports defence force; And most officials in the government will support you, you will have several times more campaign funds than your opponents, and you will also get public support, and you will be invincible in the election. "
"Then in the afternoon, I will declare the Great Deutschland Party as a legal party in Germany. This will probably offend the powerful Social Democratic Party. Do you have any good ideas?" Hindenburg looked at arcado and asked.
"Please rest assured that we still have a killer at the Presidential Palace," arcado said contemptuously. "You don’t have to take the lead in person. We naturally have a way to vote through Congress. You just have to make a final statement."
This made Hindenburg somewhat satisfied. He nodded and said, "Then I’ll be waiting for your good news."
Out of the oval office, arcado saw Lehsmann waiting for him with an anxious look. When he saw arcado coming out, he hurried forward. "What happened? Did President Hindenburg agree to support us? "
"Support us?" Arcado asked, "What does he want to support us?"
"So what should we do?" Lehsmann was sweating profusely, which was the biggest gamble in his life. If he failed, he would be dead.
"He asked us to support him and remember that from today no one supports us. We are the strongest. We will choose who to support instead of being chosen." arcado looked nervous and Lehsmann said with a smile.
Wait for a while watched arcado swallow a mouthful of saliva and Astor Lehsmann finally recovered. "You really scared me to death, Chairman."
"In the afternoon, Congress will call an emergency meeting to discuss and vote on our party’s affairs. Are you all ready?" Arcado asked as he walked out.
Lehsmann nodded. "This is the key for us to continue. I have given my best energy. Whether I can succeed or not depends on Krupp."
Arcado was anxious to know about Krupp, so he came out of the president’s office and drove back to the headquarters of the National Defence Force. He really saw the Krupp family butler who had been waiting for the commander’s department.
"Krupp there? Did those businessmen agree to our terms? "Although the president’s office talked loudly about Hindenburg, arcado had no bottom in his mind. He had many places as former adventure places. At this time, he asked Krupp’s housekeeper as soon as he met.
The butler is still a little slow, but he also directly replied, "Our master said when I came that he had arranged it overnight. Most of the staff please rest assured Mr. Major General."
Hearing Krupp’s words, arcado breathed a sigh of relief, and his worries were relieved. He knew that this time he had taken a risk or that his Great German Party had succeeded in half.
At noon, members of all political parties in the lobby of the capitol took their seats, and most of them discussed something with their colleagues or acquaintances. After all, these people have just heard about the Great German Party.
"What brought us here! A shameful and illegal party like this can only be investigated and dealt with by the police. "A member of the Social Democratic Party sneered with a cold hum.
A party member beside him glanced at him with contempt and withdrew his sight, saying, it’s easy. If the police have the heart to manage this incident, where are there so many workers and citizens marching outside with banners? Once, Munich, a small party called the National Socialist Workers’ Party, was caught with a rifle in the street.
"Are you sure?" Sitting in the front corner, Lester Lehsmann asked Krupp, "I am so upset that President arcado is absent."