When the magic bear saw the ancient exhibition and ran away, he roared and wanted to go back in that direction. In his eyes, the ancient exhibition was obviously better than Lin Sheng, because Lin Sheng was so flexible that he had not been able to meet Lin Sheng after playing for so long.
"Don’t run! Your opponent is here!" Lin Sheng’s "touch" ring took out the rusty, mottled dragon-slaying gun inside, and directly blocked it in front of the magic bear. The pike was already standing horizontally, but Lin Sheng was actually a little guilty now. He dared to stay here alone and made up his mind to send a gift to Sun Lei and his party. To put it bluntly, now Lin Sheng also wants to lead the disaster to Lin Sheng until the Sun Lei and his party feel that Lin Sheng will directly throw this magic bear to those individuals. Nature can escape with its own posture, but not now. Now this magic bear has locked itself, but it hasn’t hurt itself yet, but it can drag itself here until Sun Lei and his party come.
Pike cross Lin Sheng coldly looking at the magic bear. At this time, the magic bear is like a hill standing four or five meters away from Lin Sheng. Two goose egg-sized eyes are staring straight at Lin Sheng. wait for a while seems to want to tear Lin Sheng.
Lin Sheng is under a lot of pressure at this time. After all, even the strong warrior is afraid of something. I still guess that King Wu is dying in the middle period, but there is no other way to escape now. Obviously, it is not a good way. Even if you are lucky enough to escape, you will be stopped by Sun Lei and his party. Sometimes people are much more terrible than beasts.
No matter how many Lin Sheng’s eyes are, they have to support Sun Lei, and they have to pick a few guns behind them.’ Flower’ The simple gun tip is directly towards the magic bear. Lin Sheng’s eyes are very orderly. At this time, it is like a light rain, and the root is that you can’t see clearly where the gun tip is.
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
[22] War Wolf (delivered at the first watch today)
? It’s like a hill standing in front of Lin Sheng. The magic wolf’s broken gold’ color’ eyes are high and indifferent. Maybe killing a human root is worthless for an animal like him. The difference is that this young man seems a little too slippery at present, and he is always’ disorderly’ around him, making him Juli root is full of gamey smell from his hand. A huge mouth is directly towards Lin Sheng, and a stupidly one is already in front of Lin Sheng.
"Wow ~ ~" Lin Sheng’s eyes are cold and sharp, and his right hand is raised to meet the swallowed maw, which is a split palm!
Turn the palm into a phantom!
That has been rushed to the crowd magic Wolf root is to avoid is not to avoid the end is not to put Lin Sheng this palm in the eyes.
A palm containing terrible power directly struck the magic wolf’s head and made a deep impact. Lin Shengli was poor. This palm also struck the magic dragon, who couldn’t help but fall from his head to his body and stepped out of two deep pits directly.
The magic wolf gave a weird huge roar and then slapped Lin Sheng. The attack mode of this thing is nothing new except pressure and slap fan, but the power is that Lin Sheng has to be vigilant.
Lin Sheng directly stepped on the soil fertility and jumped high directly. At the same time, the dragon gun in his hand was directly split towards the magic bear’s head.
"Monster! This is definitely a monster. I can split a steel pier with one palm, but this magic bearskin has no scars at all, and it’s incredible to unload my palm just because my head hangs slightly. "Lin Sheng knows how terrible his fists are.
It is because I know Tengqingshan that I feel that this magic dragon defense is terrible.
All over the sky gun shadow finally converge into a point, which is directly knocking on the magic wolf’s head. At this time, it gave Lin Sheng a surprise. This seemingly ordinary shot was actually a direct blow, which caused a little fragmentation. This is very rare.
The magic wolf is not an ordinary person. Seeing this gun menacing, he finally dodged, but Lin Sheng moved quickly. The magic wolf missed a pike, but the pike actually hit the magic wolf’s shoulder.
"Bang" a dragon gun slammed on the shoulder of the magic wolf. The magic wolf roared with pain and stamped his foot. With a wave of his hand, a giant wood next to two people folded was directly snapped by the middle, and the sawdust was flying around Lin Sheng himself. The huge reflexive force was directly to throw Lin Sheng out more than ten meters away. If it weren’t for Lin Sheng’s flexible posture, he might fall into what kind, but Lin Sheng’s heart was so happy that he really picked up the treasure. Just now, the ancient exhibition but he used the seal of Wushu mountains can make this magic dragon eat pain. But now, this is a pain.
Just now, I was slightly delighted. Lin Sheng just felt that a danger seemed to be approaching me. When I looked up, the magic bear didn’t know when it was already leaping high and pressing directly towards myself. At this time, Lin Sheng had a feeling of coping with Mount Tai. I didn’t want to directly roll out of the place four or five meters away. The magic wolf was almost sitting on the ground with Lin Sheng’s head. If Lin Sheng was slow, he would have been pressed by this magic wolf. I’m not glad that Lin Sheng directly swept past with a comeback, but this time it didn’t. What effect did you receive? At this time, the speed of the magic wolf seems to be three points faster. Lin Sheng slew a dragon gun and just swept it to that guy. That guy just slapped it toward the gun body and took it with great strength. It directly flew Lin Sheng to the fan.
Lin Sheng, a carp, turned over and broke his finger. He hit it rapidly towards the eye of the magic wolf, but the magic wolf had taken precautions. His huge palm still blocked his eyes and broke his finger. In addition to hitting off two or three fine hairs, the big guy was hurt again, and there was no effect.
The magic wolf’s defense is too abnormal. Lin Sheng estimates that at least he has to practice to the peak of the late guanyu. It is possible to kill Lin Sheng in the first world war, and he will not really die with it. That is suicide!
Broken god refers to one after another, hitting the magic wolf one after another without money, and decreasing the speed of the magic wolf again. Grasping the dragon gun in Lin Sheng’s hand again is already feeling that Sun Lei and his party are already rushing to their place to hold on for another five or six minutes. It is estimated that you will be done when the time comes.
Thought of here, Lin Shengyi came again. The imposing manner was that he stabbed the magic wolf directly with a gun in one hand. At the same time, the other hand was not idle. The finger was already set and ready to go. When the magic wolf slapped against the pike, Lin Sheng was ready to give him a broken finger.
The magic wolf roared with excitement when he saw Lin Sheng coming towards himself. It was indeed the same move. He continued to slap the gun and fanned it towards Lin Sheng to slay the dragon.
"This is the time!" Lin Sheng eyes’ color’ a clot left hand quickly move a broken finger force directly hit the magic Wolf’s right eye. The magic Wolf’s reaction is not unpleasant. Actually, both hands are stretched back to protect the eyes soon, but it is difficult to prevent Lin Sheng from killing the dragon gun. Lin Sheng directly looked at the magic wolf’s rib with a sharp stab in Lin Sheng’s eyes. Although the magic wolf’s defense is amazing, at least this rib should belong to the weak area. If it is still not red this time, it is really a bit embarrassing. It seems that your gun is blunt and clumsy. Lin Sheng disappointed that the tip of the sword actually directly broke the soft rib of the magic wolf. The magic wolf was surprised and slapped it directly. The pike in Lin Sheng’s hand was almost shocked, but fortunately, the pike was still firmly held in Lin Sheng’s hand. Lin Sheng immediately fled with a carp. This time, he finally saw the red skin of the magic bear rib. Although the amount of blood beads was small, there was no threat to the magic wolf, but Lin Sheng had succeeded in’ exciting’ the magic bear.
The magic bear wait for a while stared at Lin Sheng straight and then rushed towards Lin Sheng like a mountain. The posture was a desperate posture, and even the trees in front of him were avoided. They rushed towards Lin Sheng on the rampage.
Lin Sheng’s brow’ dew’ gives a sneer, but it can’t be neglected. At this time, Lin Sheng holds a pike, which is directly left and right, and picks up trees. Many places let this magic dragon’ chaos’ hit. At that time, the trees in the ancient forest are in a mess, and a big tree is directly pressed against Lin Sheng. Lin Sheng’s load is directly avoided, and at the same time, the finger is broken. The magic bear is constantly hit against the magic bear. Besides protecting his eyes, the root is not flashing. Lin Sheng estimates that now it is broken. This means that the power estimation will only tickle the magic wolf, but the hand has no meaning to stop. Although it can’t effectively kill the magic bear, it can at least eliminate its momentum and block its pace. Lin Sheng has already felt that Sun Lei and his party are getting closer and closer. They can’t help but exult in their hearts.
The magic wolf roared repeatedly, but even Lin Sheng’s skirts didn’t touch the ground, which was full of huge trees, which hindered his pace. Lin Sheng was left and right like a monkey. These huge wooden roots didn’t have much influence on him, but those huge magic bears were different. Those big trees were all grown for hundreds of years and even thousands of years, which made him walk very hard. Finally, the magic bear was furious and took a big tree with two people folded and uprooted, and lost it directly to Lin Sheng. Lin Sheng was surprised. The trunk is too huge, and his retreat is almost stopped. At this time, if he runs towards both sides, it is suspected that he will be pinned down by this trunk. Lin Sheng is rapidly missing for a week or so. Suddenly, there are two big trees lying across the road not far ahead. You Lin Sheng rolled to the two giant wooden faces. At this time, the trunk that was thrown by the magic bear has also hit the Lin Sheng head with a bang. The two trunks just blocked the giant wood Lin Sheng andao and then flew directly. Just back out is to hear a click. The two giant trees are directly broken. Obviously, they can’t afford to lose the magic wolf at such a distance. If Lin Sheng is half a minute late, even at this time, he would have been pressed by the huge trunk.
The forehead was dripping with cold sweat. Lin Sheng felt a sudden terror in his heart. This time, it was really a big game. He almost stopped eating, but fortunately, after all, he was on his side. At this time, Lin Sheng had already discovered that Sun Lei and his party were coming. A mysterious smile appeared at the corners of their mouths, and then they pulled out their legs directly, that is, they ran towards that Sun Lei.
Where is the magic bear Lin Sheng going to escape? It’s just striding after him. If it weren’t for Lin Sheng’s rapid pace, it wouldn’t be able to run away this time. However, although Lin Sheng still has a slight advantage, the magic wolf is chasing after Lin Sheng like a tarsal maggot. He deliberately bypassed several bends and interrupted his fingers. At this time, the time is almost ripe. Lin Sheng’s only need now is to make this magic bear angry and make it angry.
Lin Sheng ran towards Sun Lei and laughed until it was a few meters away from Sun Lei and shouted
"Then Sun Lei sends you a big gift!" Whether the other person can understand what he says or not.
[23] Good stage (2 more to send)
? Let’s talk about Sun Lei. Sun Lei and his party have gone on the rampage since they were robbed of the Dragon Horn and Dragon Ball by Lin Sheng and the ancient exhibition. They did their best to get the news that the old clan went to hundreds of mountains to kill the holy dragon, and then they deliberately took the Dragon Horn from the horse. Although it is nothing, the Dragon Ball and Dragon Horn are far from it.
Sun Lei is not an ordinary person. Although he doesn’t know Lin Sheng, he still realized that in the end, the dragon corpse and the dragon horn didn’t move at all. Instead, he sent someone to inform the old people to spill dirty water on Lin Sheng and the ancient exhibition center. The old people and the Gaba people looked for Lin Sheng and Sun Lei together.
Sun Lei and his party searched for Lin Sheng and the ancient exhibition in several surrounding valleys and ancient forests for a whole day, but there was no news. Suddenly, they heard the huge roar of the magic bear. Sun Leima was in a hurry to fight in the forest, that is, he rushed over with people in this direction. They made a promise with the old clan. Now, who will find Lin Sheng and the ancient exhibition to find the dragon ball and the dragon horn for so long? He rushed in this direction while the old clan was away from here, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the old clan. He asked the rest of the people to stay where they were and continue to install the search samples.
As soon as I climbed over the hill, I found Lin Shengzheng coming towards myself. Before Sun Lei’ touched’ the situation, I heard Lin Sheng shouting in his mouth.
"Then Sun Lei gives you a big gift." Of course, it is impossible for Sun Lei to understand what Lin Sheng said. I feel that Lin Sheng’s sample has no panic, but is full of excitement.
Lin Sheng’s flicker is to directly cross the four featuring strong men from Sun Lei’s side, that is, to directly run to one side. Sun Leizheng’s "desire" to catch up suddenly feels that the first cold wind blows a surprise. Are these two men setting up an ambush here and having rich experience in war making him make the most correct judgment at the first time? It’s just that the other featuring strong men is not so lucky, but it’s just that one who has just advanced to featuring strong men hasn’t "touched" clearly, and the situation is that he feels a pain in his head.
The head is a deadly place, so it is natural that there is no room for resistance when it is hit hard.
"Ancient magic bear!" Rolling aside, Sun Lei finally saw the cold wind figurine just now. He is a little chief of the Gaba clan. Naturally, he is very knowledgeable. He recognized it at a glance. This is the’ color’ of the face of the magic bear. The rest of the people immediately became ugly. They also flashed aside and pulled out their weapons. They are carefully guarded against Yu Linsheng. Now they just can’t consider so much. Now they have been pegged by this magic bear. Whether they can survive is a problem. There are still so many concerns there.
Sun Lei, a carp’ stands’ and turns up from the ground. The machete has long been firmly held in his hand. This is like a hill in front of him. Sun Lei’s heart is also very uncertain. Although he didn’t compete with this thing before, many ancient books of the family remember it. Sun Lei knows the terrible place of this thing, but it was just a round. It is also evident that he brought himself a head of a tribe in the King of Wu period with a slap.
"Despicable person must cut you to pieces!" Sun Lei bit his teeth and said mercilessly, at the same time, there is no war in his hand. They have already lost one person. These people are all dead in the future. That is to say, there is one less such loss. He can’t stand it.
The machete raised Sun Lei’s whole body’s true spirit, and the machete in his hand was suffused with bursts of black awn, which was cut directly at the magic bear. The dark knife awn was like a mass of ink’ color’ smoke, which swept away directly at the magic bear. This was his famous Wushu, but it was a kind of Wushu power that matched this machete. Sun Lei drank a lot.
"I’ll stall him first, and you’ll flee to the mountain as soon as possible to guide the strong young people here!"
Sun Lei, the words sound just fell and the remaining three featuring the strong immediately understand this kind of thing. Naturally, they want to involve the old people in exchange for reducing the loss of their own race, and at the same time, they can weaken the strength of the old people.
Three people quickly fled in the direction of mountain road without the slightest hesitation, but at this time, the magic bear has long been angered by Lin Sheng’s "shock". The magic bear almost ignored Sun Lei’s attack and slapped the strongest man in the nearest king Wu. Where did the king Wu care about fleeing? The magic bear almost rushed towards him. When Sun Lei cut it with a machete, he felt a broken bone to avoid his head. The slap of the magic bear was a direct fan. On his shoulder, his whole arm was broken like a broken kite, and he was knocked unconscious by a magic bear fan next to the trunk of a huge tree. But even when he woke up, he didn’t have any fighting power, and he lost a strong warrior. Sun Lei lost blood in his heart, and the younger generation of Gaba people were so many strong warriors. They were all’ fine’ in English and Chinese, and they didn’t want to breathe, but they lost two in succession. All this was brought to them by Lin Sheng.
At the same time, Sun Lei’s machete was finally cut on the magic bear’s shoulder, but it was not deep, and even the blood did not flow out. The magic bear’s defense was really abnormal.
The blow didn’t get any results. Sun Lei also knew that this time it might really hit a hard fork and stopped talking. He just rolled towards the side and the magic bear didn’t catch up. It was just a roar and ran to the front of another featuring the strong man. It was another slap, but this time the featuring the strong man may have learned his lesson and stopped running blindly, but his weapon, the magic bear, gave a hard fight. Although it was still fanned by the slap of the magic bear, it was somehow not seriously injured by the man just now and directly quit the battle.
"Don’t run away. If you go there, no one will be able to get rid of our defense. Fight and retreat together to retreat towards the mountain and lead this magic bear to the camp of the old tribe!" Sun Lei made a decisive decision. If he is allowed to stall again alone, maybe he will’ pay’ for it himself. Maybe he has a chance of survival.
There are two strong men who can’t consider the serious injury and faint’ fans’ just now. The companion three people went round to a place to display Wushu constantly. Finally, the magic bear’s offensive was eased, but they also felt bad. Now they are in a passive beating situation, even the magic bear’s defense can’t be broken, and when the magic bear slaps casually, they will be shocked back several steps. This is not the way to go.
Three people around the magic bear sword add two machetes in Sun Lei’s hand. I don’t know when they were connected together and became a double-faced man. Sun Lei waved the machete and kept cutting off the magic bear’s hair. This magic bear is actually quite funny at this time. Where is a piece of hair here? Where is a light indigo? It looks like an abnormal mess, which makes the morale of the two strong warriors recover a lot, but in fact, Sun Lei knows that they still have not caused this magic bear. Sun Lei, who is facing a very serious situation, has already backed out at this time. If he is given a suitable opportunity, he will definitely not hesitate to throw away two strong warriors and run away directly. Although these are all ethnic’ elite’ English, if he loses it, it will inevitably be bad to make friends with his father and ethnic elders, but after all, his life is the most important. If his life can’t be saved, it is all vain.
"Three people fight and retreat, but the terrain here is extremely narrow. Sun Lei’s brain moves quickly toward the magic bear arm. The slap of the magic bear is to directly fan him to the mountain intersection, so that Sun Leili can block the intersection.
Opportunity! A clot of Sun Lei’s eyes will directly block the magic bear in front of him, and then he will not hesitate to flee to this place directly towards the mountain road. With the remaining two people blocking the magic bear, he can’t catch up with Sun Lei.
"I’m s%&%!" The man who was pulled over by Sun Lei was scolded by the king of Wu. He had long been on guard against the fact that Sun Lei would let them take the place of the dead lamb. It was at the intersection that they fled directly in case of anything wrong. They all lived with Sun Lei for decades. It is natural for Sun Leiren to be very clear, but people are not as good as the sky. That Sun Lei was actually split behind him by the magic bear, and he was not prepared. He was directly pulled to the front of the magic bear.
Sun Lei’s pot soon fled to Ann’s place, where the man who was pulled by him to block the magic bear was a little miserable without any precautions. The magic bear’s head directly buckled the man’s neck and wiped it. The blood broke off his neck like a fountain and poured on the magic bear’s hand. The smell of blood stung the magic bear. The magic bear actually held the dead body with the other hand, and the tearing force directly tore the man into two tragic abnormalities.
Sun Lei, who had fled to the safety zone, looked back and was scared to death. At the same time, he felt glad that he had finally escaped.
And the name featuring the strong man has already completely lost his resistance, and his confidence is desperate to flee to one side, but how can the magic bear let him escape easily and roar? One is to directly rush over.
[24] Farewell (one watch sent)
? Then there was a heart-rending scream. Obviously, the man had already suffered an accident. At the same time, Sun Lei shrank his neck and looked at the direction in which Lin Sheng had just fled. But now he has no courage to chase after him alone. Can he go back and shout for a large group of talents who dare to go?
Besides, Lin Sheng is still hidden in a jungle not far away at this time. Looking at the beaten Sun Lei from afar, Lin Sheng is naturally happy to see, but it is unwilling to finally see that Sun Lei actually escaped.
"This guy is really cruel to make one of his own scapegoats, but it’s also good that the four featuring strong losses are enough for this Sun Lei to drink a pot." Lin Sheng finally nodded with satisfaction and waited for about half an hour to hear the magic Xiong Yin gradually drifting away. Lin Sheng is back to the scene of the incident. At this time, the original was badly beaten by the magic bear but not dead. featuring strong is still lying in the tree’ chest’ preserved and obviously just now the magic bear slapped it and didn’t shoot it to death
Lin Sheng dragon gun in hand staring at the poor guy shook his head light way
"Since you don’t want you less, you can set your mind at to it." The face "color" is stabbed into the man’s heart with a malicious gun, and the root of the man just didn’t come to struggle. One is to go directly to see the Yan. Lin Sheng wiped the blood with his spear in that man’s clothes. This is satisfaction. He left in the direction of fleeing from the ancient exhibition just now, and just walked for about a mile. He just met with a full face of anxiety and stopped him to catch up with the ancient exhibition.
"Why are you back again?"