At that time, when the man wearing a dazzling gold robe was still alone, there was no neon cold around him, and this daughter was even less lonely than this sister Li You, who was walking alone in the poverty and flood at the beginning of the day.
At that time, there was a wild smell everywhere in the vast expanse, and even the trees were not full of meals. It was a time when even the gods talked for a few times, and it was as if there was this man and a man on the edge of the vast world.
And Ni Han and Li You followed the monk’s monastic career when they preached that the avatar was pulling the third angle (the first angle was the protagonist, and the second angle was the universe), feeling the joy when he found the first spiritual root of heaven and earth, and being bored and lonely when he calculated the avatar with the first innate magic weapon surprise.
They can feel that the wind, the water and the land are so real. What they see and touch are different from the truth. Who are they following? I feel that he is always confused and thinking hard about crossing the river in the dark. Everything is explored in the unknown.
The first heavenly fiend is the avenue of heaven and earth. There is a natural avenue to care for the fate of heaven and earth, and there is a companion Lingbao and Chengdao. Even the body is qualified and savvy. All this seems to indicate that the first heavenly fiend avenue is smooth and can go straight to the other side of the avenue.
However, this is just a beautiful dream in imagination. As I said before, even if I don’t work hard to practice and sleep, I can sleep until I can achieve the great Buddha. Yes, this is not a road to deceive God, but how long will it take if I really do this?
The quantity can be counted!
Moreover, this kind of sleeping-out-of-bed deity Ji has a bright future. Ji can be said to have been abandoned by Avenue.
? Because the root of heaven and earth is detachment, that is, detachment leads heaven and earth to achieve eternal immortality, and the first celestial deities are all achieved by the accumulation of resources and the mystery of the avenue at the beginning of the day. They are the most promising in this vast world, and a group of creatures are counting on the words "Excellent talent, first celestial deities carve out new avenues", and at the worst, they must suppress the avenue represented by their bodies.
Since we want them to be the first heavenly fiends to make a way, we can’t teach them by hand. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be meaningful to create a general world of cosmic reincarnation?
Avenue should be elite!
Therefore, the avenue will not interfere too much, but will let them move forward on their own, except that it will secretly entrust some things that have been taboo in some practices in the past dynasties to these celestial fiends, which will lead to waste of potential.
Therefore, although the first heavenly fiend has all kinds of conveniences and everything, the resources they need are not as hard to compete as those born and the day after tomorrow, but this does not mean that they are relaxed.
Those acquired creatures practice the road and come here? These are the first creatures who groped in the dark at the beginning of these days! The first celestial fiend enjoys the resources that the creatures after tomorrow don’t have, but accordingly, we must struggle to find the balance of the avenue in this respect.
All this has brought a heartfelt shock to Ni Han and Li You, especially Ni Han, who has been with Yuan Heng since she was born. She doesn’t know that Yuan Heng taught her, and she doesn’t know that she has a father to answer all kinds of secrets and can get them at will, but she never knew that these were all accumulated by her father’s painstaking efforts over the years.
Neon cold can advance by leaps and bounds all the way to the initial peak of Taiyi in a short time, which is even more exaggerated than Yuan Heng!
Neon cold even Yuan Heng, the top-ranking first celestial fiend, spent several painstaking efforts to breed it, but even so, can she still be better than Yuan Heng herself?
And Li You, although he was just groping for practice by himself, was still hard, but he didn’t leave the Dojo until he encountered a bottleneck in the middle of practicing Taiyi, and he soon met his compatriot brother after leaving the Dojo, and he broke through all the way to Taiyi peak and directly chased the ghost at the top of the pyramid.
But can Li Youzhen really rival Yuan Heng, who groped for the first-class heavenly fiend alone?
The answer is that they are still at two levels, even if they are in a hurry, Li You and these top monks are really not at the same level!
You know, the first heavenly fiends are all lucky, qualified, savvy, and go against the fate. Success in being able to stand out among this group of first heavenly fiends has never been by luck. Almost all of them have created their own avenue like Yuan Heng, and even if they haven’t finished yet, they have a prototype of the avenue. It can be expected that the future ancestor Jitai will come from them!
Therefore, neon cold and Li Youxiu are almost at the top of the middle and the first heavenly fiend respectively, but they are not the first step. They lack a lot of places, but the biggest lack is the mood factor, and Li Youxiu’s mood is almost unbalanced.
Now Yuan Heng, through this special magical power, makes them feel his own monastic course and understands in their minds that Yuan Heng had a difficult monastic career.
Although these are not their own feelings, it will naturally be of great help to be able to experience Yuan Heng, the top god, from this, and it will be of unspeakable help to their future practice.
Of course, although this preaching avatar is good, it is just an avatar after all. Although it is a bit special, it has not even reached the threshold of Taoism, and it will naturally be limited.
Therefore, with Yuan Heng moving forward step by step, he became more profound and created a more profound avenue, and the two of them felt more and more pressure.
Even from the stage of Taiyi, when Yuanheng created the eternal avenue, Ni Han and Li You almost had no energy to take the initiative to realize that almost all of them concentrated on fighting the increasingly great pressure.
This is the so-called-
The road is high!
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Chapter 32 Gap abnormal glorious Lord!
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The pressure is getting stronger and stronger.
Since Yuan Heng brought Ni Han and Li You to a special realm by preaching, how many monks dream of being able to experience the monastic course of a top celestial demon in the wild since Yuan Heng was born?
This is hundreds of millions of wealth that can’t be exchanged for opportunities, which is enough to make those ordinary first-time gods crazy, even those top first-time gods will be jealous and brilliant. Who doesn’t want it? Even Yuan Heng-shen can’t often demonstrate sermons to this extent, because it’s too exhausting!
This is a really big opportunity, but at the same time, it is not easy to get this opportunity completely.
Since the demonstration to the stage of Yuanheng Taiyi, Ni Han and Li You have already felt a gradually increasing stress.
The road is high!
Taiyi stage is the period of Yuan Heng’s creation of Tao. This stage Yuan Heng’s experience is very special, especially when Yuan Heng’s creation of Tao went too far and was robbed by Luo Lei. These two stages of Yuan Heng’s eternal road are almost unabashedly displayed. Once you can get through it soberly and completely, the benefits are almost poor!