No, what am I doing? Is it because you’ve seen too much and thought too much?
Mei’s little universe said to herself, "Touching" her cheek feels a little hot.
After breakfast, Longyou called Xiao Si and asked Xiao Si to drive himself back to school to deal with things.
"Chloe, let’s go to my parents’ place first." Longyou said gently towards Chloe.
Chloe nodded. "Well, by the way, buy some hangover medicine for my uncle. I’m sure my head will hurt when I wake up."
"Well, it’s thoughtful of Chloe," Longyou said with a smile.
As soon as she heard this, her face turned red again. Why is she always shy recently? This is not her’ sex’ case.
Chloe packed up her things, and Xiao Si also went to the building. The two of them got into the car and drove home quickly.
At this moment, a car suddenly crosses out, and Xiao Si hurries at the steering wheel. Longyou hurries to protect Chloe’s arms, and her eyes suddenly become cold and look towards the car that comes out.
"Small four, look at your car." Longyou’s cold voice car rang.
Xiao Si nodded his head and saw that the owner of the car also came. He was very strong and looked fierce with a flat head, but Longyou was not worried about Xiao Si, who seemed thin. He knew very well what Xiao Si had to do.
Listen to the strong owner swearing at him and saying, "Are you blind? Didn’t you see my car coming?"
Xiaosi glanced at Chelongyou and motioned for him to solve it as soon as possible.
"You are retrograde." Although Xiao Si wanted to beat the man hard, he wanted to solve the problem quickly for the sake of the overall situation.
The owner of the car suddenly raised his voice’ door’ and shouted at him, "Do you know where my brother is’ mixed’? How dare you talk to me like this? "
Say, I gave Xiao Si a hard push. Although Xiao Si is not a soft-footed shrimp, it is still pushed back.
Small four is not easy to provoke a sweeping’ leg’ to kick him until he hears "bang!" A dragon tour felt that the car was shaken up.
"You little flat calf, you wait for me." When the owner sees that things are not going well, he wants to slip away. How can he let go of a small hand and overwhelm him?
"Pay for it, or you won’t want to leave." The small four-tone is not high, but the tone is oppressive. You will always learn a few tricks with Longyou.
Longyou car was very satisfied. Seeing this, Chloe asked him, "Husband, this is not your sex. Are you going to do this?"
"Chloe, do you think that person just now was intentional or intentional?" Longyou didn’t answer is asks
Smell speech Kerr thought for a moment and said, "Look at the angle he just drove, it should be that he deliberately bumped into his husband. Was he sent by someone else?"
"No, he didn’t mean to kill me, but he should have stopped me."
"Then wouldn’t it be more time-consuming for you to let Xiao Si pester him?" Chloe some doubt’ confused’ asked.
Longyou light a smile handed Chloe the phone and motioned for her to have a look.
Chloe took the phone and looked at him and said, "It turns out that your husband is ready to let Xiaosi breathe."
"Recently, there have been too many things. King Kong and Huang have experienced too much and learned to adjust early, but Xiao Si is too young and so small to suppress his heart. It’s bad luck for this person. Let him vent as much as he can." Longyou continued with a cold eye.
Chloe smiled gently. "Aren’t you afraid that Xiao Si is too hard?"
"Don’t worry, Xiao Si is measured."
How long did this remark last? The man was beaten by Xiao Si and begged for mercy. He handed the wallet to Xiao Si and took the money, but his eyes found that the wallet had a parking ticket.
"Go away and don’t let me see you again?" Xiaosi finally kicked him and went straight to the car.
Longyou is more appreciative of Xiao Si when he sees this scene.
After the Longyou car left, it was beaten black and blue. The man hid in the corner and dialed a personal message and said to the other party, "Boss, I don’t have a colonnade."
Men’s’ door’ teeth are falling off, and they are leaking when they talk.
At the end of the sentence, the man scolded the dog for blood, and the man dared not refute a word.
When I got home, Father Long sat on the sofa with a towel to relieve headaches.
The dragon mother said distressfully, "You don’t know how old you are, but you still drink so many times and don’t come back."
The dragon father was depressed and didn’t refute that he kept holding the’ Mao’ towel, but the dragon mother grabbed it. "I’ll vote for you when it’s cold."
Longyou didn’t know what to say when he saw this scene. Chloe was naughty and said, "Uncle, don’t be angry, aunt. It’s love for you."
The dragon mother was about to say something when the dragon father whispered, "I know."
Suddenly the atmosphere became warm. Longyou saw this and said, "Dad, please take this headache medicine."
Then he handed him the medicine that brought the headache.
"Mom and dad, Chloe and I have to go back to school to do something, and then we have to go to make you take good care of yourself and have something to talk to King Kong and Huang." Longyou said gently.
Smell speech dragon mother gently said, "well, you should take good care of Chloe. Your father and I can take care of ourselves. Don’t worry."
Longyou nodded, our dragon mother said goodbye, and Xiao Si drove Longyou and Chloe back to school.
But Longyou didn’t stop at the school gate, but at the intersection far from the school.
Chloe white his’ sex’ dragon tour doesn’t want to be low-key, at least now he wants to be an ordinary student in school.
Just as Longyou walked to the school gate, he was suddenly surrounded by a group of people, and the cameras kept flashing at him.
"You are the mysterious dragon Sir? When is your department going to go out? "
When the reporter asked Longyou that he knew that his identity had been revealed, although he had expected this day, it was really sudden.
"Sorry you mistook one for another" Longyou cold eyes refused to pull Chloe directly into the school.
When the reporter saw that Longyou didn’t give face to face, he suddenly said sourly, "Mr. Helong is really in a big fight. I don’t know if your readers will be disappointed to see you like this."
In this era of Long Youbai, journalists still don’t know how to ask tactfully, but I have contacted several journalists for work reasons in my life.
He didn’t answer the reporter’s words and kept walking in.