"What did you say?" Hearing the strike, Qiu Nan was frightened to disgrace. Ran Qiuye’s tears flowed again, and she nodded her head in spite of her grief.
"How did this happen? How old is she?" Ding Qiunan sat down in a chair in absentia.
"When is it autumn leaves?"
"I can’t tell you exactly when I got the disease, but according to her, when the symptoms jumped the queue, there was a rural situation. You should also know that it is not convenient to see a doctor and it is boring to take some medicine casually.
The year before last, she passed the college entrance examination, so she could come back. As a result, she never told us that she was unwell until a few days ago, when she was in class and fainted. She was sent to the People’s Hospital by her classmates and felt that it was wrong, so she informed us.
The doctor told us that my sister was in the middle and late stage of renal failure, so he suggested that we go to Concord and see the results. Concord also said that it was difficult to treat, and I really had no choice. Only then did I think about whether Dr. Li could help me see Ran Qiuye and finally stopped my tears.
Renal failure, but also middle and late renal failure.
Ding Qiunan knew that her husband had done research on this disease earlier, and she also helped to check the cases. Of course, she knew what the middle and late stages meant, not to mention the middle and late stages, which meant that there was no cure at the early stage. It could be conditioning and control.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-four Upgrade
"Autumn leaves, don’t worry. I’ll wait here for a while. I’ll take you to him after Li Chu’s meeting."
Ding Qiunan doesn’t know what to say. He can’t tell people directly that the disease is completely hopeless, can he?
However, she also vaguely remembers that her husband once told her that the only way for renal failure might be to replace the kidney.
Concord Surgery once did this project jointly with the medical college, but it was shelved in a special period. I wonder if they have developed anything now.
Ran Qiuye sat there with a sad face, and Ding Qiunan looked a little sorry for her.
Her family has had a rough time these years.
Since that special period, one accident after another has happened in her family.
First, her parents were put to work on the farm, followed by her sister, who was stopped by the school to sweep the floor.
It’s hard for my parents to come back, and my sister has also been admitted to college, and she has also returned to work. Who ever thought that her sister was diagnosed with renal failure again?
The mess that has happened in these years has abruptly dragged a beautiful young girl into an old girl who can’t get married.
The meeting in Li Chu didn’t end until almost eleven o’clock. As soon as I got back to the office, Ding Qiunan led Jean Valjean to autumn leaves.
After listening to Ran Qiuye’s description, he frowned and bowed his head thoughtfully.
Seeing Li Chu’s expression like this, Ran Qiuye’s heart keeps sinking. This is her sister’s last hope, but …
After a while, Li Chucai looked up at Ran Qiuye and said, "Teacher Ran said that the current situation is really not optimistic."
I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you go back to my place in the afternoon and I’ll go over and have a look at the details, and we’ll talk about it then? "
"Thank you, Doctor Li"
"You’re welcome. We are friends."
Li Chu and Ding Qiunan walked in after seeing Ran Qiuye off.
"Li Chu, do you think Ye can be cured?"
"In the middle and late stage of renal failure, unless the kidney is changed, and even if the operation is successful, the operation is the most important."
"You mean you can have a kidney transplant now?"
"Yes, Concord has successfully done two kidney transplants the year before last and last year, but it has been successful in dozens of cases nationwide. The problem is the postoperative survival time."
"Isn’t it successful to change the kidney?"
"Acute rejection after surgery, accelerated rejection infection for half a year is a high-risk stage. Even after half a year, there are some unknown risks of chronic rejection."
"What about the recovery of the patients who underwent those two operations?"
"I did that the year before last, and it’s still last year. It didn’t last for half a year."
"Why didn’t Li Chu Naxiehe recommend this operation to Ran Qiuye’s family?"
"This operation is still immature. Who dares to recommend it and where is the kidney source?"
"Uh …" Ding Qiunan just didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know anything about these.
"Come on, wife, don’t think so much. I’ll see it in the afternoon."
"Well, then, you go first in the afternoon and I’ll see her later."
After being separated from Ding Qiunan, Li Chu went back to his office and didn’t think about Ranye’s illness. I haven’t seen the patient think about anything in vain.
I turned to think that just now, the new dean of the hospital has been officially a month old, and it is rare to have a surname. Of course, these are not the point.
The point is that this new dean is also a pure executive dean who doesn’t know medical skills.
At present, Dean Shan is still Xiao Suicao, and has not carried out drastic reforms on hospital things.
After all, Premier Liu has just retired, and he has just left the hospital, and the health care team continues to bear it.
But just now, the dean of the conference also revealed a little news, that is, the level of the General Hospital will be higher in the future and it will be directly under the management of the General Logistics Department.
This is good news. If the level of the General Hospital is higher, then everyone will be higher.
Li Chu is not high-minded about this. Why not do the same job?
His heart is that once this upgrade is successful, the General Hospital will also have another name called Military Medical College to undertake the training of high-level personnel in the army, and then the General Hospital can recruit graduate students.
Instead of just being a further education unit.
After lunch at noon, Li Chu asked Oda to drive him to Concorde.
While resting at noon, he didn’t go to those old acquaintances and went directly to the ward.
After reading some test results and personally taking the pulse, he took Ran Qiuye, her father, Professor Ran to the upstairs car.
"Professor Ran, Teacher Ran believes that doctors in two hospitals have also explained Ye’s illness to you these days, so I won’t go into details. To tell the truth, there is no special treatment for this disease in Chinese medicine. The key is that it is too late to find it. If it is found early, it can guarantee her quality of life through some treatment methods, but now …"
Speaking of which, Li Chu shook his head
"Alas," Professor Ran sighed deeply. He has been mentally prepared these days. He is not disappointed with Li Chu’s answer, but feels that God is too unfair to their family.
"Is there really nothing Dr. Li can do?"
Jean valjean autumn leaves or some unwilling asked
Li Chu hesitated for a while, but after careful thought, he still said it. "How to say it? It shouldn’t be said that there is no way to prolong the leaf life by changing kidneys, but …"
"Change kidneys?" Professor Ran and Ran Qiuye cried in surprise.
"That’s right, it’s a kidney transplant." Li Chu nodded. "Each of us has two kidneys, and if there is no hypofunction, one kidney can meet the normal metabolism and excretion of our human body."
"Dr. Li, do you mean that both my daughter’s kidneys are broken now? Your doctor removed them by surgery and replaced them with a normal kidney?"
"Yes, it probably means this."
"Where can I do this kidney transplant?"
Jean valjean autumn leaves all her men and women don’t think the back of the car leaned over and grabbed the co-pilot Li Chu arm anxiously asked.
Li Chu, who was caught by the arm, paused slightly without a trace and pulled his arm out of the hands of Qiu Ye Ran.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five Good news
"Professor ran ran teacher you don’t get excited to hear me out.