a moment
A shadow broke out from the sea of clouds and appeared in the sunshine.
That’s a huge flying beast.
Six wings, multiple claws and three tails
The head is flat like a snake’s face, and there is no eye, but it has a big mouth.
Inside Zhang are nest teeth as dense as worms’ mouthparts.
It is dark all over, and its skin is smooth to minimize wind resistance.
And this thing has a faint red light in its chest and abdomen.
The commander took a deep breath and said, "There is no light in the neck, not a god, but a black man!"
Only when the voice comes out
Inside the screen
More dark people with wings or anti-gravity organs
One after another, a cluster of huge flying beasts broke out from the sea of clouds and flew towards the fortress like a black cloud.
The fortress alarm has been adjusted by two levels, and all the anti-unification line fortress training pilots have boarded the combat ship.
A big war is bound to happen.
When I heard the alarm, the moonlight was with the sea monster and Gentiana.
When the alarm sounded, the gentian child cried with fear.
Moonlight immediately picked up Tianyang’s sword and looked at the crowd. "You take refuge according to the procedure, and I’ll see what happened."
"Boss, we’ll go with you." Sun Sun got up.
They have recently been promoted to rank 5 and their strength has increased greatly.
Self-protection ability in less melee
Moonlight didn’t refuse to point with Sun Sun several people quickly leave.
When I came to the street, I heard the sound of anti-weapons fire and saw the shells dragging their light and shooting high.
High black pressure is full of black people with flying ability.
Dense layers are stacked on top of each other
I don’t know how many.
Soon there was a continuous explosion among the black people.
Black people keep falling on fire.
Most of them fall into the sea of clouds.
A small part of it fell to the castle, but it was blocked by the defense force field and burned to ashes instantly.
Black people are not willing to be beaten. They fight back.
From different worlds, these black people are full of abilities.
There is a dim beam of light, a crimson flame, and a burning wind that causes sound waves to set off at an alarming temperature
All kinds of attacks test the defense force field of the fortress, and only the first wave of contact makes the light of the fortress force field dim a lot.
At this time, the moonlight heard the sharp whistling sound again.
That’s a battle flying ship. It’s roaring. They’re extremely fast and powerful.
Shuttle-to-shuttle defense weapon system fire network is flexibly attacking the black people.
The pilot’s superb skills control these combat flying ships like sharp daggers.
Tear the dark clouds high one after another.
Fierce combat ratio 3
Moonlight and others can also watch Facan.
Being able to participate in high-altitude combat leads to hunters and elemental hearts.
These two sublimators, Castle Sky, always consciously excavate and recruit on weekdays.
The number is quite large
When it was discovered that the black people were attacking, the military immediately mobilized these two types of sublimators to supplement the front-line defense zones.
So that the firepower of the defense zone has risen by more than one step.
Soon, a few people in the moonlight will see the ability of various color elements soaring.
Falling into the black clouds created an explosion, set off a strong wind, and froze and withered.
Plus, hunters keep making’ arrows rain’
The dark clouds in the Castle of the Sky immediately abated.
If this situation is to be maintained and its advantages expanded.
Will soon be able to end this battle.
But at this moment
A huge shadow appeared in the vault of heaven.
The figure is one-third the size of a castle.
The former tower commander saw the six-winged flying beast attack.
This is obviously a super-large black citizen
It dives and makes a dull roar.
Listen to people’s hearts.
The castle of the sky is naturally impossible to fall.
Immediately prevent weapons system, combat flying ships, sublimation of fire.
A large number of the flying beast.
Let this flying beast bear several artillery and ability bombs every time it drops one meter.
at this time
The sky rang and roared
A dazzling and blazing flash split from the height.
Split through the black people and blow up the giant flying beast.
Straight through one of its wings.
Then more flashes fell.