The dragon mother was about to say something when the dragon father whispered, "I know."
Suddenly the atmosphere became warm. Longyou saw this and said, "Dad, please take this headache medicine."
Then he handed him the medicine that brought the headache.
"Mom and dad, Chloe and I have to go back to school to do something, and then we have to go to make you take good care of yourself and have something to talk to King Kong and Huang." Longyou said gently.
Smell speech dragon mother gently said, "well, you should take good care of Chloe. Your father and I can take care of ourselves. Don’t worry."
Longyou nodded, our dragon mother said goodbye, and the small four cars sent Longyou and Chloe back to school.
But Longyou didn’t stop at the school gate, but at the intersection far from the school.
Chloe white his’ sex’ dragon tour doesn’t want to be low-key, at least now he wants to be an ordinary student in school.
Just as Longyou walked to the school gate, he was suddenly surrounded by a group of people, and the cameras kept flashing at him.
"You are the mysterious dragon Sir? When is your department going to go out? "
When the reporter asked Longyou that he knew that his identity had been revealed, although he had expected this day, it was really sudden.
"Sorry you mistook one for another" Longyou cold eyes refused to pull Chloe directly into the school.
When the reporter saw that Longyou didn’t give face to face, he suddenly said sourly, "Mr. Helong is really in a big fight. I don’t know if your readers will be disappointed to see you like this."
In this era of Long Youbai, journalists still don’t know how to ask tactfully, but I have contacted several journalists for work reasons in my life.
He didn’t answer the reporter’s words and kept walking in.
But obviously, those reporters didn’t intend to let him go when the two sides were stiff.
"Dear reporters, I’m sorry that the school has reserved a room for you. Please move to the room." The school people were very polite and signaled Longyou to take the opportunity to leave quickly
Longyou took Chloe and quickly walked into the teaching building.
As soon as I entered, I was stopped by the counselor and said, "Longyou Kerr, come to my office."
When I got there, Longyou Kerr sat on the sofa very leisurely.
"Longyou, although the teacher shouldn’t interfere in your’ private’ affairs, it’s always not a thing for so many reporters to surround the school’s’ door’." The counselor’s words are very tactful but the meaning is very clear, so let him solve this matter as soon as possible
Longyou smiled and nodded. "Well, I’ll take care of it as soon as possible."
Counselors see things have made it clear that Longyou Kerr went out.
Chloe squeezed his hand and asked him if he was okay.
He didn’t think it would interfere with himself, but I’m afraid the quiet life will break the problem. Some reporters saw their faces at the first autograph session, but today the reporters obviously don’t know the news?
Is it because these journalists are not well informed? Or is there another reason?
Longyou admits that he may think a lot about things, but it is because he thinks three points about everything that he has avoided many people’s’ shady’ tricks.
Chloe saw Longyou lost in thought and looked out the window at the scenery and suddenly saw a light.
Directly pressed Longyou and shouted "Be careful"
Seeing this, Mei Er quickly formed a protective cover to protect them.
"How did you protect her?" Miranda Kerr immediately asked coldly three feet away from him.
Longyou sneered. "You must know who that person is, right?"
Chapter 227
Miranda Kerr didn’t speak, but the whole person smelled cold.
"You know I endure you? Because Chloe must share a body with you. You lied to the doctor, lied to Chloe, lied to your father, and you slept, but you lied to me! " Longyou looked cold and said it was serious.
Miranda Kerr’s mood changed. "Can you not tell her that I have my own reasons?"
"I don’t care what you want to do, but if you hurt her, I will do everything I can to make you disappear." Longyou said faintly, but the words did not refuse oppression
After Longyou left here, she was not worried that Chloe Ann Miranda would not hurt her, which she knew very well.
Miranda Kerr’s eyes were full of sadness against the wall, and then the words sounded. She gently said "No more temptation"
It turned out that the "shooting" attack just now was just a test of Longyou. Before leaving the United States, Dr. Li, the godfather of the Klan Party, "forced" Chloe’s real personality Miranda Kerr and asked her to monitor Longyou. This is also the reason why the godfather finally let Longyou take Chloe without saying anything.
And all this has long been known to Longyou, but in order to protect Chloe, An Caimo has not felt that Chloe has changed recently. He feels that Miranda Kerr is brewing something, but this temptation has made him determine his mind.
Miranda Kerr disappeared and returned to Chloe’s simple appearance.
Chloe looked around and remembered what she seemed to see just now, but suddenly disappeared.
She dialed Longyou’s words, "Hello, husband, where are you?"
"Come over to my study room. Be careful."
Chloe hung up and hurried towards the study room.
When I got to the study room, I found that everyone’s eyes on Longyou had changed, and they were talking in private.
Just as Chloe was just sitting, she saw a beautiful’ female’ classmate in the class coming over with some shyness.
"Longyou are you really the mysterious dragon? Can you sign it for me? "
Then put the One Piece cartoon on the table gently.
Longyou smiled faintly and said, "I’m sorry I’m not Mr. Long, but an ordinary college student."
He didn’t feel anything wrong with this. The girl was rejected and her eyes were reddish and she ran away.
"Husband, will you refuse her like this?" Chloe asked some worry.
It wouldn’t be so difficult to get close to Longyou at ordinary times, but today his performance made Chloe feel a little’ fascinated’.
"I’m just a college student in Kerr School, and I don’t want to be a special person." What does Longyou Taibai need now?
Say longyou went out and Chloe followed and went out.
Seeing him by the window, I don’t know what to see. Chloe can feel that his mood is "wave" now.
Chloe just wanted to say something when suddenly a boy brought a group of people over and directly caught Longyou’s collar. It was very fierce.
"Small you very drag? Even my’ female’ people dare to’ make’ cry. "
Longyou looked unchanged and said, "Take your hand."
"What did you say?" Boys are even more angry when they see this.